Furniture design: furniture equipped with wireless charger

furniture design bedside table wireless charger table

One of the latest trends in the world of furniture design are furniture equipped with a wireless charger. We make you discover them with this article. After the wireless internet connection and all connected devices and synchronized without cables, it is now up to furniture manufacturers to offer wireless charging solutions for our mobile phones.

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And we will not have to wait for the launch of this kind of furniture for a long time since the release of its flagship models is announced for 2016!

Furniture design: bedside lamp with charger RIGGAD by Ikea

design furniture charger wireless protable lamps

The RIGGAD bedside lamp by Ikea, which you see in the picture above, is not a luminary like the others. Equipped with an integrated wireless charger, it will allow you to place your phone on its wooden base to recharge it as much as you want, even if you do not have a cable at hand. Inspired by Scandinavian design, which combines functionality and beauty, this is an accessory we would like to see on her desk at home or at work!

Furniture design with charger: SILJE night table by Ikea

bedroom furniture ikea wireless charger

The nightstand SILJE by Ikea (on the picture above) is another example of aesthetic and practical furniture. Thanks to a location specifically designed to accommodate your mobile, it gives you the opportunity to recharge it overnight with a single gesture. How to resist this idea of ​​clever bedroom decoration?

Wireless Charging Accessory for Furniture by Ikea

design furniture wood table charger wireless telephones

The designers at Ikea have also thought of those who do not wish to acquire new furniture, but would like to take advantage of these modern chargers. They offer you the opportunity to install yourself such an accessory, making a hole in a surface of your choice (in the photo above). If you are not very handy, you can also buy an accessory to place directly on your desktop, as Nordmärke on the picture below.

Nordmärke Wireless charging accessory by Ikea

design furniture chargers wireless phone

But the Swedish giant is not the only one to embark on innovative projects. FurniQi follows it closely with a minimalist wooden bedside table that offers the same features (in the photo below). Explore the rest of the high-tech furniture images that will allow you to charge your mobile wireless next year:

Furniture design: wooden bedside table with wireless charger by FurniQi

mobile charger design tables without wires

Furniture design with wireless charger

idea design furniture wireless chargers

designer furniture desk chargers portable wireless

Decorative trend: Ikea furniture with wireless charger

trends deco furniture ikea wireless charger

Design furniture with wireless laptop charger

idea furniture design charger portable wireless

furniture deco trend charger wireless

modern lamp design ikea mobile wireless charging

furniture design wireless charging mobile phones

design furniture table night portable wireless charger

decoration trend accessory high tech

wireless chargers furniture decoration trend

modern deco telephone wireless charging

wireless chargers decoration modern design

accessory loading wireless furniture trend

high tech accessories mobile chargers

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