Futuristic interior design in 26 images by Karim Rashid for Prizeotel

interior design hotel karim rashid prizeotel hannover

The interior design of the hotel Prizeotel is designed by the famous industrial designer Karim Rashid. Located in Hanover, Germany, this is the last hotel in the award-winning hotel chain, Prizeotel, which has recently opened.

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Discover Eric Laignel's 26 photographs of the hotel showing the iconic and inspiring style of Karim Rashid.

The façade of the Prizeotel hotel in Hanover, Germany

modern interior design hotel bricks karim rashid

Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. Some call it "The king of color" . Originally from Cairo, Egypt, he was raised in England and Canada. He graduated in 1982 with a degree in Industrial Design at the University of Ottawa. He continued his design training in Naples, Italy, and eventually worked for the Rodolfo Bonetto studio in Milan. On his return to Canada, he worked for seven years for KAN Industrial Designers. In 1993, he opened his own studio in New York and now manages offices in China. Shops, restaurants, hotels, furniture, accessories, high-tech products ... His work extends to all areas of design: fashion, furniture, decoration and interior design. His style of design is easy to recognize. His numerous productions in the field of design and his personal and unique touch quickly earn him an international reputation. He works with many companies: Nambé, Umbra, Idea, Issey Miyake, Pure Design, Zeritalia, Fasem, Guzzini, Tommy Hilfiger, Sony, Leonardo Magis, Zanotta, Citibank, Totem and others.

The hotel seen from outside at night

modern design hotel karim rashid

Karim Rashid's fluid style is ultra minimalist, very funky and always easily identifiable: bright colors, rounded lines, sensual and organic. Its design breaks with the very strict and linear environments that make up our daily lives. He never deprives himself of colors. In these projects, it is the pink color that is strongly present. His universe gives off an extraordinary positive energy. He is constantly experimenting with shapes and colors, giving birth to original, unique and unpublished creations. In some interviews, Karim Rashid is even very disappointed with the furniture of our time. He finds that contemporary design often lacks innovation and it's just furniture "Derived from derivatives of derivatives of models designed in the sixteenth century" . This trend may be related to the fact that there is sometimes a fear of evolution. Karim Rashid wants to surprise and innovate. His creations are in the permanent collections of more than twenty museums around the world. The famous designer is regularly awarded with very prestigious prizes: Red Dot Design Award, Chicago Athenium Good Design Award, I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review, IDSA Industrial Design Excellence Award . In summary: he has more than 3000 creations and 300 awards and awards until the present moment. His phenomenal success makes him a living legend of design.

The interior design of the hotel restaurant in bright colors

interior design modern restaurant karim rashid design island kitchen stool

The hotel prizeotel is one of his latest projects. Its fully designed interior design by Karim Rashid is an ideal illustration of the designer's universe. Each space is designed and furnished with furniture by Karim Rashid. The colors are bright and intense, the shapes are rounded. Each space radiates an extraordinary sensuality and vivacity. With a biomorphic and vital design, the interior of this hotel is a real visual adventure. The proof in pictures :

The restaurant bar in white and yellow with rounded shapes

modern design restaurant bar chair karim rashid modern tile idea

Brave and successful blend of pink, yellow, white and blue

modern restaurant interior design table stools wall deco

Interior full of colors and energy

modern interior design karim rashid restaurant table stool modern tile wall false ceiling white

The bar and the restaurant are in the same space

modern interior design trend bar stools bar karim rashid design

Futuristic design

modern design restaurant karim rashid deco fixture hanging dining table

Very original wallpaper with 3D effect

modern restaurant fixture hanging wallpaper chair round white table yellow sofa

The choice of colors for the bar is white, yellow and blue

modern interior design trend karim rashid bar idea tiling

Workspace and bar

modern bar interior design karim rashid modern bar

To visually separate the bar and the restaurant, the designer chose different color palettes

bar stool trend modern idea tile interior design

White table with pink stools

modern interior design white table bar modern design idea karim rashid

The lounge area on the right

lounge bar design hotel trend germany karim rashid design

The lounge area of ​​the hotel fitted out with designer armchairs by Karim Rashid

design lounge chair modern interior design design lighting fixture suspension

Armchairs, lights and wallpaper simply fabulous

interior lounge modern design armchair light fixture suspension coffee table armchair rashid

The hallway with purple floor mats

interior design karim hotel modern trend

The bedroom is in the same colors as the hallway

modern interior design bedroom trend modern design karim rashid design bed

Fluidity of colors

bedroom modern design wall deco white chair yellow table

White is one of the best choices for bedroom layout

modern bedroom trend idea furniture TV wall

The neutrality and purity of the white are delicately spiced by the yellow and purple keys

tapi design karim rashid modern bedroom trend contemporary architecture

A large wall-mounted mirror creates the feeling of more space and brightness in the room

rashid design bedroom interior modern bed mat

Designer wardrobe designed by Karim Rashid

karim rashid design cabinet floor mats yellow table layout white chair

Yellow desk with rounded lines

interior design modern office chair white modern floor rug

The bathroom in blue and yellow

bathroom blue design karim rashid modern counter yellow mirror idea

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