Games room and guest room: two in one

room games kids idea swing wood design sofa gray cushion deco wall shelves

We are always looking of ideas gain space that allow us to use a piece to more than one title .

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The multifunction is nearly the mantra From our era. Today, we present you how to develop playroom and guest room in the same room! You will see that it is not very difficult, it is enough to have imagination. The marriage of game room and bedroom friend is ideal for couples with children who like to welcome friends or family for the weekend . Here are 15 really successful interior design and decoration ideas:

Games room and guest room: two in one

playroom kids idea teepee deco wall guest room sofa white zebra floor rug

The most difficult part when planning and the use of the game room as bed and breakfast is its atmosphere and how he could to correspond, without disturbing, to these two functions at the same time. Find the balance perfect is probably impossible but a good start would be to keep wall decoration too neutral as possible avoiding stickers , posters with drawings and the colors too bright . This will allow you to switch, with greater ease, between game room and room B . The 'atmosphere of the room will be much more welcoming. Once you have a neutral color palette , you can add toys , carpet or others objects of decoration in order to create touches of color .

Games room and guest room

room games children idea lighting orange lighting bedroom design coffee table wood floor mats brown sofa

Balance and harmony of colors and decorative objects, Resource Furniture

room friend idea bed room games kids

Bedroom in neutral colors decorated with toys

game room guest room idea layout sofa white cushion frames deco wall floor mats black white shelves deco

Another way to make your room a comfortable space is the installation of a sofa bed type furniture. In the example below, the cozy bed can be easily folded or turned into sofa so that there is enough space in the game room when children play during the day . A sofabed is a great option for those who want optimize the space. The choice of furniture depends mostly on the space available and your preferences for u n real bed or for a sofa bed .

Bedroom with folding bed

room games child idea bed sofa cushions shelves wood bookcase deco ottoman floor mats beige

Bed that can be stored on the wall

idea room idea shelves room games child deco original bookshelf

Sofa and bed: real space saving

room games idea room child games

Once the color scheme of your chosen room and the couch -bed of your choice installed , comes the turn of the decoration of the rest of the room. Do not forget as your choice in terms of furniture and a accessories must answer both to two different styles : game room and elegant guest room . A smart approach is to use only this whose you really need. Carpet Plush is a must-have piece for the game room and the comfort of your children. Choose a rug that will match both moods or a carpet that you can easily store.

Elegant and modern room

room child idea suspension room games kids bed room bed

Room with designer rug

playroom child idea guest room sofa poster decor

Room very well furnished and decorated

modern interior design idea lighting fixture red suspension sofa design cushions deco floor mats white wallpaper wall furniture wood armchair

Why not create a small workspace in a corner of bedroom ? Just install a table and a chair and that's it - it's done! this will will also allow to work, to throw a at a glance and ensure your children . More, your small can use this space later to make their homework . Think about the security in the bedroom and avoid any decor with edges pointed . Security is essential.

Original room

playroom child idea design guest room idea wood design cushions

Game room and guest room furnished with large corner sofa

sofa idea friend bedroom deco wall cushion corner sofa

Room with blackboard: a constantly evolving decor

playroom kids idea guest room sofa floor mats deco wall ideas

Room with original wallpaper

idea room games child space saving storage shelves drawers wood

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