Garden and terrace in town: 75 ideas for rooftop garden

garden roof terrace in town idea landscaping

You want to create a terrace in the city or a garden on the roof of an urban building? We offer you a gallery of inspiring ideas on this subject! With the big file of today, we propose to you to discover 75 ideas for the decoration and the decoration of a roof terrace .

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And, to complete our beautiful photos, we offer some practical tips on the theme of flooring and plants that you can use for a garden on the roof.

Garden and terrace in town: create a relax corner on the roof

terrace in town living room garden roof

Let's start right away with the question of flooring. The floor covering of a garden or terrace in the city is most often tiled or wood. For the exterior tiles, you can choose, depending on the style of decoration you prefer, between several shades and aspects of the tiles, including an imitation wood exterior tile that is a good solution for those who like the look of the wood, but prefer to have a tile floor covering. If, on the other hand, you prefer a wooden deck, here are some tips that will allow you to make sure that your flooring will be aesthetic and durable. According to the opinion of specialists in the layout of wooden terraces, this material has the advantage of visually transforming your outdoor space. Not only is it natural and very durable when installed properly, but it can enlarge the space visually. This tip is particularly useful for terraces and gardens on the roofs of buildings in town because, as we know, they are often small. Additional advice for the choice of flooring for your urban terrace: think about the lighting too, because it is often placed at the time of the installation of the flooring, so that if you want to have a good lighting for the evenings outside, you should make the choice at that time.

Idea roof design for garden or terrace in town

terrace in town small spaces white furniture

For a more interesting and attractive city terrace floor covering, you can also play with a mix of different materials. This option can give very nice results and also serve to delimit different spaces in your rooftop garden. It is therefore a good choice if you want to build a roof garden with a seating area and a summer kitchen area, for example. Similarly, the combination of two materials can be used to delimit a garden space from that of a living room, etc. If you choose this option for the flooring of your patio in the city, know that you can increase its effect by creating several levels in the garden. Thus, a rooftop garden can have a first level with tile flooring and a second, higher level, made of wood. You will find ideas for the flooring of this type in the photos that we offer. To finish with the subject of the flooring, let us also remember that the rooftop garden can be decorated with turf or grass and other materials. This kind of flooring can be useful for roof terraces that have a play area for children or those decorated in Zen style, for example.

Idea for roof with terrace in town by All Decked Out NYC

terraces roof city small spaces

If you want to create a nice garden on the roof of your building, here are some ideas of plants that are suitable for this type of development. The dogwood of Japan is a kind of tree with pretty flowers. Originally from Asia, this plant has the advantage of having the appearance of a tree without being too large. It is ideal for a roof garden! Another kind of tree, perfect for roof terraces, is the hazel tree. Like the Japanese dogwood, this tree can be grown in large flowerpots, which will prevent it from growing too fast. A suitable shrub for urban rooftop gardens is Japanese cypress, also called "cypress hinoki". This plant grows very slowly and, even at its mature age, it is no higher than about one meter. In addition, it fits very well in different floral compositions. The plants of the astilbe genus, also very used in Asia, are another good idea for a successful rooftop garden. To complete this green set, you can use one or more large-leaved plants like hostas that need to be placed in a shaded part of your terrace because they do not like to be exposed directly to the sun's rays.

Roof terrace in town with pergola in white

terraces city white pergolas black living room furniture

If you want to add some color to your garden in the city, you could use lavender whose magic aroma will amaze you during the summer. Another plant with pleasant colors, which is suitable for the installation of a tertasse on the roof, is the daylily, so beautiful that its name is composed on the Greek words for "day" and "beauty". What to make your garden in the city a real paradise! All this beautiful set can be accompanied by succulent plants that are very heat resistant and can be exposed to the sun on the roof without problems.

Original city terrace in white

terrace white deco roof garden

If you are thinking of pergola or one gazebo in your roof terrace, you can also bet on climbing plants. This kind of plants will offer you the opportunity to decorate your pergola in a charming way, while creating some shade for the hottest days. You can discover all our ideas for the creation and decoration of a terrace in the city and a roof garden with pictures in our gallery.

Idea for modern rooftop terrace with pool

terrace pools modern roof garden

Modern terrace in town with metal pergola

deco terrace modern metal pergolas cities

Modern roof terrace with garden

terraces in modern city roof garden

Modern city terrace and lounge idea with bar

terraces modern city deco idea living room bar

Rooftop Garden Idea and Modern Terrace

roof terrace city modern ideas landscaping

Modern roof terrace with tiled floor and lawn

terraces roof city modern tiled turf

Modern roof terrace with pool

terrace modern deco roof pools

Rooftop terrace and garden: planning idea

terrace wood roof garden ideas amenagement

Roof garden and modern terrace in white

terrace gazebos garden city roof

Terrace in town with nice vertical garden

terraces cities and pretty vertical garden

Roof terrace and landscaping in town

toti terrace green gardens ground wood

Terrace landscaping in city with urban garden

terraces for city urban roof gardens

Roof terrace in town with garden and pots of plants

terrace city roofs deco garden pot flower

Terrace and garden on the roof for small space

idea garden small spaces terraces on the roofs

City rooftop lighting idea in city

city ​​gardens ideas light outside terrace soils

Idea of ​​light for parties in a rooftop garden

gardens ideas illumination landscaping exterior roof

Rooftop and Rooftop Terrace: Lighting Ideas

terrace roof urban garden idea lighting

Idea for city terrace and rooftop garden with summer kitchen

terraces and gardens kitchens ete rooftop

Rooftop terrace and garden in town with tree

terraces in town gardens with trees

Rooftop terrace and city garden with modern fireplace

terrace idea living room garden roof modern fireplaces

Rooftop Terrace: Planning Ideas with Plants by All Decked Out NYC

roof terraces outdoor garden plant

Rooftop Rooftop in City: Small Space Planning by All Decked Out NYC

terrace roof ideas deco small spaces

Roof terrace in town: lighting idea

roof terrace city idee lighting

Terrace in town and decoration idea with plants and pergola

terraces roof dee garden deco plants pergolas

terraces city living rooms woods

terraces city ideas decoration wood

terraces in town ideas decoration roof

roof terraces city decorations idea

ideas landscaping rooftop gardens

terraces in cities hammocks design flower pots

terrace lawn furniture modern garden

roof terraces outdoor design rounded sofa

roof terrace design modern tile floor pergolas

rooftop garden decoration flowers

terrace roof in city tiling floor living room of modern garden

terraces city roof tiles floor pergolas

terrace roof tiles metal furniture

roof terrace city tiles white furniture

terraces in town gardens tiling floor deco monochrome

terrace roof layout dinette kitchens summer

roof garden terrace wood floor pergola cedar

wooden pergola terraces hanging beds

terrace ground wood pergolas garden on the roof

terrace ground wood furniture modern plant green garden on the roof

roof terraces pretty gardens in town

terrace in town ground wood idea garden

wooden terraces idea modern garden lounges

landscaping garden furniture roof terrace wooden gravel

landscaping roof terrace wood garden ponds water

outdoor furniture bar pergolas roof terrace

garden in town plants flowers garden deco spaces children

pergolas garden rooftop terrace

garden deco terrace in town green plant trees

garden roof modern tiling pools pergola

roof garden original modern terraces

modern garden roof terrace wood ideas landscaping

modern gardens urban wood terrace

roof garden modern terrace bamboo flooring

manhattan gardens rooftop terraces

city ​​gardens city terrace flower ideas

terrace roof landscaping garden in town

terraces in town roof garden fountains

covered terrace garden ideas flowers deco exterior

rooftop garden pergolas terraces

wood roof garden plant terraces

garden furniture scandinavian roof terraces landscaping

terrace in town garden white wood deco

deco wood gazebos garden on the roof

garden landscaping roof terraces wood pond aquatic plants

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