Garden Apartment in Hanoi Vietnam by Landmak Architecture

apartment with garden modern design armchair

Located in a small and narrow alley in Hanoi, Vietnam, the apartment with garden , QT House, is designed by the Vietnamese company Landmak Architecture .

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It is a smaller version of the typical tube house. It is sandwiched between two adjacent houses like most houses in Vietnam's rapidly growing urban neighborhoods. These tall houses share a small outdoor space. The architects of the company Landmark Architecture have decided to make use of this small space by transforming it into an outdoor balcony with garden.

Garden Apartment in Hanoi Vietnam QT House by Landmak Architecture

apartment with garden dining room modern design chair interior trend

The design is sleek and minimalist, all four floors of QT House have been landscaped with natural materials and finishes. At the first level, the social areas, the living room and the dining room, are linked together in a common space. A rusted iron metal panel with a laser cut text decorates the stairs and makes the interior more modern. Iron is also the material chosen for framing windows in bedrooms. The rooms are located on the second and third floor of the apartment. Architects describe the fourth floor as "A functional mix: a playroom, a dining room" altar, a laundry room, a small garden and a roof with a skylight that allows direct contact with the outside. at???? The sliding doors on the balcony with garden are so wide that they make the few meters of space look almost like a real backyard. For its part, the layout of the garden is simple: a tree, some stones and some bench seats. With natural light bathing this small outdoor space, the result is simply obvious: very successful design. All photographs are by The Anh Duc, Trieu Dog.

The layout of the garden is simple: a tree, some stones and a stone bench

apartment with garden design outdoor deco stone bench stone design carpet floor

Nowadays, in big cities, the square meter costs more and more expensive. The living spaces are transformed. They are often small. Fortunately, contemporary architects are particularly interested in them and are constantly trying to make them more functional and bright. QT House is the proof! We do not have to deprive ourselves of a garden if we live in a small studio. Absorbed by urban life, we forget that on the one hand the future is perhaps technical progress, but future without nature, is not possible. Transforming a small space into a garden between two large urban buildings is an important and conscious choice. The natural presence in everyday life is paramount to our well-being.

To access the second and third floors, take the wooden staircase imitating rusty iron

apartment with modern garden design stair rust

Rusted iron metal panel with laser cut text decorating the staircase

apartment with garden interior design staircase modern panel metal rusty couch living room

The rusty iron panel plays with the light

apartment with garden stair iron rusty design modern living room sofa

The bedroom is of minimalist design with wardrobe and padded headboard in white

apartment garden design bedroom headboard quilted

Mix of wood and white

modern interior bedroom minimalist design headboard

The building from the outside

apartment with modern garden hanoi interior design modern trend

apartment garden design hanoi modern trend

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