Garden arbor: perfect for your modern outdoor area

arbor of garden brick and stone floral decoration

The well chosen decorative elements can really highlight your garden or your outdoor space. A garden arbor or a pergola are a perfect choice if you want to create a space in the shade in your garden where you can sit and contemplate the beauty of nature or relax.

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The arbor of garden can also be used to decorate the entrance to your garden or house or simply beautify the outdoor space with its beautiful shapes and colors. In this article, we will share with you some original ideas how to highlight the beauty of your garden with an arbor thanks to a selection of beautiful photos that will certainly inspire you.

Arbor of wooden garden decorated with climbing plants

arbor wooden garden idea climbing plant

Your exterior will be unique if you know how to decorate your arbor or pergola. You can very well use a cheap garden arbor and decorate it with flowers and plants, for example. Plant climbing roses or climbing vines that will wrap your arbor and provide shade and color. Make sure that the plants you choose are appropriate to the climate in your area and the type of soil in the garden. The Morning Glory plant is another perennial plant with beautiful flowers that you can decorate your arbor or pergola.

Arbor of garden with curtains

garden arbor idea curtains decoration

Avoid plants with thorns or thorny leaves because they require much more maintenance than others. The vines are plants that weigh more and therefore require additional support. Using string or c orde attach them vines and the branches at the feet of the arbor . It is recommended to plant several different plants to enjoy their flowers at different times of the year. You can also decorate your arbor with plant pots. Choose them according to your decoration and other ornamental elements and arrange them near the arbor where generally there is less vegetation.

Garden arbor decorated with original luminaries

arbor wooden garden lighting outdoor garden design

There are also other ways to decorate your arbor or pergola. You can choose a structure or paint the one you already have the same color as the outside of your house. So you will create a continuity in the decoration of your exterior. You can also opt for design luminaires or light garlands for the decor of the arbor. Solar garden lights can be arranged around the arbor to create a bright background at night. Putting a bench and a small table if you have room inside the structure is another great idea. Here are some ideas of arbours and garden pergolas of modern and contemporary design with which you can turn your outdoor space into a heavenly place:

Deco patio idea with garden arbor

arbor of contemporary garden swimming pool

Arbor of wooden garden with green plants

garden arbor wood deco plants

Contemporary pergola model and outdoor lighting

arbor garden deco cheap

Stone pergola idea

arbor garden cheap wood stone deco

Contemporary design garden gazebo

garden arbor modern design

Garden arbor of original design

garden arbor cheap wood

Wooden arbor at the entrance of the house

arbor garden landscaping exterior wood

Arbor with dining area and fireplace

garden arbor modern design

Arbor in white color

white wood garden arbor

Modern arbor with designer curtains

arbor landscaping garden

Outdoor kitchen with wooden arbor

arbor outdoor kitchen deco

Arbor decorated with climbing flowers

small arbor garden deco roses

Elegant concrete arbor

garden decoration arbor design

Wrought iron arbor decorated with flowers

garden arbor metal flowers

Garden pergola decoration

pergola wood deco original garden

Wooden garden pergola

pergola design wood garden

Original wooden pergola decoration

pergola garden wood deco

arbor home entrance deco

pergola garden wood idea

pergola garden deco idea

pergola garden design landscaping

pergola garden design wood

small arbor garden wood

small arbor garden flowers

terrace wood design arbor

arbor outdoor wood deco

arbor wood garden idea

arbor garden deco wood

arbor decorated with green plants

garden arbor design interesting wood

original design garden arbor

garden arbor DIY wood

arbor design bench idee

wooden arbor lighting deco

arbor entrance house wood

arbor exterior deco fabric

arbor garden amenagement decoration

arbor garden swing wood

arbor garden deco flowers

arbor garden deco green plants

arbor wooden garden design

arbor garden ultra modern entrance

arbor garden wrought iron

arbor garden wrought iron design

arbor garden iron idea

arbor garden cheap wood

arbor garden cheap wood stone

arbor garden cheap idea

arbor wooden garden idea

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