Garden border: enhance your outdoors with style

edge garden stone exterior idea flowers landscaping garden

Garden border decorative and colorful, stop edge grass, flexible and flexible, wood or stone: which to choose? To answer this question, we have selected a range of 33 images of garden borders and small fences original and aesthetic for outdoor landscaping in beauty.

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There is something for every taste !

Pietra solid stone garden border

garden edge stone fence wood outdoor landscaping idea

Garden borders can be described as decorative barriers around a flowerbed or lawn used to separate and decorate at the same time. They are available in different materials and models, very easy and quick to install or to manufacture. In our selection, the majority of the chosen curbs and borders are in natural materials , stone and wood, but there are also some examples of aluminum or polyethylene borders that are also very discreet.

Garden border of small natural stones

outdoor landscaping stone edging

The garden borders elegantly enhance an alley or the beauty of a floral or landscape creation. They represent a practical and often necessary land delimitation. The garden border, or palisade, is ideal for small plants and root vegetables: salad, carrot, turnip, radish, onions, potatoes or fruit such as strawberries or raspberries. The borders are the perfect finish for entrances and terraces and make it easy to overcome differences in level.

Garden border for flowers and trees

border garden original idea landscaping flowers trend

To avoid unnecessary expenses, our advice is to make your garden border yourself. Just find stones, medium or larger, and create a custom border, ecological and natural. Even if you are rather "handyman Sunday", the task is not very difficult!

Garden border to manufacture oneself with empty glass bottles

border garden diy idea glass bottles

Classic garden border in cement Pietra

border garden stone flowers outdoors idea

This garden border was designed by the Italian company M.V.B.

edge garden stone idea landscaping outdoors flowers

Alubord aluminum discreet edge by Granulati Zandobbio

aluminum garden border stone deco idea

Trade Winds Cast Iron Garden Border

edging garden idea casting diy design

Unobtrusive natural-looking border that blends with the surrounding decor

garden edge cast iron outdoor idea landscaping trends

Resistant and strong, even in winter!

idea garden border cast iron design diy ideas modern exterior

Classic garden border made of white stones

edge garden outdoor garden idea stones decorate

Border and decoration with stones: practical and economical

natural stone edge DIY outdoor idea landscaping plants

Border or fence: it depends on the height chosen

garden border stone diy

Garden border in the shape of a heart

outer edge stone shape

The stone garden edge is one of the best solutions for a harmonious exterior

stone garden edge idea landscaping outdoor trend

Stones have many uses

edge garden stone flowers idea DIY exterior

Border and decoration idea with small stones for the garden in the city

border garden stone deco exterior ideas

Elegant border Rustico Palisade by Stone & Style

original border garden outdoor idea landscaping

Tinkering with a wooden or bamboo border is not difficult

garden edge diy cheap ideas

This garden border is ideal for gardens furnished in modern style

stone border diy idea color brown outside garden

Decoration and delimitation

garden stone edging diy landscaping exterior ideas

Original palisade idea with different sized stones

diy stone border idea fence small palisade bordurette

Green garden border that blends with the natural scenery

green border idea garden landscap edging

Here is a recycled polyethylene garden surround, on sale online

edging buy garden landscaping idea outside trend

The small border already installed

idea garden border plants flowers wood plastic

Solid stone border

garden stone edging diy idea landscaping outdoors trend flowers

Garden border of symmetrical stones

idea stone garden diy border

Gray stones for the fence and the garden border

stone garden landscaping outside idea palisade diy

Discreet gray border and decoration with white stones

Idea Border Garden Design Stone Deco Garden Outdoor

Ideal border for exteriors in contemporary style

edging garden stone idea diy outside trend

Border for the delimitation of plants

stone garden diy idea stones edging

Self-made wood edging: ideal for rustic and / or vintage style exteriors

edging garden diy wood idea landscaping outdoors trend

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