Garden Decorating Idea: How to Create an Elegant English Garden

contemporary english garden deco idea

In case you want to landscap your garden and you need a garden deco idea How about an English style garden? The English Garden is characterized by panoramic views and green lawns, distant groves of trees, natural ponds and lakes, discreetly placed Greek and Roman statues and a sense of pastoral calm.

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It is reminiscent of a park that represents the landscapes of the English islands and North America.

Garden decoration idea: the English garden

deco idea garden english shrubs

It is not the English cottage garden with its masses of perennials and annuals, nor the strictly geometric French garden. In reality, the first English gardens were created in the 1700s as a reaction of these. The goal was to create a natural landscape even if it was embellished and romanticized to hide its mundane and unattractive parts.

English garden decoration

deco idea english garden design

While the gardens created by Lancelot Brown define the basic elements of gardens English, the style itself has changed a lot in the past 300 years. It has been modified to include influences by Chinese architecture and neo-gothic architecture, as well as swept flower beds popularized by Gertrude Jekyll. And while not all of us have extensive gardens, some of the basic features of the English style can be applied to even the smallest outdoor spaces.

English garden decorated with flowers

idea garden English flowers

For many people, the term "English garden" is synonymous with the traditional garden. But no matter what you call it, the captivating feeling of a house in the middle of a green garden reminiscent of a park is the key to the success of the English Garden. The large spaces of green lawns and the majestic trees are the starting point. There is a sense of continuity between each part of the English Garden rather than a strict separation.

English garden of romantic decor

deco idea english garden fountain

The rich vegetation is a fol- lamental feature of the English style. If you live in a dry region, the English look may not be the best choice. In case you want to try to replicate it, look for plants that create the same feeling but are more drought tolerant and opt for a much smaller garden space. Plan your garden so that it can enjoy the view as much as possible. If there is a distant mountain, then it will not be very difficult. da ns this case , rather than a simple spread of the lawn to the shore , a mix shrubs and trees will add depth and height to the view.

English garden layout idea

deco idea english garden idea

In the English garden, flowerbeds filled with shrubs placed high play the same role as walls or walkways in other garden styles: they draw the eye towards the edge approaching the water. But if your garden ends with a fence and not with a bank, you can still apply the same principles. A border of shrubs and trees will help you hide the fence and create interest and depth to the space.

English garden decoration with modern furniture

deco idea english garden furniture

English garden with water

deco idea english garden

English garden with interesting decoration

deco garden idea landscaping

Original English Garden Decor Idea

deco garden interesting design

deco garden english style

deco garden english style landscape

garden decoration original idea

English modern garden decoration

English style garden decoration

deco idea garden english shrubs

deco idea english garden bench wood

deco idea english garden front

deco idea garden english style bench

deco idea english garden ponds

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deco idea english garden lake

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English garden amenagement idea

English garden modern amenagement

English garden deco flowers

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English garden decoration plants

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English garden design plants

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English garden elegant decoration idea

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elegant English design garden

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