Garden decoration: adopt topiary art!

garden decoration topiary plant

Topiary plants are fashionable and bring a design air to all types of exteriors. Why not adopt them for your garden decoration ? Topiary art consists of cultivating and pruning outdoor plants in order to create different forms and decorative sculptures.

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Among these are geometric shapes such as pyramids but also animals, humans and different kinds of objects. One of the great benefits of topiary gardens is the fact that they are impressive at all times of the year, including in winter.

Example of garden decoration with topiary plants

outdoor topiary design

Topiary art has its origins in ancient times. The ancient Romans liked the interesting aspect of the green plants that they fashioned in animals and obelisks. In Asia, the Chinese and the Japanese also practiced this art which is, today, one of the characteristic features of gardens with zen style decoration . If you love gardening, you can transform your outdoors with topiary art without spending money on expensive equipment. The usual instruments that you already use for the maintenance of your garden will also be used to shape the plants and to give them different shapes.

Topiary garden decoration: interesting, easy and cheap

topiary garden design

Beginning gardeners, who do not have much experience and who still doubt their abilities, will be able to start experimenting with simple and geometrical forms: they do not require much effort and prior planning. They will progress gradually and, with a little patience and perseverance, they will soon be able to create more and more original forms.

Topiary garden decoration with green plants and sculpture

outdoor gardens topiary art design

What are the plants to buy for a topiary decor? To benefit from your garden throughout the year, prefer compact plants of the type evergreen which keep their green foliage during all seasons. The yew, privet, holly, myrtle, bay and cypress are all very good choices. You could also start training on a potted plant , like the one on the picture below, to keep indoors or on your terrace.

Topiary plant in pot for garden or terrace decoration

garden pot design plant

The end of winter is a good time to get started in topiary, planting the green plants of your choice. Spring and summer are times when their foliage will grow faster and during which you should think about pruning them once or twice. So, would you like to experiment with topiary art to revamp your garden or just to add one or two interesting decorations? If your answer is "yes", do not hesitate to consult our selection of outdoor photos to choose plants and outdoor sculptures:

Topiary garden decoration and house terrace

deco terrace and topiary gardens

Green and outdoor plant photo of topiary design

topiary shrub exterior design

Topiary plants and green sculptures for garden decoration

topiary plant garden decoration

Topiary garden plant idea with gravel

Japanese garden plant gravel

Potted plant for outdoor garden decoration

garden plant in outdoor pot

Idea of ​​potted plants for garden decoration with topiary art

plant pot garden deco topiary

Topiary exterior with plant sculptures

garden idea topiary plant

Idea of ​​small green plant for outdoor garden

garden plant idea deco outdoor

Garden fence and cut plant idea

palisade lattice garden outdoor plants

Small topiary garden with green plants

topiary garden decoration idea

Beautiful garden decoration with green plants

garden decoration plant idea

Small house and landscaping with topiary

outdoor deco plant topiary design

Terrace and garden decoration with green foliage plants

outdoor topiary decoration

Vegetal sculptures in green, red and white for outdoor decoration

outdoor design deco topiary

Garden design idea with green plant and topiary

garden design green plants

topiary decoration outdoor gardens

decor terrace topiary garden

deco terraces gardens pots plant

idee deco outdoor topiaries

small zen garden decoration

topiary art garden decoration

garden decoration topiary arts

ideas terrace garden decoration

outdoor plant garden decoration

modern topiary design garden decoration

topiary style garden decoration

zen design garden decoration

modern art garden decoration

tree topiary garden decoration

plant topiary deco garden zen

deco topiary garden plant

photo garden plant pot topiary style

image garden art plant topiary

outdoor deco green gardens

garden deco topiary bush

outdoor deco topiary design

green plant exterior design decoration

topiary deco art

garden decoration

garden shrub topiary outdoor

trees garden decoration topiary

small garden deco topiary style

garden landscaping topiary terrace

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