Garden design deco: 49 modern gardens to inspire you

modern contemporary design garden deco

The Deco design garden contemporary is refreshing and geometric. Clean lines and open spaces combine with sculptural elements to create elegant outdoor spaces.

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The gardens with wild greenery are also very popular because they are small rebellions tale chic decor. But the key to success for a beautiful modern garden is to combine all this to create an original and interesting decoration.

Design garden deco with geometric shapes

deco garden design geometric idea

While this challenge seems perfectly achievable, the abundance of flower pots and rustling accessories makes modern furnishing a little more difficult, especially if you want to adopt the DIY approach. Often simpler, contemporary versions of the classic decor come back expensive, while the more accessible accessories are a bit too ornate and detailed. But do not be afraid - there are also plenty of creative designs that can inspire you to decorate your outdoor space!

Modern garden landscaping

deco garden design modern idea

When we start deco garden design , the question is very clear: how can we divide and section the outside to create a modern space? The possibilities are of course endless and sometimes you can even get lost. In any case, do not hesitate to consult with professional decorators. There will be plenty of details you can not think of yourself like flower pots, borders and other sculptural elements. In case you opt for the DIY approach and you want to make yourself the decoration of your garden, you can very well be inspired by the ideas below.

Modern garden with garden seating

deco garden design modern furniture

Among the most popular outdoor decorative elements today are the external "fences". Concrete, lawn and other plants combine to create an interesting design with squares and rectangles. Thanks to this type of decoration, you can create beautiful paths of passage and besides that it is very interesting to know that such a division can create the illusion of a larger space.

Modern garden with interesting little fountain

deco garden modern design

Stone is another very popular element for contemporary garden decoration. It can also be used for the creation of walkways with stone tiles or decorative pebbles but also as a centerpiece in one of the corners of the space in the form of a stone sculptural element or bench, for example.

Modern garden decorated with white flowers and green plants

garden decoration design flowers

When planning the placement of plants, flowers, stone and pebbles in your garden, adding large green plants offers new decorative possibilities. So, for example, if you plan to have a small wooden deck at a place in your garden, you can easily surround it with tropical greenery if, of course, the climate allows it. That way, every time you're on the terrace, you'll feel like you're on a tropical island.

Deep landscaping of long contemporary style garden

deco garden contemporary design idea

After the division and the organization of the space, comes the time of the final touches. Flower pots are very important for the look of your garden. Choose them in a contemporary style and elegant and large to accentuate the modern decor of your garden. Do not forget garden furniture - they must be at the same time beautiful and durable and strong enough to allow you to enjoy your outdoor oasis.

Garden decoration with stone accent wall

modern garden decoration

Design garden with swimming pool

garden design swimming pool

Garden decoration with design flower pots

deco garden design flower pots

deco garden design outdoor kitchen

modern garden design

modern garden layout idea

deco garden deisign details beton

deco garden design bench wood

contemporary design garden deco

deco garden design elegant

deco garden design shape geometric

landscaping modern garden pergola wood

decorative garden design interesting idea

deco garden design original elegant

deco garden design wall vegetal

original garden design deco

deco garden design green plants

garden design garden furniture

deco garden design statuettes

deco garden design style mediderrannen

deco garden design terrace wood

deco garden design terrace modern wood

deco garden modern furniture

garden decoration modern landscaping

modern contemporary garden decoration

garden decoration idea landscaping

garden decoration modern idea

modern garden decoration small fountain

modern garden deco idea

garden decoration small idea

modern garden decoration idea

garden deco outdoor kitchen

deco garden interesting modern

garden contemporary design decoration

garden decoration flower pots

garden design amenagement idea

garden design deco furniture

contemporary modern design garden

garden modern design idea

garden pond water design

furniture garden decoration idea

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