Garden fence: 47 modern and original ideas

garden fence bricks idea

The garden fence is much more than just a barrier that protects the house and delimits the garden - it also contributes to the aesthetics of the outdoor space and completes the decor.

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Formerly, the fenced Wood was the stallion and there were no other options. But today the varieties to choose from are many to help us customize our garden. Maybe the wooden fence is what you want, or maybe you're looking for something a little more modern? Metal, concrete or stone - the designs and materials offered are endless! In addition, it is also possible to introduce a living plant fence as a green and contemporary alternative to the traditional fence.

Elegant garden fence made of concrete and wood

modern design garden fence

When you decide to make your own garden fence It is best to consider several ideas for finding the right type, materials and design for your outdoor space. Today, more and more people are turning to horizontal fences instead of vertical fences. Although it is a rather aesthetic choice in most cases, horizontal fences also have practical qualities. If you do not have experience building fences, then the horizontal fence is perhaps the best option for you because it is easy to do yourself. The horizontal fence is also ideal for larger gardens and for those with a limited budget as it requires less material than the vertical fence. And for vertical fences, you can choose a stronger option or leave space between the stakes.

Garden fence of contemporary design

concrete fence concrete slabs

And speaking of pegs, you should also know that here too the options are unlimited. Many people prefer the look of wood and its many designs. You must also choose the type of wood that follows with the decoration of your garden. The c cedar, pine , redwood and oak are the most commonly used fences, but if you are looking for a greener option, you can also opt for bamboo.

Garden fence in white painted wood

white wood garden fence

Stone garden fences have the added benefit of providing more security for your home and garden. In addition to this, metal and stone are very beautiful and modern materials. Wrought iron is a very popular option for those who want to use the fence as a decorative element in the garden. For its part, stone is an excellent choice for those who want to keep a neutral and natural look in the garden.

Wooden fence of interesting design

design garden fence

In the event that your main concern, regarding the garden fence, is its durability and its easy maintenance, then the vinyl fence is perhaps the best choice for you. Vinyl does not need to be painted and is more weather resistant than many other materials, including wood. But no matter what choice you make, go for a fence that will be durable and easy to maintain. Here are some images with modern and original fences that can inspire you and give you ideas for your own garden fence.

Ultra modern garden fence decorated with cacti

garden fence modern idea

Fence made of green plants

fence garden living plants

Fence design in wood panels

modern wood garden fence

Fence of minimalist concrete design

garden fence concrete door glass

Contemporary fence decorated with climbing plants

minimalist wood garden fence

wooden garden fence

concrete wood garden fence

garden fence wire cables

Concrete design garden fence

garden fence design wood

contemporary design garden fence

interesting design garden fence

elegant modern design garden fence

elegant wood garden fence

garden fence idee design

garden fence original idea

metal garden fence

garden fence metal design

garden fence metal idea

garden fence wood panels

simple concrete garden fence

fence garden bamboo idea

garden fence original modern design

fenced garden dark wood

fence garden wood idea

contemporary design garden fence

elegant design garden fence

garden fence minimalist design

modern design garden fence

fence garden original design

garden fence original design interesting

elegant garden fence

garden fence idee design

fence garden metal plants

fenced garden minimalist wood

fence garden original wood

fence garden stone design

fence garden stone idee

fencing garden stone metal

garden fence ultra modern stone

deco fence garden idea

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