Garden fences and gates for modern exteriors

garden fenced contemporary house

The exterior design of a modern design space can not be complete if it does not have gates and garden fences made in this style.

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Today, we will be interested in this kind of accessories that will allow you to give your garden or terrace final touches. In the course of history, fences and garden doors have been used mainly as protection objects, which can bring more tranquility to the inhabitants of a house. In rural areas, they were also intended to ensure the protection of animals. To meet these practical needs they had to be especially strong and at the same time easy to maintain and renovate. As a result, most old fences and garden doors were built using materials such as stone and wood that could easily be found around his house and could be replaced when needed.

Garden gates and fences bring a finishing touch to similar style exteriors

gateway style modern outdoor gardens

It is only in modern times that we really began to use several types of materials for the manufacture of this kind of outdoor accessories. This change is also accompanied by many innovations that affect the protection of the inhabitants of the house (cameras, alarms ...). All this allows us to decorate the perimeter of our gardens with aesthetic fences, while taking advantage of security and surveillance means much more efficient than those in the past.

Modern garden gates and fences exist in materials that were not available in the past

garden view breeze view

Nowadays, the variety of materials that can be used for the construction of a fence and a outside door is really impressive. In addition to wood and stone, there are also solutions in metal, glass and plastic. Some of these materials, such as metal and glass, are more durable than wood and are preferable for wet or harsh climates. Plastic is an inexpensive alternative that would be suitable for those who have made large investments in another part of their home and who prefer to save money on the purchase of their fences and exterior doors.

Modern gates and fences inspired by tradition and respect for nature

modern garden wooden gate

In parallel with these trends, in recent years, there is a return to interior and exterior decoration with natural materials. Adopted by many homeowners who care about the protection of the planet, this trend has also found expression in the manufacture and construction of fences and gates. This is how we rediscovered the beauty of the breezes seen and wooden garden doors which are, this time, made in cash more durable or covered with layers of protection facilitating their maintenance.

Modern garden fence idea, design by Illusions Fence

outdoor garden fencing design

In the same way, some homeowners wanted to reconnect with the tradition of using stone fencing, using contemporary and durable fastening and construction materials. Still others prefer natural fences created with green plants and shaped with the help of topiary . This last solution, which was associated for a long time especially with the gardens of the monarchy, is today privileged by the amateurs of the nature. It is also a frequent choice for those who have a small exterior and want to see more greenery. Which of these modern options would you choose? Examine our collection of images to make an opinion:

Modern garden and gate fences

idea of ​​modern garden gateways

Small modern garden door

outdoor garden door deco

Exterior door and garden fence in modern style

outdoor garden furniture modern style

Modern outdoor portal

outdoor house modern door

Modern garden fences and gateway

modern garden design door

Idea of ​​outdoor garden gate

outdoor car portals garden

Modern outdoor landscaping with wooden garden gate

modern gates garden landscaping

Outdoor decoration with wooden garden gate

Zen garden wooden gate

Photo of modern outdoor wooden gate

outdoor wood and glass gate

Photo of garden fence and exterior gate of modern design

garden deco gate modern design

Zen decoration and modern garden fence

palisade bamboo garden modern decoration

Idea of ​​deco with palisade for exterior of modern style

deco house modern exterior

Green garden decoration of modern design

fence modern deco plant

Wooden garden fence and outdoor decoration of modern style house

palisade outdoor wood

Modern house idea with wooden garden fence

photo house modern fence garden wood

exterior decoration modern portals

modern garden gate idea

modern fencing terrace and garden

natural fence modern deco

exterior fences modern gates

fences small modern garden

modern terrace deco fence

garden fences modern deco

idea fences garden palisade modern design

garden fences small space

garden fencing outdoor landscaping

garden fences outdoor deco modern

outdoor garden fences modern design

fences garden green plants

garden fences modern outdoor decoration

modern plant garden fencing

fences garden wall brick

modern wood wall garden fences

separation garden modern design

fences and doors exterior modern decor

modern design garden separation

modern outdoor pool fence

fence modern garden landscaping

exterior landscaping fence gardens

separation garden fences

fences garden modern garden

breeze view amenagement small garden

idea landscaping house fence gate

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