Garden fences in 59 captivating ideas

garden fences modern deco exterior

Finding a beautiful and practical garden fence is not an easy task. Purchased or crafted, often the fences of garden are either too high or too low.

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On the one hand, they play a protective role to prevent unwanted outside looks. On the other hand, they have an important aesthetic function. To give you some ideas and to help you in your research, we selected 59 examples of fence, screen, fence, lattice and garden gate size, material and style different.

Garden fences in 59 ideas: original and practical screen

green plant garden fences

The example below is a windbreak complemented by rich vegetation. In this way, you ensure a good privacy without feeling isolated. The shrubs are cool and let the air pass. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can decorate with small pebbles.

Garden fence in 59 ideas: screen with rich vegetation

vegetable garden fences

This wooden fence is very solid. It is perfect if you live in the city or near your neighbors. It will give you the privacy and tranquility you need when you relax in your garden . You can buy it or tinker it yourself. You will need assistance during installation.

Solid wooden garden fence

garden fences palisades

This screen is very artistic. Despite its large size, its orange color makes it rather warm and welcoming. The boards are of different sizes and depending on the desired privacy, you can either put them next to each other, or leave more space for the light can pass freely.

Original and artistic fence: a work of art in your garden

house modern garden fences

This screen is a classic. Made of bamboo, it is lightweight, easy to tinker and install. It is perfect if you live in the city. The light color of the bamboo is nice and creates an atmosphere of lightness. It harmonizes with the wooden table and benches. A vegetal decoration is put in the four corner of the balcony.

Bamboo garden fence that harmonizes well with the furniture

garden fences breeze bamboo view garden wooden table

Idea of ​​modern view breeze

garden fences stone breeze view

Solid wood garden fence

stone garden wood fences breeze view outdoor landscaping

Wooden outdoor garden palisade

garden fences wood breeze view flower pot

Modern garden fence and green plants

garden fences idea palisade garden breeze view plant pebbles

Modern fence idea made of corten steel

garden fence original plant flowers tree

Two ideas of garden fences

garden landscaping breeze view pool stone house garden chair

Very solid stone garden fence

fences garden wood metal fence privacy relax pool garden

Fence original mixture of stone and glass

garden fence original stone deco plants

Two garden fences with vegetation

garden fences idea cheap brico

Garden fence to shelter prying eyes

garden idea design plant decoration idea

solid corten steel garden fences

idea breeze garden view simple garden pond

garden fence breeze view pvc wood

idea landscaping garden fence stone plant deco tree

garden fence idea stone metal fence garden

garden fences stone wood sunshade chair-long pool

idea garden pond water plant breeze view stone

fence his garden idea fence stone orange pathway

fence garden wood idea flowerpot green

breeze view wood idea landscaping outdoor garden furniture chair

garden fence idea pergola garden

breeze-view garden-idee original way-stone

garden grill breeze view wood chaise longue wood palm

idea fence his garden wood plant flowerpot

garden breeze view stone path wood garden plant

idea of ​​fence wood deco garden plant palisade plant

idea garden grid corten path deco plant garden stone

idea breeze view high garden gray living room garden resin braided

idea cheap garden fences

fence garden solid lattice plant tree

garden furniture landscaping breeze garden palisade

fence in wood pallet stone lawn

fence high garden breeze view wood metal idea

deco garden landscaping stone flower pots ideas

fence outdoor space idea house garden

garden fence stone gray stone deco plant

idea fence his garden stone metal gate gate

garden fences breeze view palisade

breeze view stone plant shrub tree deco garden

garden breeze view wood path stone chair table wood plant shrub

garden fence idea stone deco exterior

palisade wooden garden panel fence

garden design chaise longue parasol swimming pool idea fence her garden

toasting garden bamboo stone garden table garden chair

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