Garden gnomes: a phenomenon that unleashes passions

garden gnomes deco garden statue plant

The dwarf is a folklore character. Symbol of wisdom and success, it is a garden decoration loved by many people. Some find them unattractive, others collect them with passion.

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Collectors of garden gnomes are called nanomanes . For a long time, Man imagined that the forest was populated by small creatures with mysterious powers. This is why some people believe that garden gnomes are actually real living beings who wake up at night. This belief even led to the creation of a named association the Liberation Front of the Garden Gnomes.

Garden Gnomes: A Gallery of Inspiring Ideas

garden gnomes of different size white hat blue

Artisanal production of ceramic garden gnomes appeared in Germany at the end of the 17th century. At the time, they represented real small sculptures in Pierre or ceramic that were hand painted. In the nineteenth century, production expanded and industrialized. Germany is beginning to import garden gnomes into England, Japan, the United States and recently Scandinavia.

Garden Gnome Model Inspired by the Movie Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick

orange original mechanical garden gnomes

Today the market of this statue small size has clearly exploded. Several manufacturers offer original garden gnomes and different materials. You can also buy a garden gnome in polystyrene and decorate it according to your desires: painting, collage, fabric or sequins. They are declined in many materials (stone, ceramic, plastic and others), but its physiognomy always has some common characteristics. Usually it is a small humanoid creature with a pointed cap and often red. He has a white beard and a pink face. He is wearing pants and a knit. We rarely find female garden gnomes on the market. In Germany there are nearly 28 million dwarves throughout the country!

Garden gnome with a golden cap and minimalist style

white dwarf garden statue white golden bonnet

The garden gnomes are a phenomenon that really unleashed the passions! There is even the Liberation Front of the Garden Gnomes. It is a network of informal non-profit groups whose goal is "to give freedom to the garden gnomes". Their release consists of their relocation from the gardens to the forests. The forest is considered as their place of natural habitation.

This association was created in 1996 in France in Alençon, in the Basse-Normandie region. In a few years, the movement has already taken everywhere in France, in Europe and even on the American continent. In 2006, there were already 165 registered groups in France. The 1086 members declare to have released in all 4246 garden gnomes. The site, which had 1086 members, ceased operations in 2010. This significant dwarf release activity extended from 1996 to 2009.

Physiognomy of the classical garden gnome

garden gnomes red hat classic garden decor statuette

Garden gnome with a brown hat and a blue bird

decoration garden dwarf idea original blue bird

Colorful garden gnome in a very original way

dwarf garden green original deco exterior

Craftsman hand-drawn ceramic garden dwarf

modern hand drawn garden gnome

Garden gnomes explorers

dwarf garden statuette red hat explorer

Female garden gnome

garden gnome woman dress red pink hat blue bunch of flowers

You can buy a polystyrene garden gnome and decorate it as you wish.

dwarf garden color hat green idea coloring game kids

Garden gnome with a ball

Garden gnome in the woods

Happy garden gnomes with bonnets in flowerpots

dwarf garden statuette in flower pot hat

Garden gnome in hunting clothes

dwarf garden hat original beard lamp boots

Garden gnomes stars

garden statuettes hat original dwarf collections

A pair of garden gnomes on a swing

statuettes couple in love red hat woman man swing

The white garden gnome is an aesthetic option in minimalist style

garden minimalist minimalist garden dwarf white pointed beanie

Garden gnome with a red cap and a green knit

garden decoration garden gnome red knit hat green

Garden gnome lying down resting

deco idea of ​​garden statuette hat red blue shirt

Dwarf who likes gardening

small garden statue small garden figurine gardener

Garden gnomes in traditional dress according to their country of origin

dwarf garden coloring england germany swiss blue

Dwarves who like gardening

garden gnomes red hat blue shirt white beard

Dwarf with a cap in the colors of the American flag

original modern dwarf garden hat American flag military knit

Garden gnome with a red cap, a blue knit, green pants and black boots

garden decoration statuette cheap

For nanomanes: chess game with miniatures of garden gnomes

nanoman petty chess blue hats

Female garden gnome

feminine dwarf blue garden deco

Cute and plump dwarfs

garden barb dwarf bearded hat different colors

Dwarves Gardeners Statuette Garden Hat Pink Yellow Purple Blue

garden dwarf coloring yellow hat blue bag pink

dwarf rockers original coloring cap beard

idea original dwarf statuette of garden orange yellow hat

garden gnome fisherman red cap

dwarf green hat white beard

statuette stone garden decoration

dwarf garden hat yellow knit red pants green

outdoor garden white dwarf

garden decoration figurines red mushrooms

dwarf garden artist hat

garden dwarf hat pink knit chestnut decor

dwarf black clothes black shirt frog black hat

dwarf deco garden original statuette university Alabama

dwarf garden statuette red knit red hat

garden deco figurines knit hat pointed

garden statue red hat knit green white beard

classic garden gnome hat red knit blue

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