Garden hut for children: outdoor games!

garden hut for child constuire wood idea

Nowadays, children love playing video games or surfing the internet ... They often play outside, but with age they start to prefer "virtual" games.

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How to motivate them to spend more time playing outside? The garden shed is a great motivation! A small space that belongs to them and that will transport them to another world. Discover our selection of children's garden hut in addition to 50 ideas inspired by childhood!

Very original garden hut for children

garden hut for children idea construction plan

Cabins offered in the store may require some investment. In fact, if you have some handyman know-how, it will be easy for you to build a small cabin yourself. You can use wooden pallets (which you get for free). Remember that pallets that are suitable for the construction of furniture are the pallets Disposable. Before using them, make sure they have not been treated with chemicals. Then, to you and your child to invent the shape, size and location of the hut. This job will take time and a lot of attention because you have to make sure that in terms of safety everything is impeccable.

Wooden children's garden shed

garden hut for children wooden tree games garden

If you own a garden, please your children and build a small, or a large garden shed. It is important that the child has a place of calm that belongs only to himself. A large cabin will serve your children for a long time. Once grown, you can turn it into a storage place or even a nice little place for your guests.

Idea of ​​garden house for your children

garden hut for children make yourself

This small shack in the shape of a small castle will be a real adventure for your children. She is strong and she has a pretty little door in wood . You can install it on the floor in a dry and flat place.

Shack in the shape of a small castle

garden hut for children castle wood DIY

Hut wooden garden with red roof

garden shed for children wood slide

Idea of ​​huts and garden houses for children

garden huts child fun garden games house

Make a garden house and playground for children

garden hut wood child original idea

Original wooden house for children's games

child hut wood idea landscaping outdoors

Children's garden castle idea

castle child garden games for children outside

Small children's garden house

child hut garden wood roof red house wooden child

Garden Girl Idea for Girls and Boys

garden house for children red wood idea

Wooden children's playhouse

garden house child garden outdoor garden

Hut for little princesses

garden house princess castle garden games

In the background: a house hut, on the right: a hut built at the base of wooden pallets

idea garden hut child outdoor house

Two large cabins that can serve you once your child has grown up

garden hut for children idea landscaping outdoor garden games

Pretty blue hut with terrace and floral decoration

maisonnette child garden flowered wood hut child

Three ideas of very original cabins: the first is in pallets, the second is in the form of boat and the third ...?

child hut wood garden original games outdoor child

A very small blue and cute hut

child little hut wood outdoor garden

cabin-white-flower garden

garden hut for children original idea garden layout

garden hut house child garden games

home child garden wood idea landscaping outdoor

hut garden child wood girl house wooden outdoor garden games

wooden garden house for children original outdoor layout

house wood garden for child garden games

child wooden house outdoor games

cabin-child outdoor garden

child house wooden house for child

blue hut child wood outdoor garden games

child hut wood garden games outdoor

wooden hut kids garden games

children's garden house original wood cabin idea outdoor games

cabin-luxury garden

child wooden cabin candle deco house for child

garden house for children wood flowers idea

wooden garden hut wooden idea wooden bridge

garden hut for children outdoor garden games garden layout

garden hut for child pink hut girl garden games house child wood

child hut garden wood house garden wood playground outdoor child home wood

child garden hut for children wooden playground for children outdoor

children's garden house idea landscaping

children's garden hut garden children's home wooden staircase

idea garden hut for children outdoor garden games

garden shed for child garden house wood cabin garden games

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