Garden lamp post: 50 models for your outdoor

garden lamp post modern style decoration

The garden lamp is an interesting decorative object that can be used by those who want to bring a touch of design to their outdoor spaces. In this article, we will examine a series of 50 lamp models of this type and different styles to see how to choose and use such a luminaire for the development of a terrace, pool or green area. your house.

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Alley decoration with design garden lamp by Samuele Mazza

idee deco outdoor floor lamps garden design

When it comes to lighting its exterior, the lamp is certainly not the kind of lighting that we would think immediately. Rather, various variants could be considered with wall sconces, strings of light or models of hanging lamps. But street lights are an option that is original and that is likely to complement the exterior design of your home in an interesting way, while bringing you the light you need.

Modern style garden lamp post and terrace decoration with pool

terrace lamp garden lighting

When choosing such a lamp for outdoor use, it is necessary to think not only of its budget but also the location of the luminaire and some technical aspects. Of course, indoor floor lamps are not recommended for outdoor use. Both types of lamps are manufactured to meet entirely different needs. So, for example, your garden lamp should be economical because outdoor lighting is generally used every day and for a good part of the night. Conversely, floor lamps intended for use inside the house can be used as a decorative accessory that is not necessarily lit every night.

Garden lamp post model design by MOHD

outdoor garden lamp deco design

Outdoor floor lamps can be arranged in a variety of ways depending on how you would like to organize your outdoor space. A single floor lamp of this kind would be enough to produce a strong impression on a small terrace or in a dining area outside especially if it is close to the house and is illuminated by others light sources . Here, your floor lamp would play a rather decorative role. For more remote areas or that do not have other sources of light, we will rather buy a series of lamps, to have a symmetrical way to create a beautiful visual effect.

Italian design floor lamp idea by Carlo Panzeri

lighting floor lamp gardens deco

Moreover, the floor lamp in your garden can also have a function of securing an area around an alley, a swimming pool or even an elevated space or earthwork . It is for this reason that the professionals of the exterior design recommend to bet on lampposts with LED lighting. The advantages of LED lamps are many, especially when it comes to a space outside the home: they have a lifetime far superior to other types of luminaires, they are more energy efficient and they save you money in the long run. In addition, they are also very functional because, unlike other options, they reach a maximum level of brightness as soon as they are lit. For best results with your outdoor lighting, select models with a high degree of protection and good water resistance, from 44 or even 66. See our photo gallery to see our entire collection of 50 models of garden lamps:

Photo of terrace with outdoor lamp post

garden lamp modern idee deco

Modern deco idea with large floor lamps

garden lamp post deco modern outdoor

Modern terrace and modern light fixtures: light columns

garden lamp post column idee deco

Beautiful terrace decoration with outdoor lighting

deco stairs garden lamp post

Modern outdoor lighting with garden lamp post

outdoor lighting garden lamp post

Example of a modern design luminaire for garden and terrace

deco exterior lighting modern design

Floor lamp and design lighting for outdoor

outdoor deco outdoor lighting

Garden lamp post: idea of ​​modern decoration of outdoor space

garden lighting

Lamp for terrace decoration and reading corner outside

outdoor terrace deco lamp

Modern design terrace lamp template

idea lamp modern design gardens

Hanging lamp for outdoor decoration

suspended luminaire outdoor gardens

Terrace with swimming pool and modern lighting

floor lamps garden deco modern style

Floor lamp in white and outdoor lighting

lighting garden lamp modern

Small modern garden lamp post

outdoor deco garden floor lamp

Patio lighting with floor lamps

terrace deco outdoor lamps

Modern floor lamp in white and wood for outdoor use

modern lamps terrace

Garden lamppost and deco idea of ​​terrace

modern floor lamp decoration terrace

Garden lamp post of original shape

contemporary patio lighting

Lamp idea for garden and terrace with modern design deco

modern garden decoration idea lamp

ideas garden deco lamp garden

outdoor terrace lamp modern design

outdoor floor lamp

modern garden lamp deco

photo modern gardens lamps

lighting modern terrace lamp

gardenlampadaire outdoor decoration

lighting design garden and terrace

ideas floor lamp modern design terrace

garden photo lights

outdoor landscaping garden lamp post

garden lamp and modern floor lamp

outdoor lighting modern house

outdoor design garden lamp post

lighting alley garden lamppost

garden lamp post model terrace decoration

exterior modern style decoration

garden lamp deco outdoor aisles

lighting idea garden lamp post

modern garden floor lamp outdoor deco

modern floor lamp landscaping garden

small garden lamp aises

lighting balcony terrace street lights

photo lighting modern small garden

lighting lamppost garden terrace

lighting garden alley lights

outdoor lighting lamp

lighting outdoor floor lamps

modern pool lamp idea

ideas lamp on foot terrace

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