Garden landscaping with pool: 75 ideas to inspire

garden layout with pool deco modern style ideas

Make a garden layout with a pool is definitely a good investment. It is a luxurious experience that will allow you to swim and relax whenever you want, without having to move from your garden.

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And when you add a beautiful modern design with water resistant designer furniture, you will have the perfect garden for the summer.

Garden layout with modern pool

garden layout with pool terrace wooden decoration

But if you opt for a planning garden with pool you are going to need to take into account a lot of important factors. Among them, there is the installation and size of the pool. If you have a big garden, make a swimming pool with a depth of more than 3m. Small pools and inflatable pools are not always suitable for small terraces because there is always a risk of flooding. These pools may be very reasonably priced, but they do not have built-in filters and you will need to manually change the water manually.

Garden landscaping with contemporary design pool

garden furniture with pool lighting modern exterior

What other factors to consider before starting your development swimming pool ? First of all, you have to think carefully if you are really going to use this pool. Or, at least, use it enough to justify such an investment. Do you live in an area where it is nice enough to use the pool regularly? You must also be prepared to cover the pool in winter and fall so that it does not freeze.

Garden layout with pool decorated with palm trees

landscaping with pool ideas green plants

You must think carefully about where you will build or install the pool. It must be an open and sunny space, but at the same time sheltered from the wind. Avoid placing your pool in a place where there are many trees so you do not have to clean the fallen leaves every day. The pool should preferably be near locker rooms and close enough to your house for comfort.

Garden decoration idea with swimming pool

garden layout with modern pool water falls

How are you going to use your pool? From the answer to this question will depend the shape and size of the pool. If you build your pool just to cool off, or rather for a decorative purpose, then you can opt for a pool with a rounded or irregular shape. But in case you want to be able to swim in your pool quite often, then the pool should be big enough, deep enough and with a rectangular shape. A pool that is less than 15m is not a good place to swim.

Beautiful modern garden with pool

garden layout with pool decoration

The cost of the pool is another key factor. This is not only the cost of construction but also the cost of maintaining the pool. And speaking of maintenance, in case you can not take care of yourself, you have to go to a specialized company. What impact will the pool have on the garden? Will she be visible from the house? Do you want her to play the role of a focal point in your garden or do you prefer it to be rather discreet?

Original design garden with pool

garden layout with design pool

The blue pool, on one side, looks pretty strange on cold and gray days and does not seem to fit in a traditional or rustic deco garden. On the other hand, the blue pool is the perfect choice for Mediterranean gardens. But you do not have to have a pool with blue tiles in any case. You can choose between natural stone, terracotta or clay that may be easier to incorporate into your garden decor. Are you going to make a traditional concrete, fiberglass or vinyl coating ? These are the most used materials for the construction of contemporary pools.

Beautiful garden outside with large beautiful pool

contemporary garden pool decoration

Pool surround is a key element to enjoy your pool. We choose a non-slip, resistant swimming pool that does not heat up too much in the sun. The best materials that best fit all of its criteria are just a few. These are marble, wood, tile, concrete and natural stone. Many people choose wood for their swimming pool. The wood is not only appreciated for its natural look, but also because it comes in a wide variety of species, colors and prices. It blends easily with all styles, heats and dries quickly. Finally, it should be noted that it can lose its color over time.

Swimming pool with wooden surround

contemporary garden modern pool

The pool surround stone is authentic and natural. It is also easy to maintain and does not change much over time. Contrary to popular belief, the stone does not heat much. The risk of burning one's feet is negligible.
Modern house with garden and pool

garden layout with contemporary design pool

What kind of pool do you want to have? A swimming pool with natural fresh water or a swimming pond? Ponds are gaining more and more popularity in recent years and are perfect for landscaped gardens with a more natural look. These pools do not need chemicals because the water filtration is done using aquatic plants which makes them much more enjoyable. Their only disadvantage: cold water.

Garden with swimming pool and designer lounge chairs

garden layout with contemporary design pool 1

If you want an electronic pool cover, you need to build the pool in rectangular shape. The darker rectangular pool is perfect in case you want a quiet pool near the house. And if properly constructed, this dark-colored pool can even look like a decorative bridge when you're not using it.

Large garden with rectangular pool

garden design with interesting design pool

Avoid walking in the center of the pool because it will prevent you from swimming properly. Put them in one of the corners of the pool for easier access. If you hire professionals for the construction of the pool, ask to see pools already built by them and consult with their owners to avoid potential problems.

Contemporary design garden decoration with pool

furnishings garden-with-pool-elegant

It is very important to note that to build a new pool in your garden, you will need to have a license for this. Normally, you get it at the town hall. Subsequently, it is essential to call on a team of professional masons. Building an inground pool is not child's play! The solution to build a pool in your garden is the above ground pool. You will not need permission and help to install it. It is also cheaper. Its disadvantage is that it will play a rather decorative role. You will not be able to use to swim. If you like swimming then you will have to opt for an in-ground pool.

Original design garden with pool

landscaped garden with pool exotic deco

And finally, once your pool is built, you have to think about the decoration around it. Choose appropriate furniture so you can relax next to the pool without fear that the water could damage the furniture. Opt for chairs with cushions, lounge chairs and small side tables. Take them in bright colors to make the decor more modern and inviting.

Outdoor garden decoration ideas with pool

garden with contemporary pool

Think of the decoration of your garden. Surround your pool with beautiful plants, decorate with large stones and create your paradise.

Garden landscaping with modern pool

garden layout with pool deco palm tree

Install poufs around your pool to make your garden more cocoon. The chaise-longues are a must for a relaxing and comfortable outdoor area.

Beautiful garden picture with pool design

garden with contemporary pool

Many people choose braided resin garden furniture. This material is resistant and it does not fear water. Prices for outdoor furniture in braided resin vary according to the design and quality of the materials. The material that integrates better with the natural environment of the garden is without a doubt the wood. There are very elegant wooden garden furniture. If you choose wood furniture for your garden, consider protecting it by installing a pergola. If he is too exposed to the sun, he will change his color fast enough.

Garden furniture idea with pool

garden furniture swimming pool outdoor idea landscaping garden with swimming pool

If your land permits, you can install a large pool and a kiddie pool or jacuzzi. This, of course, requires a larger investment. Here's why before you get started in your pool construction project, think carefully about its use. It is a shame to invest in the construction of a pool which you will use only from time to time. If your area and terrain allow you to enjoy it all summer, go ahead and design your paradise!

Photos of gardens and terraces with pools

garden with pool ideas

Idea of ​​decoration and plants for garden with swimming pool

garden furniture with pool deco design

And now here are the rest of our 75 pool garden ideas that will definitely inspire you:

Modern garden pool

garden with pool idea

Design terrace with swimming pool

garden furniture with swimming pool sun loungers

Garden landscaping idea with pool

garden with pool deco

Contemporary outdoor space decoration with swimming pool

garden layout with pool decoration

Modern design wooden deck with pool

garden layout with design pool

Contemporary design house with rectangular pool

garden layout with pool design idea

Beautiful house with patio and pool

garden layout with modern design pool

A swimming pool surrounded by tall trees: what a dream!

garden layout with modern design pool 2

Wooden pool beach

garden layout with pool rectangular shape

garden with pool idea

Contemporary house with pool

garden layout with pool idee decoration

Inground pool

garden layout with pool idee design

garden with pool luxury

garden with pool furniture

Garden layout with modern pool

Garden layout with modern pool 3

entourage concrete pool

garden furniture with pool patio

Garden landscaping with swimming pool

garden layout with rectangular pool

Idea surrounding pool in wood

garden layout with pool terrace wood

Outdoor wooden pool covering

deco garden swimming pool design

deco garden pool idea

Garden landscaping with swimming pool

deco garden modern pool

decoration garden design swimming pool

contemporary garden round pool

garden conteporain swimming pool deco

contemporary design garden swimming pool

garden design swimming pool

modern design pool garden

garden design pool idea

modern pool design garden

modern garden small pool

garden pool deco stone

garden swimming pool decoration idea

garden swimming pool modern decoration

interesting design pool garden

luxury design pool garden

garden original design pool

garden pool irregular shape

garden pool idee deco

garden swimming pool idee decoration

garden pool idee design

garden pool terrace wood

deco garden pool

natural deco garden pool

garden swimming pool decoration

contemporary design garden pool

rectangular shaped garden pool

round shape garden pool

round shape garden pool idea

garden furniture pool

modern garden pool

garden pool terrace wood

pool garden decoration idea

contemporary design garden pool

pool garden contemporary design idea

modern design garden pool

pool garden idee deco

Garden landscaping with swimming pool

Garden landscaping with pool 4

Garden landscaping with pool 5

Garden landscaping with pool 6

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