Garden lantern: a pretty romantic decoration

idea decoration exterior modern candle armchair resin braided

To create a romantic and discreet atmosphere in your garden, the garden lantern is the ideal source for soft, tender light. It is elegant and economical outdoor lighting in terms of energy and money.

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There are many designs, shapes and colors for all tastes. The lantern is a decorative element with a pretty presence. In general, it is made at the base of the glass. It is the reference material because it is solid and ensures the good passage of light. You can also choose a more original lantern that plays with the shadows. Some design lanterns have an impressive lighting effect. In this way, you can "decorate" your garden with light! Finally, if you like DIY, it will be very easy to make one yourself! All you need is a little or a big jar of jam, a string and a candle!

Mini garden lantern: a decorative and elegant light source

garden lantern deco idea exterior candle outdoor light

The lantern is an object dating back to ancient times. At the time, it was the main source of light during the night. Nowadays, the lantern is rather a decorative choice. All the same, if you have decided that it will be your main source of light, it is good to opt for a lantern with integrated lighting.

Garden lantern in ethnic style, design Sandra Figuerola for Gandia Blasco

modern design aluminum garden lantern idea modern terrace layout

Gandia Blasco is an internationally renowned Spanish company founded by José A. Gandía-Blasco is based in Valencia, Spain. Many talented designers seek to offer furniture and objects of a contemporary and elegant design. The example above shows a black lacquered aluminum garden lantern created by designer Sandra Figuerola. She is a designer with a great experience in the field of arts and design.

Outdoor lantern in thermo-lacquered aluminum by José A. Gandía-Blasco

lantern design idea garden modern gandia blasco object design

The example below represents a garden lantern created by the founder of the company José A. Gandía-Blasco. After graduating in law, he took over the family business GANDIABLASCO, dedicated to the manufacture of textile products. It was in 1999 that the company restructured and José A. renewed its activity. Two words define his vision: experimentation and innovation. The furniture GANDIABLASCO is also of great Mediterranean inspiration.

Aluminum and glass garden lantern by Lighthouse

outdoor design aluminum garden lantern and glass lighthouse cane-line

Discover our selection of more than 40 examples of design garden lanterns and find yours! Pleasant visit.

Scandinavian-inspired lanterns in natural materials

garden lantern design scandinavian idea

Wooden design lantern by Norr11

outdoor decoration lighting idea lantern design wood glass

Elegant lantern in glass and stainless steel with thin string suspension

outdoor decoration idea lantern garden candle light

Lanterns for romantic summer atmosphere

garden lantern candle deco idea glass black table chair

Lantern in teak by atmosphera

deco garden idea candle wood design atmosphera outdoors modern sofa blue pouf purple

Teak Garden Lanterns by Tribu

outdoor decoration idea garden lantern wood candle modern design

Classic lanterns of different sizes

outdoor decoration idea for garden lantern candle idea modern decoration

Lantern with integrated lighting

garden idea lighting outdoor lantern metal lamp

Lighted house entrance with lanterns

idea lantern deco original wooden bench

Glassware Glass Lantern by Moja Skargaarden

deco garden idea outdoor modern design candle lantern

deco exterior lantern minimalist design scandinavian deco

garden lantern deco idea exterior design

garden candle deco idea lighting modern design

outdoor decoration idea lighting modern design water basin

decoration garden idea design lantern modern plants metal

garden lantern design idea candle metal deco exterior

outdoor decoration garden lantern design water basin deco

deco garden idea lantern candle modern design

garden idea garden lantern metal resistant glass modern

garden lantern idea modern design candle

decoration garden water basin garden lantern original idea

deco garden lighting outdoor idea lantern

decoration garden lantern idea aluminum glass modern lighthouse

lantern deco idea candle green plants

decoration garden lighting idea lantern original allsop home modern

deco lantern garden idea original golden

outdoor idea lighting design garden lantern

vertical lantern design modern candle outdoor lighting

garden lighting idea design sofa resin braided armchair

lantern design leather exterior modern deco garden scandinavian style marstrand skargaarden

lantern garden light garden idea deco effect

outdoor garden idea lighting modern candle design

deco garden idea metal candle modern exterior design

decoration garden idea lantern chinese design modern lighting

light garden idea candle white design lantern metal glass

garden lighting idea lantern metal design candle

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