Garden lantern: decorate your garden with soft light

garden lantern black metal garden candle decoration

The garden lantern is a source of soft light. If you are looking for lighting for your appropriate, discreet and economical outdoor space, we invite you to discover our selection of lanterns in different materials.

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It is also a decorative element. It will set the mood and make your evenings out tender and romantic. Made of a box closed on one side by a transparent or translucent material, it is actually easy to tinker at home. It is an object with a lot of history that dates back to Antiquity. It was around the middle of the 17th century that lanterns were used in the urban exterior in Paris.

Vintage garden lantern decorated with flowers

deco garden lantern vintage idea

The example below shows glass jars transformed into lanterns. It is a very original idea and easy to achieve. The glass is solid and transparent. It ensures the good passage of light. You just need to buy a strong rope and candles. It's up to you to decorate and choose the right location.

DIY idea of ​​garden lantern jam jar

lantern garden-idee-deco garden

This black lantern is with built-in lighting. The candles create a zen atmosphere, but if your main source of light is the lantern, it is preferable to opt for a lantern. lighting integrated. In this way, you will have more light in your garden. You can, of course, add some lanterns with candles.

Black garden lantern that can be bought at store

metal garden lantern decoration outdoor light

This garden lantern in steel is very solid and elegant. It exists in three different sizes. It is a simple object and design.

Steel garden lantern

original hurricaine steel garden lantern

Wooden garden lantern

garden wood candle idea

Solid metal garden lantern

antique lantern garden lighting

Hanging lantern and table decoration with candles

lantern decoration garden sofa garden table palmes

Idea of ​​patterned lanterns


Pretty oriental style outdoor lanterns


Perfect light for your romantic evenings

decorate garden lantern idea original terrace candle

Simple and original idea for a minimalist exterior design

idee-lantern garden-not-dear-deco

Garden lanterns in pink, orange and beige

decorate her garden garden table lantern cheap bench

Lantern on the floor

big lantern garden idea lighting wooden garden table

discreet lighting garden idea candle lantern table wood

garden lighting lantern hanging garden chair design sofa outdoor beige wooden table

garden idea lighting lantern stainless steel candle

garden decoration idea lantern black metal candle

lighting garden idea lantern white design modern garden table

garden lighting idea original candle

lighting garden lantern china decorate garden

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