Garden of plants: the beauty of Nature in the heart of Paris

panoramic garden view of the plants

The Garden of plants is a botanical park open to the public located in the 5 e Paris district, between the Paris Mosque and the university campus of Jussieu in front of the Austerlitz station and along the Seine.

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It also includes galleries of scientific exhibitions. Its area is 25.5 hectares. The garden of medicinal plants was created by Guy de La Brosse in 1635 by an Edict of King Louis XIII. It opens to the public in 1640. It also offers free education and French in botany, chemistry and anatomy. The Museum of Natural History and the Menagerie, the zoo of the Jardin des Plantes, were opened in 1793. Throughout the years until 2014, several galleries opened their doors: the Gallery of Mineralogy and Geology, the Zoology Gallery, the Galleries of Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy, the Great Gallery of Evolution. In 2010 is created the first Children's Gallery and the School of Botany is redeveloped.

Jardin des Plantes in the heart of the French capital

garden plants visit paris botany plant

It's been over 400 years since the garden opened its doors from sunrise to sunset so that the opening hours are not the same throughout the year. More than a botanical garden, it is still one of the most important scientific research centers in Europe. Today, there are twelve gardens in the Garden and about 15,000 plants of 8,500 genera, species and varieties from different natural environments. It also hosts 2000 trees, including very old trees existing since 17 e century, 2500 shrubs, 8500 perennial herbaceous plants, 2000 greenhouse plants and 80 000 seasonal plants. The places of visit open to the public are eight: the Great Gallery of Evolution, the Children's Gallery, the Gallery of Mineralogy and Geology, the Galleries of Comparative Anatomy and Paleontology, the History Cabinet of the Jardin des Plantes , the Botanical Gallery, the Great Greenhouses of the Jardin des Plantes and the Menagerie. The Menagerie, created by Bernardin de Saint-Pierre in 1793, is the second oldest zoo in the world. Every year around 8 million visitors come to the gardens and discover the great collections of stuffed animals and plant spaces that are not found in European latitudes. Learn more about the evolution of natural history or simply enjoy the peace and harmony in the center of Paris is an experience to live.

The Menagerie: one of the largest zoology galleries in the world

garden plants paris visit idea building museum

Four centuries of adventures and scientific discoveries, the garden of plants is a place of preservation and research for naturalists and for enthusiasts in botany, mineralogy, zoology, in a word, in Nature. The names of the streets that surround it are not chosen at random. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire street, Buffon street and Cuvier street: these are three of the greatest French naturalists of 19 e century. Buffon is also the character who will change the face of the Garden and transform it into an exceptional place by bringing plants from around the world. It also enriches the collections of the Museum of Natural History. Find the beauty of these gardens and its sites with our selection of 55 extraordinary photographs:

The Garden Plan

plan garden plants paris idea seine gardens

The belvedere

belvedere paris garden plants view

The belvedere close up

belvedere gardens plants paris

Sculpture by artist Paulo Grangeon

plant garden sculpture original artist

The gallery of evolution, architect Louis Jules André

garden plants visit paris gallery evolution

The Botanical School

garden plants school botany glass idea gardens flowers landscaping

botanical school garden plants visitors walk

Exhibition: art and nature

garden plants expo idea paris visit botanical garden

The wilderness

Botanical garden plants visit botanical museum

Pink flamingos

plant garden animal flamingo birds

The menagerie

menagerie paris visit animals plant species visit


leopard menagerie paris visit botanical zoological park

Red panda sleeping

red panda paris visit zoo plant garden visit

Red panda in action

menagerie paris animals visit red panda

Children's Gallery

gallery of children paris plants garden visit

Children's Gallery

gallery of children paris visit plants garden

The Zoology Gallery

zoology gallery paris gardens plants visit

The Paleontology and Anatomy Gallery

gallery paleontology paris garden plants

The Paleontology and Anatomy Gallery

paleontology paris visit gallery gardens plants

The Paleontology and Anatomy Gallery

palaeontology galleries visit galleries kids botany anatomy

Great gallery of evolution

Great gallery of evolution paris garden plants

Great gallery of evolution

Great gallery of evolution rare species botanical visit paris

The tall greenhouses

big greenhouse paris visit idea botanical park

The Great Greenhouses from the inside

large greenhouses garden indoor plant idea

The Great Greenhouses from the inside II

paris botanical garden plants large greenhouses

Exhibition Mille et une orchids, large greenhouse, photo Alain Delavie

exhibition orchids paris garden plants paris

The Great Greenhouses

paris visit large greenhouses botanical garden park

The alpine garden

alpine garden paris botanical park

Flower alley

alley of flowers paris visit museum

flowers and colors idea gardens plants

garden plants rabbit garden botanical animals species

garden plants photo view paris visit

garden plants visitors buildings

plant garden visit greenhouses photo

nature paris visit garden botanical flowers shrub

fountain garden plants visit walk

animal plant garden animal species botany

paris botanical garden plants buildings

gardens of plants paris visit idea

plant garden gallery geology visit museum

garden plants menagerie paris visit

paris garden plants megaria flamingos

garden of plants promenade paris visit

garden greenhouses paris visit plants

greenhouses garden plants paris botanical visit

turtle menagerie paris zoological museum visit plants garden

garden plants paris flowers visit botanical

botanical garden paris visit idea travel flowers botany

garden of plants alley walk visit paris

garden paris menagerie exotic animals visit

gardens plants paris animals birds menagerie

Blooming tree garden plants flowers visit botanical garden

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