Garden on gravel: care tips

gravel landscaping

The gravel is the name of a set of small pebbles, used for the creation of pretty gardens. Here are our tips for maintaining these areas. Creating a garden on a gavier can be easy and enjoyable.

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It can start with plants that do not require a lot of care like agave and cactus.

The garden on gavier: pretty and original

decorative gravel garden sand

Once the gravel is transported to the site and the plants are placed in the ground, the maintenance of your outdoor garden will be based on three main points: care for the plants, removal of dead leaves and weeds, and care for the little ones. pebbles themselves. You will find tips on each of these points below.

Garden on white gravel with agave

gravel for garden driveways

Taking care of the plants means, of course, water them enough. However, as the gravel garden is installed outdoors, it is advisable to pay attention to the amount of water you use for water your plants. Heavy rains can affect the growth of your plants, especially if they are delicious like the agave in our example. Watering too frequently can cause yellowing or leaf loss from your plants.

Decorative garden: care tips

gravel decorative sand for gardens

As for weeds, they are to be removed as in all gardens. In this type of specific garden, it is also possible to put a protective sheet between the ground and your small pebbles, paying attention to the amount of water that this sheet could hold and that could harm your plants.

Outdoor garden layout idea

landscaping garden on pebbles stones

Generally easy, as stated by the British garden specialist Nigel Colborn However, the maintenance of this type of garden requires an effort on the part of its owners. As you will see, gravel is a material that disperses and moves easily even when working with care. This is even more true for gardens that are in a space on which one walks. That's why we recommend adding small amounts of decorative pebbles to your garden from time to time to maintain its appearance.

Do not forget to regularly complete the decoration of your outdoor garden

gravel landscaping gardens pebbles

Agave, a plant for beginners in gravel gardening

decorative sand outdoor landscaping

Idea for landscaping on gravel

garden decoration white sand

Garden decoration idea with gravel and pebbles

outdoor garden landscaping sand

Interesting garden with gravel and pebbles

decoration gravel outdoor gardens

Nice garden with gravel

pebble gravel decoration exterior

outdoor spaces white pebbles

white sand gravel garden

decorative garden white sand

decorative garden landscaping with pebbles

white pebbles decoration gardens

white pebbles for garden landscaping

garden path greves white

outdoor space house stones pebbles

outdoor spaces pebbles grevet

landscaping stones white pebbles

pebbles white sand grevet gardens

allees deco exterior pebbles rolled

outdoor gardens with small pebbles

landscaping pebbles rolled stones

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