Garden path: ideas and decoration tips

garden path gravel idea

A garden path usually begins where a green space begins, at the corner of the patio or at the entrance of the house. By decorating your garden path you will make your garden more pleasant and more modern.

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If your driveway starts at the entrance to your yard, you need to make it wide and solid enough for you to drive with, for example. But if you want to decorate your other garden paths, you have to consider the deco theme of your outdoor space and functionality.

Garden paths with interesting decorations

deco garden driveway

To build one or more driveways in your garden, you must choose materials and objects that follow with the rest of the decor. Remember that the place where the driveway begins is not necessarily where the garden begins. Try to create a harmonious decor between the two spaces. So, if you have an ordinary garden with flower pots and green plants, but the driveway you want to do will lead to an isolated space with a beautiful decor, then you must inevitably mark the beginning of this driveway with beautiful pillars , for example. You can also decorate these pillar with flowers or other decorative items.

Garden path made of stone slabs

garden pathway idea development

You can also use other decorative objects to make your driveway even more beautiful. Luminaires are an excellent idea not only for the design of the driveway, but also for its functionality. The driveway itself can be decorated with designer flower pots, small figurines, lanterns or interesting stones. It is still very important to leave enough room for the passage. Here are some ideas in pictures:

Garden path decoration with flowers and plants

garden pathway idee deco

Idea of ​​deco garden path in stones and wood

garden path stone wood

Contemporary design garden driveway

garden path tile

Idea of ​​original garden path

garden path stone slabs

Contemporary design garden driveway

interesting design garden alley

Stone garden driveway with wooden borders

original design garden path

Paved garden driveway

garden pathway pave bench deco

Garden driveway with pebbles and concrete curbs

garden path stone

garden path green plants

garden walkway japanese style

Multicolored wood garden driveway

driveway garden slabs concrete

garden path deco interesting

driveway mosaic garden stone

allee garden small pergola

garden path stone design

wood garden alleys

garden alleys original idea

garden alleys ideas

stone mosaic garden alleys

garden alleys white stones

idea alley garden design

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