Garden pergola and tent: 50 ideas for garden decoration in summer

pergola of garden ideas

The garden pergola is a great idea for your garden decoration in summer. The pergola is usually constructed using columns, beams and ties tied along the top.

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The construction can be covered with a roof, shoulder strap or left as it - everything depends on personal tastes. The pergola is usually used to create the feeling of a "room" on the outside without being in reality. But choose the right one garden pergola is not always easy and there are many factors to consider.

Modern garden pergola by Stil Tende di Vito Fusco

original design garden pergola Stil Tende di Vito Fusco

The first thing you need to think about is how you will use your pergola and where you want to position it. Also inquire about local laws regarding constructions like pergolas. There may be restrictions on the size, materials or color of the construction. The shape and design of the pergola will also depend on its functionality. But it is very important to choose a pergola that matches the style and decor of your home and your outdoors. The roof is another important element. The different roofs offer different protection. Thus steel and thatch roofs will completely block the sun and the rain, but require a stronger construction, especially if it is a region where there can be very strong winds. Transparent acrylic panels or sails offer lower protection, but are very beautiful and interesting.

Elegant design garden pergola by Biossun

garden pergola deco BIOSSUN

Another solution for garden deco in summer are tents. It does not matter if it's raining or sunny, the garden tent allows you to practice a variety of activities outdoors. There are several different types of tents made from varied materials that are solid, but not all tents are made the same way. To find the perfect tent for your garden, you need to consider a few factors.

Garden pergola furnished by Renson

contemporary garden pergola RENSON®

If you want to use your tent for big family gatherings or with your friends and you want to have a big table with lots of chairs, you have to opt for a large tent with ventilation system. If it's an outdoor area or a smaller garden, then choose a medium or small size tent that fits your available space. Tents often have a large base and a smaller cover.

Freestanding Garden Pergola by PRATIC F.lli ORIOLI

self-supporting pergola PRATIC F.lli ORIOLI

The tents are usually made of aluminum and steel. Aluminum is lighter and is not very stable when there is a lot of wind. Both materials are resistant to rust, but if the steel frame is not properly treated, it may become rust-prone. So, if you live in an area with a lot of rain, it is better to opt for an aluminum tent. The style and design of the tent you choose will depend on your taste and personal preference, but choose a tent that matches your outdoor décor. Here are some interesting ideas for tents and pergolas that may help you make your choice:

Modern garden pergola by Renson

garden pergola Renson decoration

White Garden Pergola by Gibus

white garden pergola GIBUS

Outdoor decoration with elegant freestanding garden pergola

garden pergola

Outdoor decoration idea with modern pergola

aluminum garden pergola PRATIC F.lli ORIOLI

Pergola design decorated with green plants

garden pergola deco CAGIS

Contemporary outdoor decoration with pergola garden by KE Protezioni Solari

design garden pergola KE Protezioni Solari

Large modern pergola by PRATIC F.lli ORIOLI

garden pergola design PRATIC F.lli ORIOLI

Elegant garden pergola by Gibus

elegant garden pergola GIBUS

Pergola with roof by Renson

garden pergola idee RENSON®

black aluminum garden pergola Sole Pioggia Sistemi Srl

modern garden pergola Stil Tende di Vito Fusco

modern garden pergola TENDA SERVICE

black garden pergola GIBUS

garden pergola adjustable louvers PRATIC F.lli ORIOLI

pergola garden aluminum FRAMA ACTION

pergola garden modern deco Stil Tende di Vito Fusco

pergola garden design TENDA SERVICE

pergola garden idea STOBAG Italia

pergola garden fabric STOBAG Italia

automatic garden tent STOBAG Italia

freestanding garden tent Frigerio Tende da Sole

self-supporting garden tent STOBAG Italia

Elegant freestanding garden tent STOBAG Italia

red white garden tent STOBAG Italia

design garden tent Corradi Outdoor Living Space

Griesser design garden tent

design garden tent Legnolandia

original design garden tent Umbrosa

practical garden tent Stil Tende di Vito Fusco

garden tent idea HELLA Italia

yellow garden tent STOBAG Italia

modern design jarrdin tent STOBAG Italia

Sprech steel garden tent

self-propelled garden tent PRATIC F.lli ORIOLI

Sprech self-propelled garden tent

bamboo garden tent Systema Bamboo

interesting garden tent design SELVOLINA

design garden tent Paola Lenti

luxury garden tent UNOSIDER

garden tent CAGIS

garden design tent Sprech

Sprech original garden tent

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