Garden Plan: Get inspired by these classic exteriors!

garden plan ideas outside

To create your garden plan, you can take inspiration from the outside of classic green spaces. This is what we propose to do today. French gardens, in English Italian-style Renaissance or public parks are all examples of very successful outdoor spaces that have become classic today.

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We have created a collection of photos of gardens of this kind that charm and invite gardening enthusiasts to take up and reinterpret ideas to incorporate them into their private gardens.

Classic garden plan: idea of ​​the organization of outdoor space

landscaping plan landscaping classic ideas

The botanical gardens, which are the source of the most beautiful public and private green spaces that appeared later, began to adorn the major European cities and the private residences of their wealthiest inhabitants during the Renaissance period. At that time, there was a great deal of interest in science, and we sought to directly explore the properties of plants on human health and sensations. This is how the beautiful gardens that are today considered classics have settled permanently in European culture. In contrast, the period of the Middle Ages was characterized by gardens in private houses and monasteries, but the plants grown there were mostly used for the preparation of meals or medicine.

Classic garden plan: outdoor landscaping with paths and topiary

landscape garden plan classic mediterranean decoration

The beautiful gardens that can be visited today in the different European cities and in some private residences are thus born from the passion of the man for the beauty and his natural curiosity with regard to the plants. Subsequently, these green spaces were quickly developed to house real works of art made from flowers, shrubs and trees and supplemented by basins and trees. water fountains , rest areas or intimate spaces decorated with statues.

Classic garden plan and timeless exterior decoration

garden ideas landscaping exterior plan

Most gardens of this kind occupy important surfaces, which allowed gardeners of the past to play with the size of the space and with the volumes to realize magnificent creations. Today, few people have a garden that is comparable in size to the parks of the past.

French garden plan and decoration inspiration with plants

garden plan classic ideas landscaping

But, contrary to what one might think, this does not mean that classical gardens are not able to provide us with exterior design ideas for our own homes. Thus, for example, we can very well decide to take the plan of an area of ​​these gardens of yesteryear to recreate it at home. It is also possible to reduce the size of a classic garden to reproduce it in its entirety at home.

Mediterranean garden plan: idea of ​​the outside of the Villa d'Este in Italy

deco mediterranean garden pictures ideas

The gardens that we propose to examine are at the base of a large part of the decorations of modern outdoor spaces. More specifically, equipment and accessories that were typical in the past, such as waterfalls, fountains, topiary plants, walkways, various garden sheds, art objects and many others are still a part important of the exterior decoration. They allow us to highlight the plan of the space, delimiting the zones and completing them. This is the reason why we can very well decide to design the plan of his garden by taking as inspiration the following images:

Classic garden deco for outdoor

plant garden deco exterior ideas

Outdoor layout of old house with classical garden

plants and gardens exterior classic decoration

Home decoration with classic garden plan

garden plan classic grass ideas

Outside: classic garden plan with water basin

landscape garden plan classic decoration

Outdoor decoration with classic garden and topiary

garden plan deco topiary plant

Modern garden plan of classic inspiration

landscaping garden planmodern inspiration

Classic garden plan with driveways and water basin in the middle

garden plan classic landscaping landscaping

Create a classic-inspired garden plan

landscaping garden plan exterior idea

Outdoor landscaping: idea of ​​space organization

garden plan topiary art outdoor landscaping

Small contemporary garden inspired by classic gardens

garden plan classic outdoor deco

Classic garden decoration and plan of the outside

idea garden plan shrubs allees pebbles

Developing your outdoor garden: idea of ​​topiary plants

garden plan topiary decoration ideas

Topiary garden: exterior layout plan

outdoor landscaping garden plan topiary shrubs

Modern house with garden plan inspired from classic outdoor spaces

pictures of classic garden house outside idea

deco gardens photos fountains

ideas classic garden landscaping

pictures of gardens classic fountain water

houses garden fountain deco exterieure

landscaping classic gardens plan

photo of classic gardens flowers

garden outdoor plan decoration

landscaped garden floral decoration

garden outdoor classic plan ideas deco

outdoor renaissance garden deco

images of garden castle plan amenagement

garden ideas classic exterior decoration

classic garden landscaping outside idea

do garden plan landscaping outside

tropical style garden landscaping

classic garden home decor

deco of outside ideas garden landscape

outdoor decoration garden plans

image garden landscaping ideas outside

deco garden landscaping fountain water ideas

to develop his garden plans

ideas for developing your outdoor garden

home decorating idea home landscaping

small garden idea classic decor

idea of ​​landscaping garden stairs stone grounding

garden plan ideas outdoor spaces

object of garden decoration ideas of flowers

statue garden landscaping aisles

border garden deco aisles

landscaping alley garden gravel

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