Garden ponds: the pole of attraction of a garden

deco garden ponds

Water: an essential and essential element for all existence. Since the dawn of time, men have used water to beautify their gardens. For this reason, if you are looking for a way to bring life to your garden , you can integrate a pool that will bring freshness and serenity in your green area .

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In today's article, you will be given some tips for making garden ponds dream. Carefully choose your garden pond plants.

Garden ponds: magnificent view from above

garden ponds have deco

You can install many aquatic flowers of varying sizes. If you want plants that bloom at different times of the year, try achillea ptarmica, a plant with beautiful, impressive white flowers. It is easy to plant and resists drought.

You can install many aquatic plants of different sizes

garden ponds aquatic plants

Another original plant is the amenopsis californicum - a beautiful solid plant with beautiful white flowers. The ideal locations for her are the half-shade places. If you like the delicate smells of flowers, go for the aponogeton distachyos .

Garden pond with waterfall

natural waterfall garden pools

These plants of basin have a long flowering period: from February-March to September and they exude a subtle scent of vanilla. If you are looking for a plant that resists well in winter, has grown very quickly and supports the wind and spray, opt for the acorus gramineus ogon. Another beautiful compact species that does not take up too much space is the alisma parviflora.

Contemporary garden with pond and aquatic plants

contemporary style garden pools

This plant forms a large tuft in the shape of a rosette. Rustic species, which appreciates soils always fresh and wet. Nymphaea 'alba': the water nymph is an essential plant for the good balance of a garden pond. This beautiful plant participates in the oxygenation of water. If you have golden fish in your garden pond, it is the ideal plant that brings shade.

Garden pond with different plants

zoom pond garden plants

If you want to give color to your dream pool, go for the arum italicum. A pretty plant with red berries. But be careful! The berries of this plant are very toxic! Know that there are different types of garden ponds. The excavated water basin is the most common. This type of pond is aesthetic, natural and fits perfectly in your garden. The water basin has an ideal depth for raising fish in good conditions.

Small waterfall and garden pond

small waterfall bridge wood pond garden

In addition, this type of basin offers the possibility of having several levels of depth. For this reason, you can afford to accommodate different species of plants. Another type is the above ground garden pond. You have two options: either an above-ground garden pond kit, or a custom-made above ground garden pond.

Aquatic garden with green plants

aquatic garden plants

The type of basin kit is a very practical and quick solution to install your water at any place in the garden. The structure is wooden, square or hexagonal. The custom basin can be built in concrete. One of the advantages of above ground garden ponds is that they can be traditional or modern. A stone basin, for example, can fit perfectly into a classic French garden.

Beautiful garden with little wooden bridge

beautiful garden small wooden bridge

A wooden basin will be ideal in a contemporary or exotic garden. The disadvantage of this basin is that the depth is limited and, for this reason, it is impossible to have several levels of depth. Another type of pond is the preformed garden pond. The advantages of this pond are that it can be installed easily and quickly and is able to possibly move it. All you have to do is decorate your pond with aquatic plants and raise small fish. Take a look at our selected photos to inspire you.

Garden pond with pergola next to it

zen garden ponds

Deco idea of ​​small garden with pond

view high-water-garden

Pond decoration with plants and stones


Japanese garden overlooking a small pond

Japanese garden view small pond

Beautiful aquatic garden decoration

beautiful aquatic garden decoration

Beautiful garden with round pond

beautiful garden round basin

Stone garden pond

garden pond stones

Small garden pond with fish

small pond garden fish

Beautiful house and garden pond with aquatic plants

beautiful house pond garden aquatic plants

Garden pond with beautiful flowers

zoom cover garden pond

Golden fish in an original garden pond

zoom gold fish pond original garden

Garden pond with stone driveway

garden water basin allee stones

Aquatic plants in a garden pond

zoom aquatic plants garden pond

Plants in a garden pond and wooden bridge

zoom plants pond garden bridge wood

Garden with small pond

garden small aquatic pond

garden pond zoom fish

alley garden wood view water basin

bridge stones water garden waterfall

zoom pool garden waterfall stone

zoom bridge wood garden

contemporary garden pond aquatic plants

zoom waterfall garden pond

contemporary garden ponds

zoom garden pond plants

garden decorative basin

small pond garden wall stones

mini garden pond

zoom beautiful garden basin

zoom ponds of garden decoration aquatic plants

modern garden ponds

zoom garden basin

zoom flower pots garden basin

garden pond wood

zoom garden pond wood

beautiful garden zoom bridge wood

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