Garden shed: your little charming house

make a wooden garden shed

Install a garden shed is always a good idea. Whether wood, resin or metal, it comes in many shapes and sizes. Ideal for storing tools, garden furniture and bicycles, it can also be used for many additional activities.

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Furnished with a sofa, armchairs and some cushions, if its size allows it, it turns into a nice little corner of relaxation.

A house or a large wardrobe - there are many models of sheds that you can buy kit and mount yourself. For small budgets and big DIY, it is possible to build it yourself. There are plenty of online tutorials that detail the stages of its manufacture with recovery materials. Our favorite is the wooden garden shed designed in prefabricated elements or recovery: natural, cocoon and in harmony with the environment. Discover its charm and its forms thanks to our selection of 55 photographs of charming garden shelters.

Modern design garden shed with terrace

terrace garden shed wood

Using your garden shed only for storing objects would be very unfortunate. With a little imagination and very little means, it can easily become a living room for summer and even winter. Designed in natural wood, it will integrate aesthetically in the landscape. If your space does not allow the installation of a large garden shed (the size of a small house), but you need a storage space for garden tools, then opt for the garden shed cabinet type or small chalet . It is important to integrate it well into the landscape. For this reason, it is advisable to opt for a garden shed in natural materials .

Traditional garden shed with glass door

garden shed idea resin house plan outdoor

Planned at the base for storing business, the garden shed is more and more laid out as an extension of the house. It takes different appearances: workshop, reading space, workspace, guest room and even small studio. It can evolve and integrate with your needs as and when. Its transformation and its layout depend on your desires. Before you start designing your future garden shed, it is essential to take into account the outdoor space available to you for its installation and what its purpose will be.

Is it to store your tools, your bike or to make a small corner of rest functional by installing a sofa and armchairs? Having extra storage space is helpful, having an extra relaxation area is a real pleasure! Discover our selection of examples and get inspired to create your original and personalized garden shed:

Wooden garden shed for storing tools

garden shed modern house wood

Modern garden shed converted into a work space for gardening lovers

garden shed modern idea landscaping

Modern garden shed in wood

original garden shed modern wood design exterior design

Design wooden garden shed

large shelter wood garden idea layout outdoor modern

Ultra modern garden shed

log shelter design landscaping idea stone

Classic wooden garden house

home garden red wood landscaping idea plants

White wooden house with small windows and big door

garden shed roof black design idea modern door wood storage flowers

Vegetable roof

garden shed wood deco roof idea bench wood garden idea

Shelter decorated with paper garland

garden shed idea wood gray layout exterior original modern

Idea of recovery and original decoration

recycle idea garden window wood brico shelters

cheap shelter wood design outdoor idea chair wood design

garden shed idea garden shed storage tool landscaping outdoor

garden shelter idea wood grate pink chair metal flowers garden idea outdoor landscaping

garden shed wood gray idea storage modern decoration

shelter garden landscaping modern idea storage practice

garden shed wood storage tools outdoor modern design idea stones

garden shed idea idea landscaping modern outdoors door lamp

wooden garden shed diy idea wooden door

garden shed wood exterior design idea deco brico

garden shed pvc idea buy online cheap garden landscaping

garden shed red wood idea installation garden

garden shed construction wood idea design grid wood exterior

garden gardening landscaping outdoor outside modern

shelter roof flat garden landscaping modern idea storage storage

hut garden storage house garden idea shelter

garden shelter idea landscaping outdoor storage plant flowerbeds wood

shelter diy idea wood landscaping outdoors doorknob wood

shelter storage bike wood idea garden landscaping storage

wooden shelter garden idea storage tools

garden shed floors wood design idea landscaping exterior fountain

roof shelter idea metal landscaping idea garden storage

shelters garden cheap large garden house window idea

garden shed wood blue idea storage tools practice

wooden garden shed white design idea landscaping storage tools

hut wood garden idea storage tools landscaping outdoor

garden shed DIY wood idea storage outdoor tools garden gate deco flowers bins

shelter garden wood storage bike idea deco flowers flower pots original

garden shed wood idea cheap diy garden house wood cabin

idea garden shed wood design modern chair deco plant outdoor garden storage tools

wood shelter design buy cheap idea DIY

shelter garden house wood hut idea storage tools outdoors

hut garden storage wood idea stones deco plants outdoors modern

shelter wood storage garden idea bike deco additional room

garden shed flowers idea flowerbeds wood window flower pot

hut garden wood idea terrace landscaping storage tools

garden shed wood bench idea storage tools garden

shelter garden wood idea storage garden tools outdoor modern forest house

cabanon wood idea landscaping garden outdoor

shelter wood rustic idea garden landscaping design

shelter wood garden planning idea

garden landscaping idea shelter

garden shed wood landscaping idea

glass door shelter design idea outdoor landscaping

modern garden shed design contemporary wood design

garden shed modern contemporary design garden house wood

shelter bike storage garden idea house wood

wood garden shed diy idea brico garden landscaping

shelter room idea storage outside storage

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