Garden tent and pergola of modern design in 75 ideas

garden tent decoration idea

Summer is fast approaching. In this season, the weather is nice and we want to stay outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. But since the temperatures are quite high in the summer, how can you continue to enjoy your garden by avoiding unbearable heat?

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With a garden tent or a pergola of course! The garden tent and the pergola are two structures that allow you to stay outdoors and protect yourself from the sun when you are outdoors. But what is the difference between the two and how do you know which one to choose?

Ultra modern garden tent in white

design white garden tent

A garden with a pergola always evokes holidays and the Mediterranean. Easy and cheerful, open and airy, do pergolas really provide enough shadow ? What are their additional qualities? The pergolas are not only beautiful, they also have an architectural and sculptural design that creates visual interest even in the most ordinary garden. In addition to being a decorative element, the pergola can be used as a support for vines, climbing plants or ivy.

Design garden tent in black and white

garden tent contemporary idea

Generally, the floor below the pergola is covered with bricks, concrete pavers or wood. If you combine the type of flooring that you will use with the columns and beams of the pergola, you will develop a beautiful outdoor space. And since the pergolas are open and airy this space, reminiscent of an "outside" room, will never appear small or narrow.

Small tent decoration with climbing plants

romantic design garden tent

Although pergolas may seem like infinite structures, they actually create the necessary shade for the garden. The size of the beams and the spacing will determine exactly the quantity and quality of the shade even though the pergola itself can never be a fully covered space. But even if you want to completely cover the pergola, you will still be able to have a good view.

Large design tent for the garden

modern design garden tent

Pergolas are mostly accessible and easy to install. In case you want to decorate your outdoor space without spending a fortune, then the pergola can be the perfect solution for you. Pergolas are not expensive yet easy to install. They have, on the other hand, a great impact on the decoration of the outdoor space and especially when they are decorated with climbing plants or flowers. And if you choose a vinyl model, you will not have to worry about maintenance and decoration - it's always a good investment.

Garden with romantic decor

garden tent design idea

Now let's go to the garden tents. Rain or sun, the garden tent is an excellent solution for outdoor activities to protect various climatic conditions. There are several different types of tents made from durable materials but not all tents are the same. Tents are often used for special outdoor events like, for example, a wedding, birthday or just a family barbecue.

Terrace decoration with original design tent

design garden tent

For events with more people and a lot of chairs, tables and other furniture, it is important to choose a bigger tent equipped, if possible, with ventilation. For family use - no more than four people - you do not need to necessarily opt for a large tent but you have to consider the space where you expect to install the tent.

White tent with curtains

modern white garden tent

Frames for garden tents are usually made of aluminum or steel. The aluminum is lightweight and contributes to the portability of the tent but it is also less stable when there is strong wind. Light tents are perfect for one or two days, while heavy tents are much more durable. The tent you choose will depend on the intended use.

Garden decoration with pool and tent

pergola garden modern design

The general difference between pergolas and tents is the fact that pergolas are durable and solid structures that are not easy to move, while tents are for rather temporal use depending on the model they have. Both - the pergola and the tent - can be very beautiful if they are chosen in harmony with the decoration of the space where they will be installed. But no matter if you choose a tent or a pergola you will, in any case, be able to enjoy nature while remaining in the shade.

Elegant wrought iron tent

design iron garden tent

Small tent decoration with furniture

elegant garden tent

Tent with columns of interesting design

modern design white garden tent

Terrace with modern wooden tent

pergola garden wood- modern

Elegant metal tent

pergola design elegant idea

Terrace decoration with white pergola

pergola white garden design

Wooden deck with pergola design

pergola original design garden

ultra modern aluminum pergola

modern design aluminum pergola

pergola landscaping design garden

modern white wood pergola

pergola wood design terrace

pergola wood garden terrace

pergola deco garden idea

pergola contemporary garden idea

pergola deco original idea

pergola design wood idea

pergola contemporary wood design

contemporary garden design pergola

pergola design elegant wood

pergola modern garden design

pergola modern garden design

pergola design black garden

pergola original design idea

stylish modern pergola design

pergola garden wood design

pergola garden wood modern design

pergola garden wood terrace

white design garden pergola

elegant garden pergola design

pergola garden modern wood

modern garden pergola design

pergola modern design model

pergola modern decoration idea

pergola modern garden idea

pergola rustic style garden

pergola terrace garden wood

pergola ultra modern garden

aluminum garden tent

black white garden tent

pergola wood garden tent

garden tent pergola decoration

contemporary design garden tent

original design garden tent

iron garden tent

garden tent idee deco

garden tent wood pergola idea

metal garden tent

modern garden tent

white modern garden tent

modern garden tent design

modern garden tent idea

white pergola garden tent

garden tent pergola wood design

contemporary pergola garden tent

garden tent pergola decoration

garden tent pergola idea

garden tent pergola plants

garden tent pergola terrace

modern design garden tent

garden tent idea design space design armchair

original modern garden tent

idea garden white tent

garden tent wood idea landscaping

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