Garden tent, arbor and pergola: how to choose?

garden tent outdoor terrace idea sofa outdoor landscaping

A garden tent , an arbor or a pergola - all those who have already experienced a ceremony and were surprised by a sudden rain, easily understand why we need a tent in his garden!

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There are many models for all tastes and suitable for all budgets. To make the most of your outdoors, discover our ideas and get inspired to choose your tent, arbor , pergola or shade sail design.

Garden tent, arbor, pergola: how to choose?

garden tent modern design white trend garden chair idea

A summer lunch sheltered from the sun, a coffee in spring sheltered from the soft rain ... The tents of gardens and the arbours give many good reasons not to miss an opportunity to live outside. They invite you to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year and bring style and design to your garden or terrace.

A landscaped garden decorated in bohemian style

tent outdoor garden sofa cushions idea coffee table wood

Garden tents and arbors can be traditional or modern and in many different sizes and shapes. There are several options for sheltering from the sun in your garden. In general, there are three types of structures: garden tents , the arbours and the pergola and the sails of shade. The tent is easy to install. It is ideal for entertaining family or friends. For this reason, it is often called "Try to receive" . The arbor and the pergola are usually installed on the terrace or in the garden. The shade sail, also called stretched canvas, is ideal to protect from the sun and unfolds without supporting structure. It is a good solution in spring or summer.

Landscaping with bohemian and chic shade sail

arrange garden outdoor idea tent garden suspension modern design

The choice of a garden arbor or a pergola depends on your preferences, the dimensions of your garden or terrace, its style and, of course, your budget. Both structures are roof-shaped and supported by columns. They are generally very stable. What is the difference between both ? The garden arbor is larger, freestanding and is more suitable for the garden. She does not need support to hold. If you want to build an outdoor garden, we advise you to opt for a garden arbor!

Shade sail idea in white and red for a modern style

tent garden idea canvas stripes trend ikea arrange terrace

The pergola is placed on the terrace and leaning against a wall. She often has only two columns that support her. Sometimes it is also freestanding and installed at the entrance or on a veranda.

Large garden with classic garden tents

garden tent classic style outdoor idea landscaping

Do you like parties and outdoor cinema? The garden tent is the ideal solution for you. Often bearing the name "receiving tent", it is easy to install and disassemble. The tent is supplied with a carrying bag for easy storage. In general, there are two types of tent: removable tents and umbrella tents.

Garden arbor in yellow in vintage style

garden tent yellow polyester cheap idea outside

The tipi is back in the garden. Ideal for children, it is also perfect for relaxing in the sun with a book. Enjoy the outdoors near nature lying down or sitting comfortably, it's possible! A tipi in elegant or country style, choose the model that best fits your outdoor decoration .

Colorful and decorated tipi with bohemian style cushions: it's chic and magical!

modern outdoor tent idea garden pergola veil

The removable tent is installed in the manner of a camping tent . While the umbrella opening tent is folding and settles in minutes. It is not advisable to leave your garden tent all year round outside. It is not meant to be used on cold days in winter as it may break with wind and bad weather. It is used occasionally.

A yellow garden arbor with wooden columns

garden tents idea sailing yellow chair wood table design trend

The shade sail is a very elegant solution for the garden and the terrace. In addition, these stretched canvas are compact and at a small price. It's even better to do it yourself. The shade sail offers great freedom of use. It is easily movable and can be oriented according to the sun!

Pavilion aluminum and polyester modular garden tent, design by Renato J. Morganti for Paola Lenti

minimalist design garden tent idea sofa pink outdoor

Which material to choose? You can choose the material according to its aesthetics and resistance. Garden arbours and pergolas are often made of metal.

For a contemporary and uncluttered style, Pavilion Garden Tent

tent white garden landscaping outdoor terrace deco idea paola lenti

Wrought iron is a very elegant and fine solution. In steel, the tents are very stable and resistant. When they are made of aluminum, the arbours offer a very modernist style and their great advantage is the lightness. Folding tents are usually made of steel.

Elegant and sectional tent for a modern garden

outdoor garden tent idea arrange modern terrace trend

Shade sails and stretched canvas are often made of natural material - cotton, or synthetic material - polyester. It is of course better to opt for a cotton sail.

Garden tent in blue and white with metal columns

white blue garden tent idea layout modern trend outdoors

How to choose the style of your tent, pergola or shade sail? By choosing yours, it is important to adapt it to the design of your home and garden. Often, designers advise to try to recreate the same style both indoors and outdoors for a harmonious living space. Indeed, the terrace and the garden are an extension of the house itself and can even be considered as "rooms" apart.

Wooden garden tent that you can leave outside all year long

garden tent wood outdoor cheap idea arrange

You are rather contemporary style, rustic or elegant and refined? For a modern style, you can opt for a pergola or an arbor in steel or aluminum. For a rustic style, why not choose a wooden arbor that will fit wonderfully with the environment.

Chinese style garden shed

garden tent chinese style idea living room garden modern bench

If you like the minimalist design, you can adapt a sleek style by installing a simple wooden garden tent with a beautiful fabric supported by his feet.

Garden arbor in blue folding and very easy to store

folding garden tent idea landscaping outdoor garden terrace modern

For a bohemian style, shade sails are ideal. They exist in variable shapes and in many colors. You can make it yourself using your favorite fabrics and patterns and create a unique and personalized outdoor space.

A tent for a classic and elegant style

outdoor garden tent idea pergola modern garden furniture

How to maintain your garden tent? To maintain arbours and pergolas, it is recommended to clean them with a brush. A new layer of paint will give them a fresh new look. For garden canvases, maintenance is quite easy. With a soft brush and a little clear water, your canvas will look like new.

Why not turn your tent into a garden shed?

tent garden landscaping idea outside house space

Several people install camping tents in their gardens. This solution is very practical, but if you want to enjoy some sun and fresh air, it is better to opt for a garden arbor.

Camping tent in white

tent garden white idea landscaping outdoor terrace

Why not turn your camping tent into a garden shed?

outdoor tent garden pergola idea landscaping garden

Here is a real summer lounge with a garden arbor and white sails, it's pretty!

Beautifully landscaped summer lounge

garden tents idea landscaping summer lounge armchairs

For a minimalist and refined style, opt for a garden arbor with wooden columns and decorate your garden in light colors.

Garden arbor idea with wooden columns and white veil

garden tent idea garden living room uncluttered style outdoor

To be able to enjoy these spaces even in the evening, you have to think about lighting. The best solution is to opt for outdoor lighting, powered by the sun's rays. Neither too strong nor too weak, this solution is economical, practical and, of course, environmentally friendly. There are many solutions: bright flower pots, light garlands and many more.

Idea of ​​lighting and decoration with light garland

lighting tent idea living room garden armchair black coffee table black

Two small tents in pink and blue ideal for children

tent garden child idea arrange modern outdoor space

Planning idea for a wedding or party

wedding tent garden idea landscaping outdoor

Very stable and resistant garden pergola made of metal

garden arbor stable stable idea living room garden landscaping

Classic white tent to picnic in your garden

outdoor white tent modern idea trendy design

Tent in the shape of a lotus design

landscaping outdoor garden idea tent lotus design modern

Practical furniture that can be moved

tent garden idea resin braided outdoor furniture sofa cushions deco flowers

White version in braided resin

garden landscaping outdoor idea bench garden resin braided cushions

Red garden arbor

garden arbor red idea landscaping modern trend outdoors

An easy and ideal solution for children: the tipi

tipi garden idea landscaping outdoor trend

Tent in exotic style

garden arbor idea landscaping outdoor arbor

Interior design idea for your tent or garden shed

arrange tent garden dining table wood chairs carpet floor white blue

Classic landscaping

gray garden arbor design idea arrange living room chairs floor mats black white

The tipi: ideal for the little ones and the big ones

child garden idea landscaping outdoors trendy tipi child garden

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