Garden terrace decoration in 25 modern examples

terrace garden decking wood floor plants

The terrace garden is very important when it comes to decorating your home. There are many different deco themes that can inspire you to decorate the terrace and in this article we will present some very interesting.

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The first and perhaps most important thing for a beautiful decoration of terrace garden is the way you will arrange flowers and green plants. First of all, you have to make sure that the number of plants in the garden is neither too small nor too big. The plants must be elegant and well adapted to the architecture of the space.

Modern terrace garden decorated with wooden pergola

terrace garden flooring wooden pergola

The quality of the plants chosen for the garden is also of fundamental importance for the decoration. It is better to have a good variety of different plants. In addition, make sure not to use a large number of plants of the same type, otherwise the decor will become too symmetrical and maybe even a bit boring.

Garden terrace of modern design

terrace garden outdoor swimming pool amenagement

In addition to green plants, furniture also plays a vital role in decorating the party terrace . As with plants, the quantity and quality of furniture used is crucial. All chairs in a set must have the same design and you must avoid mixing furniture from two or more different sets. Avoid, in the same way, overloads of accessories and furniture. Everything must be gently balanced and carefully chosen.

Garden terrace decoration in gray

terrace garden decoration trend outside

Garden terrace with wooden furniture

terrace garden deco pergola furniture wood

Idea of ​​deco terrace garden small surface

luxurious terrace garden deco

Pergola design for terrace and garden deco

garden terrace deco furniture idea

Modern terrace with wooden shading

deco garden terrace pergola wood

Idea of ​​landscaping garden terrace on a roof of town house

garden terrace deco furniture

Natural furniture for garden terrace deco

furniture garden modern terrace

Garden terrace decorated with green plants and designer furniture

contemporary elegant garden deco

Garden terrace decoration idea with palm trees

elegant modern garden deco

Sunny garden terrace decoration

decoration terrace modern garden

Garden terrace decoration with wooden fences

decoration terrrasse garden idea

Design terrace with green plants

deco terrace wood plants

deco contemporary design terrace

deco terrace modern garden

idea deco modern garden terrace

garden terrace round fireplace

garden terrace deco flowers

garden terrace deco plants

contemporary design patio garden

interesting terrace garden design

original design terrace garden

elegant terrace garden design

garden terrace furniture wood

garden terrace modern furniture

garden terrace modern deco

terrace deco elegant design

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