Garden tunnel: the practical and economical greenhouse

winter garden cheap tarpaulin greenhouse

This article offers tips on the garden tunnel, a type of greenhouse practical and economical that you can choose to buy or manufacture yourself. You will find below a description of the main features of the Garden Tunnel and the basic steps of its construction, all accompanied by 45 images and ideas for your greenhouse .

Garden tunnel: what is it?

hoop hoop mini greenhouse house

The tunnel greenhouse is constructed using metal or PVC arches and a flexible but thick plastic sheet. It serves as a blanket for the greenhouse by providing good insulation. The garden tunnel is used both for market gardening and to house fragile plants in cold periods.

Main advantages and disadvantages of the greenhouse tunnel garden

greenhouse garden tunnel

The garden tunnel is convenient because it is easy to install and move. In contrast, this type of greenhouse can be fragile when exposed to high winds. It is less resistant compared to glass greenhouses, for example. The tunnel greenhouse is a variant of the winter garden that gardening enthusiasts choose because of its very low height and easy installation.

Location of the tunnel greenhouse

realize tunnel wood

Well chosen, its location will allow you to make the most of it. The garden tunnel is to be placed in full sun so that light and heat can reach the plants that are there. Expert estimates indicate that the life span of a garden tunnel is about 10 years.

Tunnel greenhouse: economical solution to shelter your plants

garden tunnel plastic plants

The garden tunnel is therefore an ideal solution for those who do not wish to make large investments, but who would like at the same time to have more shelter than that offered by a mini greenhouse. The recommended minimum area for a garden greenhouse of this type is 6m2.

Types of garden tunnel

mini folding tunnel on lawn

The tunnel greenhouse is recommended for people who prefer garden accessories simple and practical . It adapts easily to different types of space and exists in several versions for different budgets: the forcing tunnel that protects the plants from frosts, the tunnel accordion that allows to enlarge or reduce the surface of the greenhouse and the tunnel perforated forcing film which prevents the earth from drying out.

Variants of different size

greenhouses garden modern plastic and wood

Because of its popularity, the garden tunnel exists in several versions, smaller or larger, that correspond to the needs of different gardens. There are, for example, new generation tunnel greenhouses by Gro Garden Products as the one on the picture above, specially designed to be more rigid and more resistant. Another form of this greenhouse is the tent tunnel which is manufactured in different sizes, from the mini tunnel to the one of an area of ​​several square meters.

Garden tunnel: installation tips

mini chest and tunnel timber frame

The good location of the greenhouse allows it to warm up even on the coldest days. To achieve this, the council of professionals is to choose an orientation in full south. Given its fragility, the garden tunnel is to climb out of obstacles and sheltered from the winds.

Make your tunnel greenhouse

ideas for pretty greenhouses green garden

Several traders offer complete garden tunnel kits. But if you prefer, you can also easily build your tunnel greenhouse yourself. In this case, you will need a solid base depending on the dimensions of your greenhouse (a wooden chest, pipes to be installed on the ground, etc.), a tarpaulin and heavy duty poles to support the tarpaulin. greenhouse.

Ideas for making small tunnel greenhouses

tunnel garden greenhouses with vegetables flowers

You can make a garden tunnel from recycled and cheap materials or by buying the necessary parts. In both cases, always choose good quality building elements. It is precisely this choice that will make your garden tunnel more resistant and safer to use while increasing its life.

Elevated tunnel greenhouse with metal hoops

garden tunnel raised greenhouse arches manufacture

Tunnel greenhouses for small spaces

winter garden small plants

Garden tunnel made of wood and plastic

tunnels with plastic wood

Mini garden tunnel

greenhouses tunnel ideas

Small tunnels of garden to realize oneself (with hoops on the image on the right)

small tunnel greenhouse tinker with hoops

accordion tunnel

winter garden plants folding hilt

Greenhouse gardening idea

How to make garden winter wood bows

Tunnel greenhouse leaned in polycarbonate

small greenhouse solid garden backed

Tunnel greenhouse for a plant

frame for garden mini chest

Tunnel greenhouse made of wood and plastic

how to build winter tunnel with tent

plastic greenhouse tent cheap

tents plastic garden greenhouses

garden tent greenhouse tarpaulin

metal tunnel plastic tent

orangery tunnel tent for plants

greenhouse garden tent for plants

vegetable tent ideas greenhouses with bows

buy plastic greenhouse cheap

interior plastic greenhouse

do garden greenhouse wood frame and bows

orangery for flowers interior polycarbonate

mini greenhouses tarpaulin and bows

bows tarpaulin greenhouses layers

small raised garden wood

greenhouse small open space

mini arches for garden greenhouse

pumpkins indoor deco garden tent

mini garden greenhouses cheap

storage garden orangery garden

How to make greenhouse for garden chassis

garden greenhouse construction

types of garden greenhouses

arch greenhouse small tunnel

bows small greenhouse plants

greenhouse garden pvc cheap

idea of ​​covered garden tunnel

garden tunnel big idea

garden tunnel idea

melon garden tunnel

plastic garden tunnel

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