Garden watering: how to water the lawn

watering garden lawn system

The spray garden is very important for the maintenance of your green spaces especially in summer. You must know how well water your lawn to keep it green and fresh.

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But the watering of the lawn must be done according to the mowing and the fertilization. In this article we will give you some useful tips for watering your lawn garden.

Garden watering - how to water the lawn

watering garden green lawn

It is advisable to know the type of soil on which your lawn is. Clay soils need less water to avoid water retention. This type of soil dries longer and if you water too often you will damage your lawn. Sandy soils look more granular and you can afford to water them more often. The standard for both types of soils is about 20l / m2.

Idea of ​​landscape garden decor

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In summer when it's warmer the standards for watering change. The amount of water becomes 30l / m2. Moisture must penetrate to a depth of up to 12-15cm. It is the protector of the roots of the lawn. It is best to water late in the afternoon or early in the morning. These are the times when it is not too hot and the water will have time to penetrate well into the ground before evaporating. You must also choose a watering system appropriate for your type of garden. Here are some ideas of modern gardens with lawn:

Garden watering system

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Modern garden idea with lawn

system watering garden tips

Modern garden with lawn

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Small garden with lawn

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Garden design idea with lawn

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Landscaped garden with lawn

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Idea of ​​garden decoration with lawn

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