Gardener with the Moon: the seasonal clock of nature

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Is it possible to have plants full of vitality without using so much fertilizer and chemicals in agriculture and gardening? The answer is yes : gardener with the moon !

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Thanks to the observation of moon calendar gardening changes direction. Some researchers are still skeptical about its influence and benefits on plants. Yet this calendar is the result of 35 years of research and experimentation. It is the meeting of astronomical knowledge and ancestral knowledge.

Gardener with the moon for plants full of vitality

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Earth is nourished by the sun, but what is the role of the moon? The light of the moon penetrates deeper into the ground, in comparison with the sunlight. It therefore has a determining role on the seed germination process. The moon logically has an influence on the relationship between the duration of the day and that of the night, called photoperiodism. In other words, it is the seasonal biological clock of nature.

Gardener with the Moon: growth phase and decay phase

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In general, the growing moon is considered to favor the plant development plants, when the sap rises to the surface. Sap, like all liquids on the planet, is subject to gravitational force. This is the time when it is advisable to harvest the vegetables and where the growth of the plants is optimal. When the moon is decreasing, the vital substances of the plants tend to retreat into the soil, which is when the soil is very fertile. This is the time of sowing and the period of root development.

Does the full moon have an influence in the garden?

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The gravitational interference of the moon on liquids (including sap) is essential for a healthier and more environmentally friendly gardening. The lunar calendar allows to determine the current configuration of the Moon, taking into account the synodic and periodic lunar revolution.

Synodic and periodic lunar revolution, source Ecojardinage

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The synodic lunar revolution lasts an average of 29 days, it is the part of the visible luminous face: the moon is increasing towards the full moon, it is the first quarter or decreasing towards the new Moon, the last quarter. During the two weeks of the first quarter, the plants are more vital and more resistant. This is the perfect time to prune and harvest fruits, mushrooms and plants. During the last quarter the plants are less resistant, their taste and their flavor - stronger. It is time to consume them, to put them in conserves, and also to fertilize the earth.

During the first quarter and the decay of the new Moon is the perfect time for size and harvest

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The sidereal or periodic lunar revolution lasts an average of 27 days. This is the time the moon takes to complete the Earth. During this period, the Moon goes through two cycles: descent and ascent. The path she makes in the sky and indeed her elevation in relation to the skyline. As it climbs to the highest point above the horizon, the moon is said to be rising. The sap then rises to the top of the plants. This is the time for sowing and transplanting. When the moon moves away from the highest point above the horizon, it is descending. The sap goes down to the roots. It is therefore the ideal time for underfloor work: planting, rooting and others.

The Rising Moon promotes sowing and grafting, while the descending Moon - planting and rooting

garden moon period cultivate with moon idea

During these 27 days as the moon turns around the Earth, it passes in front of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac, each one belonging to one of the four fundamental elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. According to the constellation in front of which the moon is located, we will vary the work of the gardener: sow, plant, heal, harvest.

12 constellations, 4 fundamental elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire

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When the Moon passes Earth's constellations (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), it is favorable to the roots. These days are devoted to root crops (carrots, turnips, beets, onions, garlic, leeks ...), because the moon stimulates the underground parts.

The Earth constellations period is ideal for working the roots

garden lunar calendar idea cultivate moon carrots root favorable

When the Moon is in the constellations of Water (Fish, Cancer and Scorpion), it is favorable to the parts rich in water like the stems and the leaves. It is therefore advisable to devote these days to leafy plants: lettuce, lamb's lettuce, arugula, spinach, cabbage, rhubarb and others.

Devote the period of water constellations to leafy plants

leafy plant garden idea cultivate with lunar calendar

When the Moon passes the constellations of Air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) it favors blooms. This is the period that must be devoted to plants grown for their flowers: cauliflower, artichoke, chamomile, lavender and others. These are also the least numerous days in the lunar calendar.

The phase of the constellations of Air favors the blossoms

gardener moon calendar tree ornate idea magnolia flowers

When the Moon passes the constellations of Fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), it is necessary to devote these days to the fruit plants. This period is favorable for plants grown for their fruits or seeds. This includes all fruit trees, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, lentils, beans and others. We can easily find the lunar calendar for 2016 in line .

Green peppers

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