Gas fireplace and ethanol fireplace: modern decor ideas

fireplace gas ideas deco

Fire, apart from heating the interior, also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere when it is cold outside. And even if we tend to immediately think of wood as a source of energy for heating the interior, there are other alternatives such as, for example, gas fireplace and the ethanol fireplace.
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In this article, we will introduce you to the benefits of fireplace s gas and ethanol to help you choose the best alternative for you, between these two options.

Gas fireplace in a modern design living room

gas fireplace decoration living room

The fireplaces gases are fed by natural gas and can be operated even by a single button. When they work, the indicator light is on and the gas is heating the room. The fire is very similar to that produced by wood and gas fireplaces can be traditional, to integrate or freestanding. Ethanol chimneys work by pouring ethanol into the ignition box that provides and ignites the fire. Like gas fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces are available in a wide variety of styles and can be freestanding or integrate.

Interior decoration with bio ethanol fireplace

ultra modern design gas fireplace

When it comes to knowing how much heat can produce each type of fireplace, the gas fireplace is the big winner. Although the ethanol fireplace produces some heat, in addition to its decorative effect, it is not enough to heat a room completely and can not be used as a main heat. The ethanol chimney usually produces 2-3.5 kW of heat. For this reason, it is more suitable for small spaces or simply as a decorative element. For comparison, the modern gas fireplace can produce from 3 kW to 15 kW and can therefore be used as the main heating.
Contemporary living room with gas fireplace

gas fireplace design interesting

As for the installation, the gas fireplaces must be installed by a specialist and require a gas connection and a ventilation flue to evacuate the gas combustion to the outside. Ethanol chimneys can be attached to a base, but they do not need a vent flue. It is also possible to purchase a self-supporting ethanol fireplace or integrated in the coffee table, for example. That's why they do not need installation. They are also more expensive.
Bedroom decoration with modern gas fireplace

gas fireplace decoration room

Most gas fireplaces can be lit by a button or remote control. For their part, ethanol fireplaces require a little more effort to turn them on. You have to fill them with bio-ethanol (about 1 to 2 liters) by hand and then light them with a special lighter. The choice of fireplace you will make will depend entirely on your personal preferences and needs. Both types of fireplaces are modern and very elegant and come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colors. Here are 50 ideas for modern interiors with gas or ethanol fireplaces that will inspire you to decorate your interior:
Design bio ethanol fireplace

fireplace ethanol gas original design

Gas fireplace decoration with stone and wood

fireplace gas decoration

Living room deco with gas fireplace

fireplace gas idea decoration living room

Fireplace of original design

original design gas fireplace

Living room deco with contemporary design fireplace

gas ethanol fireplace

Bio ethanol fireplace with minimalist design

design gas fireplace

interesting gas fireplace design

gas fireplace deco living room

bio ethanol fireplace deco

bio ethanol fireplace design

decorative bio fireplace ethanol coffee table

gas design fireplace

bio ethanol design fireplace

interesting modern design fireplace

ethanol fireplace deco living room

elegant design ethanol fireplace

traditional design ethanol fireplace

gas fireplace to integrate design

gas fireplace deco idea living room

gas fireplace deco living room

contemporary design gas fireplace

modern design gas fireplace

fireplace gas ethanol deco intereiure

fireplace ethanol gas deco interior

contemporary design ethanol gas fireplace

fireplace gas ethanol interior design

modern ethanol gas fireplace

contemporary ethanol gas fireplace living room

fireplace ethanol gas traditional style

fireplace gas idee deco living room

fireplace gas dining room

fireplace gas bathroom

deco room cheminee bio ethanol

living room deco cheminee bio ethanol

interior deco fireplace bio ethanol

living room decoration bio ethanol fireplace

deco living room bio ethanol fireplace

deco lounge design fireplace

deco living room design gas fireplace

deco modern living room fireplace

vintage deco bio ethanol fireplace

ethanol fireplace deco living room

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