Gel nails: a perfect manicure?

deco nail original idea decoration pink gel nails

Do you know the latest manicure trend: gel nails? They arise easily and have a natural appearance. They are less annoying and less thick than acrylic nails.

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Some women prefer them because they find them more comfortable and pretty. If you want to discover this new trend, we invite you to review our gallery of 50 ideas. decorative gel nails ! Remember that the health of your nails is important. This type of nails is rather of decorative use.

"Cosmos" decorative gel nails

manicure trend black shiny idea nail gel deco

If you have a fairly active life, you would not be very comfortable with a troublesome manicure. What is the possible solution? Welcome to gel nails! Easy to apply, they are soft, flexible and aesthetically superior to acrylic ones. The gel is applied directly to the nails in several layers. From the first layer applied, place your hand under a UV lamp. It takes a little time, but you'd be glad to see that your manicure can last two or even three weeks. These nails are fragile, but they break less quickly than those in acrylic.

Decorative gel nails with glossy varnish

deco glossy gel polish gel modern blue idea

Reinforcing these nails is a good idea in itself. There are two ways to strengthen yours: false nails or a balanced diet. Some ingredients can make your nails, skin and hair look better. Gel nails are not to hide imperfections or badly maintained nails. Their idea is to give an original look. It is a decoration for nails well cared for. You can then draw them as you want. Any type of decoration is possible, just as for natural nails.

Nails in decorative gel: nice color combination

decorative gel nails original idea

Every woman wants a manicure always neat and pretty. We use our hands every day, for this reason, it is important to have them every day well cared for and clean. If you have nails that break quickly or do not have a very strong structure, you can try gel nails! They are also false nails, but look much more natural than acrylic ones. Finally, do not forget that beauty comes from the inside, to be always beautiful and fresh, food plays a vital role. Nice nails, beautiful hair and beautiful skin require a balanced diet.

Decorative gel nails: very trendy color

nails frost decoration idea pink flowers

Decorative gel nails in fresh colors well matched

decorative nail nails idea original trend

You choose from the wide range of colors! Gel nails emit less chemical odors when laying. Hoping that our gallery will inspire you, we wish you a pleasant visit.

Manicure in black with white flowers

nails gel deco flowers idea

Manicure with watermelon pattern: perfect idea for summer!

decoration gel nails original idea watermelon

Beautiful combination of colors for nails

nails gel deco idea colors

Manicure in blue

deco nail gel idea varnish blue

Very original idea of ​​how to decorate your nails by Lulu

nail polish gel opi quality idea

Decoration idea by badgirlnails

nail trend manicure original idea

deco-nail-modern idea

nails trend deco idea nail polish orange pink idea

deco modern blue varnish idea gel nail

nail decoration gel idea varnish purple white silver

decorative nail nails idea varnish pink yellow drawing

deco Nails gel-orange

deco-nail-varnish gel

polish gel nail polish black polka dots

modern silver green deco gel nail

manicure trend black deco nail idea

nail polish trend manicure design idea

french manicure idea nail gel deco varnish red white modern

decorative nail nails idea glaze pink ice cream

evening nail idea manicure trend nails gel

nail polish trendy nail gel idea

trend manicure idea nail deco gel

manicure nail polish pink trend deco nail gel idea

idea manicure trend nail polish

decorative nail nails idea purple varnish opi

black nail polish trend color idea manicure

nail gel decoration idea manicure french white varnish

nail polish red trend china glaze

french manicure idea nails in deco gel

deco manicure trend glossy varnish gel

nail gel deco idea shiny black varnish

nail decoration deco idea varnish rose essie

gel nail decoration glossy varnished idea

trend nail polish black modern varnished

nail polish pink idea trend manicure

trend nail decoration black nail polish original idea

golden green nail polish trend manicure

white nail polish trendy nails modern colors

trendy pink polish nail

idea nail trend in deco gel drawing manicure

manicure idea original trend modern

nail color trend manicure idea nails gel

manicure idea trend nail polish green pink

polish blue manicure revlon trend color nails

nail polish idea trend black patent glossy shiny silver modern

deco nail gel idea glaze pink drawings

manicure idea trend nail polish nina

red nail polish no light design idea nail in gel decor

deco nail polish blue gel beauty trend

deco nail gel idea varnish blue

idea nail polish gel decoration

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