Gift ideas for those who love plants

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In search of gift ideas original for your beloved ones? Choosing gifts is not an easy task. Often, finding an original and practical gift is a real challenge.

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We especially want to please our loved ones by offering them an exceptional object. Offering a beautiful bouquet of flowers is always a possible solution. The problem is that flowers are perishable. In his famous song, the great artist Jacques Brel proposes to offer chocolates instead of flowers, we propose to offer plants in flowerpot ... alive! Discover our selection of original flower pots and design. It's a ideal gift for those who love plants and more - that will last.

Gift ideas for those who love plants in 25 ideas

flowerpot plant gift ideas hanging interior idea design

A little flowerpot design is an original, modern and long lasting gift. Having greenery at home has become almost a must for contemporary interiors. Plants refresh the air and make the atmosphere more natural and mineral. For those who are not used to having plants at home, there are many herbal solutions that do not require much care. The succulents are generally very strong and easy to maintain. Just place them in a sunny corner and water them from time to time. If the person to whom you are going to offer a plant is not used to having greenery at home, do not forget to give him some advice at the time of the gift. Discover our suggestions of modern design flower pots and choose the one you like the most:

Small flower pots in geometric shape by Redwood Stoneworks

flower pot design gift ideas original plant design pot mini

Small wooden flower pots by Woodenborough

flowerpot wood idea design suspension pot deco woodenborough

Cork flowerpot by Melanie Abrantes

ideas of original gift fat plant idea deco interior living room cushions stripes

Concrete flowerpot design by Digitized Stone

flowerpot idea gift original pot plant

Flower pot in bloom by Revolution Design House

gift ideas original flower box wood plant fat gift

Design flowerpot by AvesShamichael


Porcelain Flower Pots by Stripes Wapa

flowerpot porcelain plant succulent idea original gift

Mini wooden pot design by Sea & Asters

wooden pot design decoration gift ideas deco plants

Ideal gift to decorate the centerpiece

original gift ideas succulents deco center table

Vase in porcelain and matte blue by Bean & Bailey

gift ideas original vase flowers gift woman deco table flowers

Hanging pots by Boulder Design

pot wall design pot suspension porcelain white gift idea

Hanging pot design by Loop Design Studio

pot hanging design gift woman original plant Loop Design Studio

Glass jar suspended by the Zen Succulent

elegant glass jar design idea modern hanging flowerpot thezensucculent

Wall pot in white by Light + Ladder

pot hanging ideas of original gift pot hanging design

Original shaped pot

pot hanging design idea gift original plants

Pot of original design

original gift ideas st valentin pot suspension metla

original gift idea valentine's day pot shape original interior decor

original gift plant idea s

flower pots design idea indoor deco plant fat modern gift

original gift ideas woman flowerpot ground rug

pot glass suspension small size idea ali express

white flowerpot design idea flowerpot white flowers black dots design

flower pots steel idea deco interior vase flowers plant

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