Give a festive look to your table this spring

festive air idea deco table flowers

To celebrate the return of the sun, let's see how to give a festive air to our table by using a few simple tricks and elements of decoration . To do this we will use some common ingredients to the Easter decoration but with less eggs, rabbits, bells and chicks. The arrival of spring is a breath of freshness and color that stimulates our senses, which takes us out of our winter lethargy and makes us want to invite our loved ones to spend pleasant moments in good company.

the colors immediately give a festive air

festive air floral deco idea table

For a delicate springtime decoration of the centerpiece, we will use daisies, simple flowers that symbolize purity, like the whiteness of the light of the first rays of sun. These small flowers are ideal for sprinkling a synthetic grass center table rug with their yellow and white splinters, but also to enhance common accessories by giving them, too, a festive look (see the pictures in the gallery at the bottom of the page).

for a delicate decoration

festive air decoration flower table idea

There is another option if you are not particularly excited about the use of synthetic grass, especially at this time of year when the lawn is adorned with its finest shades, exalting freshness and declining in various tones. light green. It is quite easy to cut into your garden a strip of lawn. For this, use a spade, well sharpened, and delimit the perimeter of your center of table. By maneuvering a little, you should be able to lift a strip of grass with about 5 inches of soil, at most.

idea of ​​floral festive table decoration

festive air table idea center flowers

You can wrap this strip of grass around to prevent it from torn while you carry it inside. Next, build a wooden frame, or whatever you like, to the dimensions of your grass strip, and line the bottom with a clean nylon. Unwrap your lawn strip inside the frame, on the nylon, and you will get an original and natural centerpiece that will delight your guests.

party tablecloth and natural deco

festive air table idea deco spring

Arrange everything around the placemats, and decorate everything with a shower of daisies. Natural effect guaranteed and without having to pay much. You can keep your table runner as long as you water it, and when you wish, it will just be returned to your garden, doing the opposite operation, and before the end of summer the lawn will have taken over its initial appearance, it will have somehow healed.

create the shapes you want

deco natural grass heart table

And of course, you can use all kinds of flowers to decorate the accessories of your table decoration, just try to limit yourself to the smaller ones, which are usually the flowers of the season: snowdrops, violets and primroses. Book tulips and daffodils for more imposing floral arrangements. The important thing is to create a fireworks of colors, if your roses are in buttons, they will also be welcome.

floral table decoration

festive air decorated table

With the arrival of good weather, the desire to eat outdoors is always more pressing. Preparing a nice banquet in the garden, on the terrace or in the shelter of a pergola will be a great way to give a festive atmosphere to your meals. You can opt for a classic and elegant style, or for a rustic atmosphere, the important thing is to integrate many natural elements in your decoration.

a classic and elegant style

outdoor meal party air

Another plant element that is indispensable for decorate the table in this season is ivy. If you walk, do not hesitate to clear the ivy that invades a tree. It is a salutary gesture for the tree, which might otherwise suffocate if the ivy were to invade it completely. And do not worry about ivy, its roots will allow it to recover. Ivy is a beautiful plant, perfect as a table runner, but nevertheless remains a parasite for the arboreal population. On the other hand, do not tear off moss, which is an indispensable link in plant balance, like lichen. You can get it from florists, find out about its origin, so that its origin comes from a sustainable and responsible management. See our examples of spring decoration to give a festive look to your table.

ivy is a great aestheticism

festive air bulbs ivy

rustic style

rustic deco party look

fresh colors

festive air spring flavors

the delicate aroma of lily of the valley

festive air bouquet spring

profusion of colors

bouquet of daisies flowers small flowers blue lithodora

decorative aspect of ivy

festive air variations ivy

simple and efficient decoration

classic fairy tune

a reminder of the sun

tulips vase tulips

accessorize with natural elements

festive candle holder ivy

cutlery provided with aromatic plants

party air round aromatic napkin

variation of green glasses

green tone table decoration

deco table composition primroses

deco authentic lawn table

deco butterfly table set fake grass table

deco center table foam

deco table ivy pot

deco table daffodils bulbs

deco hyby bulb table

deco table garland ivy

deco table garland plant flowers

deco vegetable table design

daisies mousse composition

composition small colorful flowers

floral composition cherry branches

pink and birch floral arrangement

synthetic grass path

vegetal table way

yellow tulip pots

banquet wedding plant decoration

tune of roses bouquet pink tulips

party tulip bouquet candlesticks

party air original suspensions

deco table tray wood filled flowers spring

deco table explosion colors

original colorful table decoration

party air composition daisies

Deco synthetic grass path

banquet party air natural lawn

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