Glass jars and vases: composition ideas

small jars vases flower celebration

We all fall in love with pretty objects such as glass jars, large vases and decorative pots. But how to organize the composition of these objects once they meet in our kitchen, in the middle of the living room or in the bedroom?

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Jars and decorative vases placed directly on the floor

large color glass vase

To avoid simply leaving them in a corner of the room or in a closet where they will no longer attract attention, you can choose between the few ideas of composition below. These decorative objects can be placed directly on the floor, in a part of the room that has enough light.

Glass jars and vases with flowers

jars glass deco storage flower

This idea applies especially to large vases that can become an accent in the room. Small pots or mini jars, for their part, can be arranged on a counter for an overall look. Of course, the decoration with vases and jars that we see most often also includes flowers.

Glass jars and decoration with candles and stones

jars glass stones candle

Another decorative idea with jars and glass jars is created with candles and stones. In this case, you can play with the size of the candles or the colors of the stones to obtain a composition that suits you, in white or black ...

Bottles and glass jars hanging on the wall are an original decoration

glass bottle hung wall wood

The mix of natural materials like glass and stones and the soft light of the candles will help you to get a Zen atmosphere at the end of the day. A glass jar can be easily turned into a flowerpot even if he had another job previously.

The glass jar is a decorative object to integrate into versatile compositions

vases glass candles flowers storage

You can create vases yourself or decorate pots with various images, rope and of engravings . So what are you waiting for to refurbish the decoration of your home by means of these pretty objects?

Glass jars made into vase by means of fabric and rope

wedding rope fabric vase

Large vase as a decorative object in the kitchen

transparent jar top decoration counter

Compositions with transparent vases, black and white

vases white black design composition

Composition of small vases and glass jars for table decoration

glass jars low storage deco table

Composition with vases of different shapes, flowers and candles

small large glass jars flowers ideas storage

jar deco branches

glass decoration vase wall plants

glass vase minimalist design plants

minimalist deco orange glass vase

modern high deco jar

high decoration vases

pots wood glass plants

series small vase rope

big glass jar plant decoration

glass jar design hanging wall

bottle colors vintage deco

vase glass top kitchen decoration

small vase hung plants wood

wide Zen deco glass jar

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