Gray dining room: the matte hue


Do you like the idea of ​​a gray dining room ? Halfway between white and black, gray is often considered a neutral color with a bland color.

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In reality, gray is not in the strict sense of the term, a color. This hue, however, deserved to be soft and soothing. Its advantage is that it is all-purpose and combines with almost any color. Indeed, it is a neutral shade that blend well with almost everything. Finally, to achieve an interesting and successful visual effect, you must be careful not to overuse it. In large quantities, the gray will bring back your dining room interior to a melancholy and bland universe.

Gray and white dining room in minimalist style

modern gray white dining room minimalist style

The gray palette ranges from light gray to anthracite gray. There is also pink, green and blue gray. For an elegant and stylish dining room interior, it can be combined with black. Combined with white, it will give a minimalist side to your interior. Gray enhances the intensity of warm colors such as yellow, orange and red. There are shades of gray very close to blue. Finally, this color allows a lot of mixtures. For a "sea" effect, you can marry gray to a palette of faded blue and water green. Its neutrality makes it universal. If you like gray and you have decided to decorate or decorate your dining room in gray, discover our selection of fifty visual examples of gray dining room.

Dining room with dining table and gray chairs

dark gray wood dining table

The example below represents an original idea of ​​decoration for your gray dining room. The wooden table harmonizes perfectly with these elements of decoration inspired by Asian art. The five paintings represent a surreal hunting scene.

Very original decoration for gray dining room

gray dining room idea decoration walls paintings

The one and only element Grey in this interior is the carpet. The walls are painted in soft pink. The black chairs contrast nicely with the white table and the soft colors of the walls and the wooden floor. The pendant and design luminaire is an element of decoration in industrial style. The whole of this interior is decorated with flowers for a touch of freshness.

Dining room with gray floor mats and design hanging lamp

interior dining room gray modern suspended fixture

This dining room interior mixes different shades of gray. The walls are in light gray wallpaper with geometric patterns, the table is a dark gray. The floor mat follows the round shape of the table. The plush chairs and hanging lamp add a touch of luxury, while the small floral decoration recalls the beauty of spring.

Gray and luxurious dining room

gray dining room modern interior modern lighting

This dining room open to the living room is in an industrial style. The kitchen furniture is white. It contrasts well with the dark gray ground. The surface of the table and the chairs are white. They blend well with the legs of the light wood table. The decoration is minimalist.

Dining room in an industrial style

dining room open living room dining table white lighting design interior gray

Dining room open to the living room with gray elements

modern dining room open to living room

Dining room in white, black and gray industrial style

dining room gray dining table chair design mirror

Large dining room with large black dining table

dining room interior modern gray kitchen chair black dining table

Harmonious interior

dining room gray living room dining table wood fixture hanging sofa gray

Dining room with curtain in dark gray and luxurious lighting

gray beige modern dining room light fixture hanging bar

Minimalist style interior

modern interior dining room open living room sofa white design

Vintage interior that delicately marries blue, gray and brown

dining room gray mirror table brown chair parquet

Dining room with walls painted in light gray

gray dining table lamp hanging chair

Dining room with walls painted in dark gray

dining room gray wall lamp design black kitchen chair wooden dining table

White interior with gray elements

open living room lounge white and gray interior

Rustic style dining room

dining room gray wood table Scandinavian design chair

Gray dining room with gray and white wallpaper

gray dining room wallpaper gray chair black table

Walls and gray chairs

gray dining room decor idea wall table design

Scandinavian style dining room interior

dining room gray wooden table design fixture suspension

Rustic wooden table

dining room design wooden table chair modern idea

Luxurious dining room with designer dining table

dining room design lamp hanging design kitchen chair black white table flowers

Dining room furnished and decorated with research

dining room decoration modern dining table wooden chair fixture wall chart

Wooden chair with gray coating

dining table wood design chair brown gray design lamp

dining room design walls gray wood table white chair

wallpaper dining room fixture blue curtains

open living room on kitchen sofa white armchair gray blackboard

dining room dining table black wooden lighting design armchair kitchen

dining room design black wooden table chair white patterned curtains

modern interior gray wall dining room lamp hanging white curtains

dining room modern kitchen chair white wood table fixture hanging black chalkboard closet

dining table idea fixture hanging design chair kitchen white dining table black

dining room interior gray

hanging lamp white chair kitchen black wood dining table

pendant light dining table black white chair

dining table lamp hanging design dining table chair

modern dining room black dining table

open living room dining room deco walls lamp

dining room wooden table chair leather deco table lamp

dining room gray table chair modern deco interior vintage

gray dining table black chair boi deco flowers

interior design gray chair gray lamp

william hefner dining room paneled walls doors gray blue cococozy interior design leather chairs encasement windows interior design

dining table black kitchen chair table decoration armchair white parquet

dining room interior modern kitchen armchair

dining room setting white dining table

dining room dining table gray chair lighting fixture

dining table wood chair lamp parquet

industrial style dining room

mirror dining room black dining table

open kitchen on modern gray interior living room

kitchen dining room lamp hanging dining table wooden chair gray

modern dining table fixture hanging wall wallpaper

dining table gray decoration dining chair black dining table wall decor

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