Gray modern living room: aesthetic harmony

modern living room gray furnishing

What is the gray color? Indeed, it is not a color in the true sense of the term. Halfway between white and black, gray is neutral and easy to integrate into every interior style.

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It is sometimes bland, but still very elegant. This color can add depth to the room and is easily associated with a wide range of colors. In light shades for a natural style or in dark shades for an industrial style, it is up to you to decline the multitude of shades of gray. To help you in your aesthetic research and by adding some practical tips, we invite you to discover our gallery of examples of modern living room Grey .

Gray modern living room with furniture in different shades of gray

modern living room gray colors furniture

Gray is often chosen for its softening effect. Contrary to the prevailing opinion, it does not create a cold atmosphere. It depends on the decorations you add. With colors bright and pastels, it plays perfectly the role of a canvas. Gray blends with bright colors as well as soft colors for both classic and contemporary décor. The example below shows a living room with sofa in gray. The armchair in dark brown adds an elegant touch, while the decoration completes the aesthetic harmony of this room.

Gray modern living room with decorative elements in red and green for a nice contrast

living room modern gray harmony colors

Thanks to the gray you can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your living room. This hue, sometimes considered very sober, is actually one of the easiest colors to associate. Natural style or contemporary style, invite the gray in your living room!

Large sofa in light gray and white pouf that serves as a coffee table

modern living room design corner sofa gray pouf table

The example above is of a living room furnished with furniture in shades different from gray. The large corner sofa is slightly dark gray, while the ottoman in the middle is between white and gray. The decoration floral adds freshness to this interior of minimalist elegance.

Gray blends perfectly with the different shades of red

modern living room gray red furniture

Almost all shades of red are marrying wonderfully with gray. Here is an example of a living room with burgundy sofa and brightly colored chairs. The decoration of this interior is carefully studied.

Married in yellow, it makes the atmosphere soothing and sunny

modern living room gray yellow furniture

Gray goes very well with yellow. All the same, if you want an elegant and minimalist style living room, avoid the too conspicuous presence of yellow in your interior. It is a bright and energetic color. Combined with gray, the two colors harmonize impeccably.

Two gray poufs in a very modern and original interior

modern living room armchair yellow beanbag gray modern interior design

Here is the example of a living room with furniture of the future. This contemporary interior has invited two gray elements: the two poufs from the same collection as the sofa and the yellow armchairs.

Married to red and white

modern living room gray idea design furniture corner sofa white coffee table design

Modern gray living room design by Fresh House

sofa gray-fresh-modern-house-idee

Living room decoration in gray and taupe

modern living room gray idea design floor mat furniture design

Modern interior decoration with accent in yellow

associate color living room idea sofa gray cushions ottoman yellow modern carpet floor white armchair white flowers deco

Harmony of colors and modern living room decor

modern living room gray idea sofa design coffee table wood brown modern plant shelves

Idea of ​​color association in the living room

living room combine color idea red gray burgundy sofa modern red pouf

Modern living room in shades of gray

arrangement living room sofa gray modern floor mats glass coffee table

Gray sofa and sofa in lime green

modern living room idea design furniture design sofa gray hanging lamp deco

Interior in gray and white with two decorative elements in orange / red

arrangement living room sofa white deco photo idea wall tile living room dark gray

Beige or pink carpet in an interior of neutral and softening colors

arrangement living room idea sofa white carpet floor white furniture chair black wood

Gray armchair in a modern gray interior

gray living room design idea layout carpet floor interior deco fireplace

Composition of original frames: drawings borrowed from comics

arrangement living room modern wall art deco wall composition curtains white parquet

Black, white and gray in the same family

arrange modern living room design coffee table black floor mats white armchair black sofa gray deco

Wall tile in dark gray

arrangement living room idea design sofa white gray interior coffee table living room

Orange and gray: classic wedding

arrangement modern sofa couch white modern deco table orange white idea

interior gray living room modern decor idea wall plant cushions floor mats black white

living room idea design sofa dark gray armchair gray floor mats

living room idea design sofa dark gray deco flowers parquet design

modern design living room idea armchair gray deco wall red cushions marsala

arrangement living room idea sofa white modern orange deco minimalist style

decorate living room interior black gray wall wallpaper idea sofa

living room idea design open design kitchen sofa white sofa gray angle original

living room modern gray black sofa design deco wall frame black white

gray red blue living room sofa idea tile original modern living room

living room bathroom master suite idea deco frame wall

wall painting living room gray deco frame armchair coffee table sofa white

deco living room wall idea corner sofa fitting

decorate living room modern minimalist style frame plant floor mats white

arrangement living room floor mats yellow sofa gray cushions

arrangement contemporary living room design table composition original idea

orange gray living room sofa leather floor rug modern lighting idea

interior design living room modern TV cabinet idea decoration

modern gray interior living room design compositions living room modern gray

arrangement living room coffee table wooden floor mat modern painting composition

living room modern gray idea living room decoration original wooden coffee table beige poufs

decorate living room modern corner sofa gray cushions patterns armchair design glass table

living room modern gray arrangement dark gray design sofa coffee table glass

decorate living room modern gray idea sofa light gray floor mat deco modern

arrange living room modern gray coffee table oriental style design curtain

living room modern gray contemporary design sofa white cushions orange red wall deco

arrange living room modern gray idea wall painting light blue gray design sofa leather white

living room modern gray lighting design table wall cushions patterns coffee table glass floor mats light gray design

modern living room gray arrange modern living room design idea TV stand mirror dark gray armchair modern hanging light fixture

sofa pink light design idea living room furniture floor mats gray TV stand

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