Gray tiles with which colors to associate: ideas, tips, photos

gray tile effect concrete living room design armchair low wood table

do you have a gray tile in your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom? Do you know how to best integrate aesthetically into your room?

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Gray is not a color that is hard to match. In reality, it is not a color in the true sense of the word. Halfway between black and white, it is a neutral color and easy to adapt to each inside . If it is dark, gray can give an industrial style to your room. Check out our selection of tiled and gray floor interiors to find inspiration and original ideas.

Gray tile imitating concrete in a modern interior room

coating-soil-concrete-interior lounge

Gray highlights furniture and decoration.

gray-tiled room-deco-interior-gray

White and gray marry in this harmonious interior.

tile-gray concrete basement room-design

The choice of gray as a color for your floor is a practical choice. This color leaves you free to combine it in many ways. She is not pretentious! Its bland side can soften intense and bright colors such as red, orange and yellow. Combined with purple, it will make your interior elegant and mysterious. For a distinguished atmosphere, we advise you to associate it with black and / or white.

Industrial style living room

gray-tiled room-interior-ideas-concrete

Choosing gray is choosing serenity. Dressing your walls in white is usually a very good idea for dark spaces. White reflects the light and makes any room immediately brighter. If the idea of ​​designing your entire interior in white does not tempt you, marry it with gray!

White kitchen with dark gray tiles

gray tile kitchen furniture idea shelves wood

Concrete is one of the strongest flooring materials. Coating its concrete floor guarantees durability and comfort. Its faded gray color is beautiful.

gray tile gray sofa design floor mat dining table

Marble - noble and expensive material that fascinates with its aesthetic aspect for centuries. There are variants of marble slip and very fashionable right now. If you find the charm of marble irresistible, do not hesitate to use it in large doses in your bathroom.

White bathroom with tiled floor in light gray

gray tile original bathroom bathtub design

What wall cladding for my fireplace? Well, if you are still hesitating, our advice is to choose a wall covering in gray. It will easily match with your home, no matter what style.

Living room with fireplace and tiles in light gray

gray tile living room idea landscaping fixture

The shades of gray are numerous: slate, silver, bis, Payne gray, iron gray, chestnut, lead and others. Some tones are closer to the balcony, while others - brown.

Tile in light gray in the living room

light gray tile idea cushions design stool

Gray is a frequent choice for the bathroom. Many people prefer to design their bathroom in white and gray.

Scandinavian style bathroom

gray tile bathroom design idea furniture wood

Large living room with gray tiles and white armchairs

gray tile living room armchair white deco design wall chart

Gray indoor kitchen

light gray kitchen tile design central island chair wood

The kitchen is a dynamic place - that bouillotte, that casserole, it moves! If you're a passionate cook, think about adding some bright color accents to your kitchen. Red, orange or yellow - you will see that the atmosphere of your kitchen will become even more dynamic. And to appease, add gray and white.

Tile in dark gray for a style industrial

living room tiling idea green chair

Gray and white kitchen

arrangement kitchen kitchen island gray tiling stool chair

Gray and soothing interior

tile living room gray interior modern sofa

Industrial style is the second style, after the Scandinavian style, the most appreciated and loved in interior design. Derived from pure and simple chance, industrial design was basically a style of recovery. Nowadays, it has kept this character and many people are developing and transforming industrial spaces into a comfortable, open and modern living space. Gray is of course always present - in the form of concrete or furniture.

The gray color is perfect if you want an interior in industrial style.

dining room design idea wooden table armchair deco plant candles

Why choose gray tiles instead of white tiles? Quite simply, because your gray tiles will always have their own head! White is perfect for walls, but not suitable for the floor. When choosing your floor tile, be interested before it's maintenance needs.

The gray tile in the bathroom looks cleaner than the white tile.

arrangement bathroom tile shower furniture wood

We love concrete planters - a fabulous mix of industrial design and nature!

Table design and vegetal decoration

gray tile idea landscaping deco plants white low table

If you like luxurious looking interiors, combine gray with black and white. Avoid bright colors and stay in the range of neutral tones. The only green accent allowed is greenery.

Large open space

gray floor kitchen island central dining table lamp hanging design

Black and gray combine wonderfully in this stylish interior:

Modern and elegant interior in neutral colors

idee-interior-tile-gray lounge

In the interior of the bathroom below, we see a beautiful marriage of wood, gray and white. The bathroom is the place in any living space where you start and finish your day ...

Rustic style bathroom with gray tiles imitating parquet

modern bathroom wooden floor wood bathtub idea

Bathroom done in light gray and white

arrange bathroom tile idea gray deco design

What a fabulous bathroom! A temple of relaxation and relaxation ... Its unusual design makes us travel in a world of unique shapes and textures.

Original and mineral bathroom interior

bathroom tile gray fixture hanging design floor mats washbasin

Gray and brown are two neutral shades and very elegant. It is quite possible to combine a floor covering with brown furniture. We reserve the white for the walls.

Parquet dark gray matching with brown objects

idea living room dark gray design chalkboard sofa gray cushions white

Cozy interior with designer fireplace

living room idea design floor tile design sofa

Do you like futuristic design? The following interior is then for you. We love these geometric lines and the green wall placed in front of the kitchen bar.

Futuristic design

kitchen island central design stool kitchen chair

Combine concrete and rustic wood to create a mountain chalet atmosphere and install a fireplace for the cold days of winter.

Warm and industrial space at once

living room industrial style dining room gray wood

We combine the gray with orange, red, green, blue ... It is so easy to associate that there are no limits. You can marry him with all the nuances.

Idea associations gray color

living room tiling idea furnishings deco sofa table living room

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