Gray vase and flower pot design in 46 ideas

gray vase design interior flowerpot candle holder ideas modern

Decorating your interior with flowers and plants is always a good idea. Their natural presence makes each interior more harmonious and Zen. Often, the absence of vegetation in the decoration of an interior can even seem weird.

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Imagine a furnished interior with furniture made of artificial materials, without wood and without vegetation. Sounds strange, does not it? Modern interior design emphasizes natural materials and brings nature back into our living spaces. An atmosphere closer to nature is a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Pots of flowers, vases and planters: invite nature into your home with our 46 ideas gray vase and design flower pots.

Gray vase, light green vase and pale pink vase by Muuto

porcelain vase design muuto idea modern design interior deco

In our selection, you will find vases and flower pots design. Some models can fulfill both of these functions. For those who are patient and enjoy watching flowers and plants grow, flowerpots are the ideal solution to decorate with finesse and regularly refresh the air in the room. A small natural presence immediately feels, its absence too. From this perspective, it is essential not to overlook the importance of vegetation in our interiors.

Gray Vase in Geometric Shape by Not on the High Street

vase design idea interior deco modern flowers

This vase in geometric form exists in two colors: white and gray. Modern and elegant, it can serve as vase or flowerpot. Its contemporary and original design makes it ideal for minimalist and Scandinavian style interiors. As you probably already know, design inspired by the Nordic countries often gives way to geometric shapes. Which material to choose? For pots and vases, it is advisable to opt for a resistant material: cement, ceramic, porcelain and others. In our selection, you will discover vases and flower pots design that can be purchased online at the sites of the two Scandinavian companies Muuto and Ferm Living and the two sales platforms Archiproducts and Not on the High Street .

Gray vase and white vase design by Muuto

porcelain vase design muuto interior deco idea

The design company Muuto is a young Finnish company, born in 2008. It offers a wide range of furniture, accessories and design lighting inspired by the power of Scandinavian nature. Their Libra collection includes three porcelain vases carved with care. With or without flowers, these vases will gently decorate every interior.

Ceramic design vase and flower pots by Ferm Living

vase concrete design deco flowerpot ferm living design idea floor mat white

Ferm Living: an online platform where you can always be aware of the latest trends in contemporary design. Founded in 2005 in Denmark, today Ferm Living is a leading seller of furniture, accessories and objects with a design inspired by Scandinavian tradition and aesthetics.

Discreet and elegant vases in different colors by Ferm Living

gray vase modern design interior idea flowers

Easy storage

modern design vase idea deco interior design ferm living

Elegance and design in pink, gray and white

vase design idea deco concrete modern interior design

Vase and flowerpots of all sizes and colors

flower pot concrete design ferm living interior deco idea

Earthquake Striped Design Marble Vase by Budri

vase design interior decoration idea modern interior decoration design

Design Flower Pots by Not on the High Street

vase gray design interior decoration idea flowers decoration

Elegant design

white vase design deco idea interior modern

An object, several functions

gray vase design white vase idea interior decoration

Vase, flowerpot or candlestick : Up to you !

ceramic vase interior design deco flowerpot ideas

Fir and succulent

flowerpot interior design idea deco modern flowers

Idea of ​​flowerpot for the Christmas tree

flowerpot design interior design idea flower pots

Flower pot and cement vase design at a low price by Not on the High Street

gray vase design interior decoration idea flowers

Ideal for succulents

gray vase design cement deco idea

Gray, white, black

black white gray vase design flowerpot ideas

Same color, different sizes

white vase design deco flowerpot ideas

Four shades

cement vase interior design deco flowerpot ideas

Marble flower pot and cement flower pot

flowerpot design deco vase ideas

flowerpot cement interior design deco flowers idea

Marble pot of flowers

marble flowerpot interior design deco ideas

Flowerpot and marble design vase

marble vase design modern flowerpot

marble flowerpot interior design deco ideas

vase interior design deco idea flower pot

white vase interior design deco flowers

vase geometric shape design idea deco modern interior design

vase design steel modern interior idea decoration design modern design

steel vase design geometry modern interior deco

design vase gray idea cement modern deco interior

gray vase interior design deco idea flowers

vase design modern gray design interior decoration idea roset italia

modern design deco plastic idea design interior deco flower box

porcelain vase design interior decoration flowers ideas

interior decoration design vase gray idea modern terracotta

terracotta vase interior design decorating idea

vase design gray earthenware idea

gray vase design idea modern style interior middle age

modern interior design deco steel vase

vase steel deco design flowers pot idea interior deco

light design concrete vase garden design deco idea

gray vase design gray modern idea interior decoration planter

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