Great art apartment in St. Petersburg

Artistic apartment with touches in particular turquoise deco

A artistic apartment, for a team of designers or other professional partners, must be original, personalized and above all - be able to reflect their common values ​​and take into account their characters.

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If they are artists, this is the case in the project designers Natasha Janson and Dmitry Kirsanov of I Am Home Studio , the atmosphere to be created and the objective pursued are, without a doubt, to be out of the ordinary, specific and inspiring. Because no artist can work in conditions that do not inspire him, is not it?

The dining room and the kitchen with designer furniture of different colors

design design dining room kitchen with furniture design in different colors

The result is an artistic apartment of 160m² which will be the quiet corner in St. Petersburg for these creative people. The colors are rather neutral , a lot of white and gray, but it is done on purpose to highlight the objects of art found throughout the apartment. Small touches of color are also present - like the armchair and turquoise sofa that do not remain unnoticed.

The kitchen of the artistic apartment with its fridge in bright red

artistic apartment kitchen with its bright red fridge cupboards table

of the designer furniture Like the golden coffee table in the living room, complete the look so that we can easily say that it is an artistic apartment. Except for the living room, the other rooms in the house, such as the bathroom or the bedroom , remain relatively simple and neutral but still have their contribution to the artistic vision. For example, the unicorn of the room, not far from the bed, which will surprise and fascinate no doubt the guests.

One of the living room accents - the golden coffee table

salon accents the golden coffee table armchair egg furniture

The hallway to the bedroom

corridor towards the bedroom dark deco detail attention

The unicorn in the bedroom very personalized

unicorn female decor in the bedroom very personalized

The bedroom stays in more natural tones

bedroom stays in rather natural tones love of art

The yoga and meditation room

artistic apartment yoga and meditation room quiet space

It even has a completely mirrored wall

even has a wall totally mirrored room yoga meditation

The office where artists can focus

The office where artists can focus tiling white light clarity

The furniture is always original and artistic

furniture are always original and artistic office design apartment

The living room with the single coffee table center of attention

apartment artistic dressing wall mirror have a good overview of its look

residence deco details of the bedroom natural colors

apartment also very homey furniture home atmosphere design

table design is another creative residency artistic touch

Another touch of turquoise fireplace sofa

Simple bathroom in white and gray ordinary furniture light

Minimalist toilet and elegant bathroom artistic apartment

bathtub of atypical shape completes the design white gray baths

huge architecture plan artistic apartment in St. Petersburg

atmosphere is very relaxed and artistic terrace indoor dining room

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