Green cuisine: a relaxing and creative space

green kitchen accessories

Your favorite color is green? In this case, you may have considered the possibility of using it in your home and green kitchen . According to recent research, this color is one of the most loved by the people of our planet; she comes in second place after the blue.

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Its nuances are extremely appreciated following the relaxing effects and the psychological balance that they generate. They are perfect for decorating a kitchen in which one wants to feel calm, creative and prepare healthy meals.

Create a green kitchen to stimulate your imagination

green kitchen models

According to a study by Carol Ritberger, author of the book What is the color of your personality? , a person's favorite nuance can tell a lot about his character and inclinations. So, if you like green, you probably have a very bright imagination and you thrive in conditions that require creative solutions. You have innovative ideas and you like to find new ways to mobilize existing resources and products. A green decor will push you to experiment even more in your kitchen, while making you more relaxed and more reassured.

The green kitchen: a harmonious and relaxing space

white kitchen furnishings

Green tones are also associated with nature. They are known for their ability to make us feel close to the environment and thereby make us feel more rested. The presence of these nuances in your interior will be enough to inspire you a feeling of harmony and fullness. In addition, they will encourage you to favor a healthier diet and to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your daily meals!

Example of a green and white kitchen

white color deco cuisine zen

When it comes to decorating a kitchen, one can choose to use that color alone or harmonize it with other nuances and materials. The first option would suit those who particularly like green tones who are sure they will be appreciated by everyone in their home. After all, this is a space that is shared by the whole family and whose atmosphere should appeal to everyone. If this is not the case, try a mixture of shades by opting for furniture in other shades. As in nature, the green in the interiors goes very easily with most colors. For a cool and interesting atmosphere, explore furnishing possibilities with touches of blue or red. For a modern decor and relaxing, opt for neutral tones such as white or black.

Green kitchen decoration with wooden surfaces

green color kitchen wall cladding

Green has the advantage of being a fairly universal shade. In a green kitchen, you will get good results with furniture in all kinds of materials. But if there is one type of surface that is preferable, it is wood. Furniture, flooring and countertops made from this material are the perfect complement for this type of kitchen. They produce a natural and warm effect that is very pleasant visually. For more decorating ideas with the green color, check out the pictures in the gallery below:

Green and white kitchen idea by Lube

italian design green and white kitchen

Dining room layout and green kitchen

green kitchen dining room deco

Picture of kitchen lacquered in green

green color kitchen laquee

Image of white and green kitchen

white and green kitchen deco

Green wall painting and white and black kitchen

wall painting kitchen deco green

Painting and color of green kitchen

palette wall color green kitchens

Wooden and green kitchen color palette

color palette kitchen wood furniture

Design kitchen model in green

example of cooking in green

Classical furniture of green kitchen

green kitchen furniture

Lacquered furniture and green kitchen

ideas lacquered furniture green kitchen

Large kitchen cabinet in green

pictures of green kitchen furniture

Luxury house and green color kitchen

beautiful house luxury kitchen color green

Kitchen interior decoration in green

interior house kitchen deco green

Kitchen decorating idea with green keys

green kitchens decoration idea

Decorative kitchen idea in wood and green

kitchen design wood

colors modern style kitchen

harmony colors open kitchen

italian design green kitchen

kitchen design ideas

modern decoration green kitchens

decoration and color green kitchen

green decoration kitchen contemporary style

color rustic kitchen furniture

green kitchen wall deco ideas

idea deco modern design green kitchen

green kitchen traditional deco

kitchen color lacquer

white lacquered kitchen credenza

industrial style cooking ideas

decoration green kitchens

green and white kitchen dinette

deco kitchen modern style colors

green kitchen modern credences

credence green white kitchen

decoration and chic kitchen colors

color green kitchen walls

black kitchen wall painting ideas

trendy kitchen colors

color furniture modern kitchens

gray kitchen photos

color palette kitchens lacquered green

kitchen arrangement in green

green furniture for modern kitchen

white kitchen green decoration

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