Green kitchen for a natural and soft interior

retro green kitchen arrangement choice color idea rustic wood dining table

Want a kitchen fresh and natural look? Why not arrange a green kitchen ? Color that makes you think directly of nature. Green invites itself into the kitchen to make it brighter and energizing.

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The shades of green are numerous: asparagus, khaki, mint, wormwood, almond, bottle, lime green and olive green ... We invite you to discover our gallery to discover how to decorate and decorate yours. In 50 inspiring examples, we present modern and traditional style kitchens with elements in green.

Green and white kitchen

Green-electric kitchen

With red and blue, green is one of the three primary colors. Color often associated with youth, optimism, happiness and serenity, green is a color that suits all rooms thanks to its harmonious side. It is suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and many other spaces. It is ideal if your room lacks light and you want to open it. This color is considered cold, but it is rather cool. In general, the color with which she marries best is red. If you want to keep its soothing and calm side, it is better to associate it with a light or neutral color: white, gray, cream, light brown, light yellow. If it is a dark green (asparagus, avocado, bottle, imperial, fir and others), marriage with white will soften it.

Green and white kitchen design

kitchen idea countertop wall tile green design parquet kitchen floor

Associated with blue, which is also a cold color, green melts harmoniously. These two colors rub shoulders on the chromatic circle. Be careful though, blue and green are cool colors, better to use in a room facing south or west, receiving enough light.

Retro style green, blue and white kitchen

kitchen green-idee

The green and the red are opposite on the chromatic circle and therefore, they marry very well. If you are not a big fan of red, you can always associate green and pink . For a sophisticated wedding, opt for a powder pink or old rose. For a really young and flashy interior, you can choose a fuchsia pink.

Kitchen in green and flashy pink very pop and feminine

kitchen green rose design central island kitchen kitchen lacquered wood sink idea color kitchen

One of our favorite weddings is green and green s . The vegetal side of the green and the mineral side of the gray combine wonderfully. For an even warmer and more natural kitchen interior, you can add light or dark wood furniture.

Kitchen with almond green furniture for a soft and soothing ambiance

furniture kitchen green wood drawers design wall idea white shelves oven

For a natural atmosphere, it is possible to opt for a green almond. This soft color will create an atmosphere of well-being in your kitchen. Married in yellow or orange, the green becomes dynamic. To maintain harmony, combine shades of the same tone: bright green with bright yellow, light green with light yellow. This combination will bring a natural freshness to your room. It is suitable for bright rooms with good natural lighting.

Kitchen and dining room in green and wood

open kitchen dining room color green interior modern apartment

The green and orange wedding is a stimulating and dynamic association. It will bring out the light of your interior. If you want to associate it with a dark color (brown, black, dark gray), it is important that your room is well lit. This suit is suitable for large spaces. It is ideal for the living room in contemporary style.

Green and white kitchen

kitchen green white design idea hood kitchen furniture wood deco kitchen

Kitchen in bottle green with white surfaces

color kitchen idea green design kitchen island layout tile white floor

Vintage kitchen with central island in design wood

kitchen layout island central green color idea

Kitchen in green and brown: a natural wedding

kitchen furniture design idea surface brown design dinette table stool

Almond green kitchen with authentic wooden table

kitchen design industrial style fixture hanging wood table chair black furniture kitchen wood green

Wooden kitchen with painted walls light green

kitchen green wood design lighting pendant central island design

Classic wedding, relaxed atmosphere

green kitchen wood design idea furniture wood kitchen wall tile

Old photo of a retro kitchen

vintage kitchen green furniture wood design floor rug idea furniture wood deco kitchen

Kitchen in intense mint green and sweet orange

green kitchen furniture design wood idea layout colors deco shelves wood color kitchen

green kitchen design idea lime green kitchen color wall tile

color green kitchen design idea furniture island central white white stool

green kitchen design idea island central green khaki luminaire suspension stool island idea

white kitchen central island green round design idea stainless steel suction hood

kitchen design central island extractor hood furniture kitchen green

green kitchen furniture design lighting fixture hanging idea furniture white modern deco

green kitchen design central island idea light fixture hanging wall green tile gray

green kitchen design islet central deco idea tile floor design furniture wood color kitchen

color kitchen scandinavian modern design wood dining table wooden chair deco kitchen flowers


kitchen green lemon

kitchen-green light-design-island-black







kitchen green-idea-Layouts-table-design-chair shelves


kitchen green-luxury-design

kitchen ceiling-green-green-design-island-central-white-modern

kitchen design idea furniture wood floor mats beige dining table white design chair

kitchen with center island design idea design stool wood cupboard white

kitchen furniture wood design idea wooden table chair design kitchen kitchen color idea

kitchen design idea furnishing furniture green lacquered black modern white round table fixture hanging wall deco frame

modern kitchen interior design idea furniture white wood design wooden table deco flowers

interior kitchen arrangement color kitchen idea wall tile green wood floor fixture suspension central island black

interior kitchen design wall tile green design furniture wood kitchen idea wall tile

kitchen design furniture lacquered wood color kitchen green white design

green white kitchen design island semi-central idea color kitchen tiling beige kitchen idea

green kitchen idea layout island central wood white furniture deco wallpaper idea

kitchen wood design furniture wood deco drawer extractor hood wooden table

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