Green plants for cooking: care and advice

green plants for cooking

Most of green plants for cooking are not different from those reserved for the bathroom. Even though the kitchen has all the necessary conditions for the plants to feel comfortable - good light, moist air, heat, and proximity to a water source.

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Warning ! Some plants do not stand up to these conditions. Green kitchen plants must tolerate moisture and heat.

Green plants for cooking in shelves

green plants for kitchen racks

They are always welcome to embellish the heart of the house. They cool the air, creating comfort. In this room, a wonderful sensation is offered by thermophilic decorative plants, such as Tradescantia, and Ferns that can live comfortably next to the sink, where humidity is always high. In most cases, the plants are arranged on the window sill above the radiator or on the table.

A decorative green plant near the kitchen sink

green plants for kitchen sink

Along the rim, aromatic herbs such as coriander, parsley, basil (with phytocidal properties). And some vegetables placed in pots will also be green plants for cooked exceptionally decorative. Everything needs an organization and a coherent order. Generally the most suitable plants for cooking are unpretentious plants that tolerate air circulation - after all, the windows of the kitchen are often open.

Decorative plants in different vases like light

green plants for cooking pots window

Succulent plants for the kitchen floral decoration

green plants for succulent cooking

Do not put flowers too close to the sink. Because water spray often mixed with chemicals is very harmful to the health of plants. You can even enjoy the rain outside to slightly water your plants. Put them on your balcony or in the garden, during the passage of a gentle rain provided it is not very cold. This is the best way to remove dust. Otherwise you can also shower them with lukewarm water. Finally, the choice of plants and their location is a matter of taste and imagination.

A living tableau thanks to decorative green plants

green plants for wall kitchen

A beautiful floral decoration for a minimalist kitchen

green plants for simple cooking

The The same flower pots are also a nice decorative trick

green plants flowers pots

The location of the plants depends on the furniture and the space offered

green plants for floral cooking

A mini-kitchen garden with hanging plants and flowers in pots

green plants for hanging kitchen

Flowers and plants at the edge of the window

green flowers plants for cooking

a floral decoration for a small kitchen

green floral plants for cooking

green plants occupy enough space without cluttering

Ornamental plants for kitchen racks

Vases and pots are also important in floral decoration

green ornamental plants for cooking

Aromatic plants can fulfill the same function

ornamental green plants pots for cooking

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