Greenhouse garden: the ideal home for your plants in winter

vegetable garden greenhouse outdoor manual activity

The greenhouse is a very effective way to germinate the seeds of plants. It's also the perfect place to winterize plants the least resistant and the most sensitive.

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Buying it as a kit or making it yourself is not "mission impossible". However, to install it in the best possible way, there are some tips to consider.

Greenhouse in 51 inspiring photos

garden greenhouse wood idea greenhouse outdoor

What place to install your garden greenhouse? Before starting to assemble or build your greenhouse, it is essential to choose the right location. Since its idea is to work thanks to the rays of the sun, it is logical then that we must avoid shady places: trees, fences, shrubs. If you want a large greenhouse where you can move, you should plan at least 6m² and fix it on the ground to prevent it from falling when you are there. For greenhouses small size , the surface varies.

Greenhouse made of window and wooden frame

window greenhouse diy wood original idea

Once you have found the right place for your greenhouse, consider what you want to grow there. This will determine its orientation. For summer vegetables until the fall, it must be oriented north-south. In this way, she will enjoy the first rays of the sun in the morning and warm up quickly. If you need a greenhouse to winter your plants or grow plants that live from winter to early spring (March 21st), you have to orient it to the south. In this way your greenhouse will benefit from the sun's low rays.

Greenhouse of wooden garden

garden greenhouse ideas DIY outdoor

It is also important to take into account the weather conditions and specificities of your region. If you live in the North, you must orient the longest sides of your greenhouse to the south. Placed in this way, your greenhouse will take full advantage of the sun's rays and will be protected from strong winds.

Small greenhouse for garden with flower pots

greenhouse design mini greenhouse ikea

Building a greenhouse yourself for your outdoor space is neither very complicated nor expensive. Online you can find many tutorials which explain the steps and principles of its construction. A greenhouse can be built with a variety of materials and shapes: wood, metal, old windows, plastic, salvaged objects and others.

Mid-sized wooden greenhouse made of wood

garden greenhouse diy wood idea DIY

Greenhouse for practical garden DIY in wood

garden greenhouse medium size idea outdoor DIY garden

Mini garden greenhouse

garden greenhouse glass diy idea metal glass brico

Greenhouse for DIY garden

greenhouse garden plastic wood idea

Small greenhouse of wooden garden

greenhouse garden diy wood glass practical functional idea

greenhouse garden diy wood idea plastic

greenhouse garden wood idea DIY garden layout

garden greenhouse wood idea DIY garden layout

greenhouse garden plastic idea diy original

greenhouse garden cheap bottle plastic recycling recycle idea

greenhouse garden plastic idea cheap

garden greenhouse door idea plastic metal project diy

garden greenhouse diy idea DIY cheap

garden greenhouse idea DIY wood small price

lighting greenhouse garden interior idea fitting

garden greenhouse wood project diy idea plastic interior plants

greenhouse garden construction idea manufacture diy

greenhouse garden wood plastic diy idea construction manufacture

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mini greenhouse garden idea flower pots

indoor greenhouse garden diy idea plant

greenhouse for indoor garden greenhouse idea

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greenhouse glass wood diy cheap

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big metal greenhouse metal idea

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