Hairstyle for New Year: 50 ideas to be beautiful and sexy at your party


hairstyle for new year beads

The New Year's Eve is an experience always very pleasant and fun. And yet, it sometimes happens that we stress a lot before this wonderful evening: make the decor, prepare the menu, find the outfit, makeup and the perfect hairstyle, etc.

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Today, we can help you reassure yourself about at least one item on this list - find the hairstyle for new year perfect. You will find many useful tips, tips and inspiring ideas who will turn you into the queen of the evening.

Nice New Year Hairstyle

hairstyle for new year tiara

Let's start with something easy - the smooth ponytail. Smooth hair is very fashionable this season and perfect for a festive evening. This New Year's hairstyle gives the impression of effort, says famous hairdresser Kerrie Urban. And it is at the same time a hairstyle idea really very easy! After smoothing your hair, put a generous amount of shine spray on your palms. Then, use this amount to smooth your hair and form a high ponytail. This stretches the hairline, as well as the cheekbones. Plus, it makes this hairstyle perfect for a little rounder, suggests Urban. Finally, wrap a wick of vox hair on the elastic to heal your look. Wear this hairstyle with a top one shoulder or backless.

New Year's style hairstyle retro style

retro style new year hair style

Let's continue with a classic evening hairstyle - the bouncy curls. Forming big "waves" in your hair will ensure a very sexy Veronika Lake look, Urban advises. Loop your hair with enough wide hair curlers and then brush them to create an even sexier wavy look. Spray the hairbrush first with a small amount of hairspray to avoid static electricity. Wear this hairstyle for New Year with a beautiful long dress or with a top with fine straps. *

Interesting and fun hairstyle for the evening

modern new year's hairstyle

The next hairstyle for New Year What we propose is to make a cheerful chignon. The classic bun is a bit too wise for the New Year party, but by making a few small changes you will have a very nice hairstyle. Start by making a ponytail on the top of your head, spin to form a bun and tie it with bars. To create a slightly more neglected style, stylist Mark Townsend sprays the bun with a texturizing spray and then passes the bun through his fingers. This hairstyle can be worn during a party with friends or in a nightclub.

Hairstyle for New Year's Eve with bow headband

hairstyle for new year knot

Smooth back hair is also a good idea for the New Year party. If you are going to spend the evening dancing, this hairstyle will help you elegantly to hide the sweat in the roots of the hair and will remain very chic. Line your hair to the side and then pull your hair back into a very tight ponytail or bun using a lot of gel. Wearing this hairstyle you will look very sophisticated.

Stylish hairstyle New Year

hairstyle for new year interesting idea

If you like buns, then the idea of ​​wearing a messy bun may please you. And even if it sounds a little complicated and intimidating, it's a really easy hairstyle. Make a ponytail just above the neck, divide it into three sections and roll each section towards the base of the tail using bars to fix. Spray with hairspray. And if you want an even more neglected look, turn the tail to several sections and do the same with each one. Here are some more ideas in pictures:

Modern New Year Hairstyle

new year trendy hairstyle

The ruffled bun is a relaxed hairstyle and ideal for a New Year's party. It's an easy hairstyle to make and customize to your liking. For a disheveled bun you will need a hair elastic, some pins and hairspray to be able to fix your hairstyle as long as possible. If you run out of time it is quite possible to do your bun just using an elastic band. It is best to make this bun on washed hair the day before or the day before so that it can last longer.

New year hair style for long hair

elegant new year's hairstyle

Do you want to have loose hair? Why not ! You can give them a beautiful look simply by painting them on one side of your head. For this, you will need some pins to fix your hair on the back of your head.

New year hair style for medium length hair

hairstyle medium hair loops

For the lucky ones who have curly hair, you can simply leave them loose by highlighting your curls. For that, you would need a styling mousse. This one allows to discipline your hair at best.

Elegant hairstyle with wavy hair

modern hairstyle long hair curls

For a neat and glamorous New Year hairstyle, we advise you to tie your hair in the back leaving a wick hanging in front of your face. This hairstyle will highlight your face.

new year hair short hair

For those who have short hair, an elegant hairstyle and a discreet makeup are quite sufficient. But if you want to add more pep and personality to your New Year's hairstyle, then bet on accessories. Today there is a vast selection of hair accessories in large and small shops. Do not be afraid to dare tongs, headbands and headbands.

new year hair smooth hair

The other accessory that will highlight both your hair and your entire look are the earrings. To be able to bet on large showy earrings that will perfect your look for this special night.

hairstyle new year bun braid

Do you know the mat bun? For that you would need some basic tools - a brush, rubber bands, lacquer and pins. Separate your hair into two parts on each side. Braid each of these locks, in order to assemble them into a low bun that you will be able to attach thanks to an elastic and your pins.

hairstyle new year ideas

Smoothing her hair is a very elegant classic. But that does not go to all forms of faces. This hairstyle for New Year goes to faces fine and elongated. For that, provide yourself with a comb and lacquer.

hairstyle new year long hair

hairstyle new year chignon rating

hairstyle new year bun derriere

hairstyle new year decoration

elegant new year hairstyle

new year hair style interesting idea

new year's hairstyle modern idea

interesting new year hairdressing

modern new year hairstyle

neglected new year hairstyle

hairstyle new year tail

sophisticated new year hairstyle

retro new year hairstyle

hairstyle for new year short hair

hairstyle for new year long hair

hairstyle for new year long hair ranges

hairstyle for new year modern idea

hairstyle for new year chignon idee

hairstyle for new year hairy hair

hairstyle for new year idea

interesting new year's hairstyle

hairstyle for new year meches roses

hairstyle for new year

retro style new year hairstyle

hairstyle for new year braid

hairstyle for new year long hair curls

modern trendy hairstyle idea

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