Halloween Costume: original ideas for children and adults


Have you already prepared your Halloween costume? And that of your darling and your child? If your answer is no, find ideas in our gallery! In the United States, the Halloween night is celebrated by nearly 70 percent of the population, making Americans the biggest fans of this holiday.

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Officially, the tradition in this country dates back to the 1920s - the time when the first massive festivities were held on the night of 31 October. But, in fact, this tradition is much older because it derives from rites of the Celts that have been preserved in Ireland and parts of continental Europe. In the past, the night of all the saints, which is the literal translation of the name of the feast, was associated above all with the witches, the souls of the deceased, and the evil spirits.

Easy Halloween costume idea for mom and baby

Mum and baby halloween outfits

Nowadays, manners have evolved a lot. The scary disguises coexist with fun costumes, inspired by characters from children's stories, history, movies and TV series. In fact, in the United States, Halloween is seen as a family celebration, or even a whole neighborhood or city. This is an opportunity for the household members to share moments of laughter, to taste small sweet desserts and to communicate with neighbors during the collection of candies or evenings carefully prepared.

Halloween costumes and disguises: a tradition for the whole family

example of girls' halloween outfits

France is one of the countries in the world where Halloween has become popular in recent years. This trend can be explained not only by the fun side of the holiday that charms children, but also by the active exchange of ideas, which came about as a result of globalization and free access to information on the internet. All these aspects are pushing more and more people in Europe and Asia to dress up for Halloween and organize theme nights for the night of October 31st.

Halloween friendly costume inspired by Mary Poppins

makeup halloween costumes woman

Costumes inspired by children's stories are now part of disguises classics for young and old. Children love them because they feel close to the characters they know not only by the books, but also by their modern interpretations in cartoons. Adults find them amusing because they make them think of their childhood. Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Mary Poppins, Peter Pan ... that's a small part of the vast collection of characters we love to play during the party.

Halloween costume for women, worn by Heidi Klum in 2012

cleopatre woman halloween costume

Many Hollywood stars are passionate fans of makeup and Halloween costumes. This is true not only for American-born actors like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Neil Patrick Harris and his family, but also for European-born celebrities. Thus, for example, Heidi Klum, who works in the United States but is from Germany, is well known for the original disguises she wears for the party each year. On the picture above, a photo of the very remarkable Cleopatra costume with which appeared in 2012.

Chic Halloween Costume for Women, inspired by Diamonds on Sofa

halloween woman costume ideas

Speaking of Hollywood, we can not ignore another trend in disguises for the night of October 31: the characters of movies and TV series. We live in a time when the film industry is closer to us than ever before. Movies and series have become part of our cultural heritage. So it's not surprising to see adults wearing costumes inspired by James Bond, Twin Peaks, Star Wars, Diamonds on Sofa, The Addams Family, Pretty Woman and many more!

Halloween makeup and easy costumes by Polka Dot Chair

halloween makeup easy disguise

Today, Halloween allows us to build a magical universe and be part of it, if only for a very short time. This is one of the most interesting and charming aspects of the party. No other night of the year is so rich in scenes and original finds. So, if the idea of ​​bringing some magic into your life seems interesting, why not enjoy the night of October 31? We suggest you start by locating original Halloween costumes for your family members here:

Halloween costume idea for children and adults

halloween costumes original disguises

Girl's costume idea for October 31st


Halloween Girl Costume Inspired by Disney


Halloween costume for women inspired by Katy Perry


Halloween costume idea for girls: Little Red Riding Hood

DIY costumes girl halloween

Halloween makeup and easy disguise

easy Halloween costume and makeup

Halloween costume and original disguise inspired by Twin Peaks

makeup for halloween costumes

Woman makeup and Halloween costume

easy makeup woman halloween

Idea for Halloween and example of disguises by Rihanna

halloween disguises ideas

Halloween costume for women

idea party halloween costumes woman

Cute Halloween Costume for Women

DIY halloween disguises

Halloween costumes and disguises for children

pictures halloween kids costume

Disguise for Halloween girl

halloween costume disguise ideas

Child Boy Halloween Costume

image disguise children

Funny Costume Idea for Halloween Night by Katy Perry

halloween funny costumes

Halloween costume for the whole family: costume of a couple with children

ideas disguise children and parents

Baby costume for Halloween in white

example costumes baby halloween

Halloween costume for a very interesting woman

halloween woman costume pictures

Halloween costume idea for girl inspired by Harry Potter

halloween costume girls harry potter

Halloween party and disguise for little boy

diy costume boy halloween

Halloween costume and disguise example inspired by X Files

images halloween costumes woman

DIY Halloween and mom and baby costume

Halloween costume baby and mom

Getting ready for Halloween night: easy kid costume

kids halloween easy suit

Halloween party and fancy dress for women inspired by The Wizard of Oz

disguise party halloween women

One of the celebrities who love Halloween costumes

original halloween disguise ideas

How to make an easy Halloween disguise

do-it-yourself and halloween costume

do child halloween costume

vampire halloween costume

original halloween disguise ideas

women's original costumes

halloween girl costume

woman makeup and halloween costumes

halloween party disguise families

halloween kids costume

halloween costumes adult costumes

easy makeup woman disguise

idea halloween halloween outfits

disguise costumes female halloween

disguise chic woman costume halloween

disguise women toussain cat

easy DIY halloween

disguise child boy costume halloween

easy halloween female costumes

halloween children's costumes

halloween costume little witch

halloween costume women superhero

original costume woman halloween

man halloween costume

costume james bond halloween man

halloween boy costume idea

woman costume halloween party

halloween woman series costumes

easy suit toussain

kids costume halloween girl

Halloween costume ideas

costume and disguise for adult halloween

couples costumes for halloween

halloween makeup woman idea

deco halloween woman easy disguise

Halloween costume kids clothes

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