Halloween makeup simple and pretty: 50 ideas in pictures

simple halloween makeup feminine

Today, we're going to introduce you to 50 simple and beautiful Halloween make-up ideas inspired by Gothic style and aimed at women and girls. The Gothic style is characterized by a make-up and outfits in dark colors and, in particular, in black.
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It is ideal for Halloween not only because of the makeup colors, which are also typical for the Halloween party. It is so, in addition, because some dresses and outfits in Gothic style mimic clothes of the time of the reign of Elizabeth I of England and Queen Victoria and can be accommodated in Halloween disguise . One could thus obtain a look of a character of those times or use the Gothic makeup to complete a disguise of vampire, witch or devil.

Halloween disguise and makeup idea in Gothic and retro style

makeup-Halloween-single-woman-style Gothic

Gothic makeup is usually characterized by a very light complexion of the skin and the use of a dark eyeliner or pencil for the eyes. This is a daring but very feminine make-up style that is particularly suitable for Halloween.

Halloween simple makeup in Gothic style

simple halloween makeup model

To get a Gothic look, start by applying a base of light shade or white on your entire face. Apply this color also to the area around the eyes, either using the same product or using an eye shadow of this color. This step is important because Gothic make-up is designed to attract the eye of others to your eyes.

Halloween Costume and Makeup for Women

makeup halloween simple woman last minute

A woman with successful Gothic makeup should also have relatively fine eyebrows. Those with fine eyebrows therefore have a perfect working base for good makeup of this kind. If your eyebrows are thinner and you do not want to depilate them for the occasion, you could choose to emphasize them using a black pencil. Another original solution, suitable for blonde women, would be to melt your eyebrows with the color of the skin of the face, by applying a little powder of a very light shade, as in the picture above.

Halloween makeup simple and pretty inspired by the Gothic style

example simple halloween makeup style goth

Then proceed to the central element of your gothic look, eye makeup. You can choose a black eyeliner, one of the traditional elements of gothic makeup and that is a good option for all skin types. Blond or red women, as well as those with blue or green eyes, could also opt for a gray color or a dark shade of brown and blue. If you do not want to use eyeliner, you can get a Gothic makeup effect also by using a pencil of one of these colors.

Sample Gothic look and simple and successful Halloween makeup

simple Halloween makeup colors

To create a cat eye effect that you could complete with a smokey eye make-up in black, gray or brown tones, use, if you wish, the eye liner or pencil of your choice to highlight your eyes . For even more daring gothic makeup, you can use dark-colored eyeshadow, such as blue, red or lilac, that will fit and even match your Halloween costume. Do not forget to emphasize your look with a mascara and experiment at will in the area around the eyes!

Halloween disguise and makeup idea inspired by the Gothic style

simple Halloween disguise

Continue by choosing one of the following options for your lips: the lipstick of a dark color, in red or with the effect of very pale bare lips. If you want to experiment again, complete this look with an original tiara, as in the photo shown above. You will find many ideas of Halloween makeup, simple, pretty and gothic style here:

Halloween disguise and makeup idea by Kaylee Claire

Halloween makeup ideas

In the meantime, whichever idea you like most and no matter what makeup you choose for the Halloween party, remember that the well-pointed look and well-made eyes, remain the key to vault of all the make-up and any disguise for Halloween!

Eye makeup and Halloween disguise

makeup eyes Halloween disguises

If you know how to darken it and turn it into a fierce and ruthless look, you'll get the desired Halloween effect. No disguise, no jewel can not make the effect as a pretty makeup applied around the eyes!

Halloween makeup simple for women

women wearing Halloween makeup

What will scare you the most, it will not be your black clothes, nor your essential accessories, it will be your eyes. A look that without the simple Halloween makeup may send the same message to others, but with makeup, will have more emphasis and more impact on others.

Halloween girl makeup

Halloween girl makeup

Every look draws the sign of what we feel and what we want to convey as a message. So, an attractive and provocative look has more to say than an impassive look.

Makeup example for Halloween

Halloween gothic makeup

When we decide to draw around the eyes and apply especially intense colors, even if our eyes do not have many emotions to express, the choice of how to apply this makeup can say something.

Halloween makeup simple for woman's eyes

makeup eyes Halloween simple woman

At Halloween, we hunt the spirit of the dead who haunts the streets and all other places by a lantern. The pumpkins lit inside are these lanterns. When walking around the city without a lantern, it is better to be made up and disguised so that the dead are more afraid of the appearance and the effect of this make-up than the living ones wear, than the opposite.

Halloween makeup simple Gothic and vintage style

simple Halloween makeup Gothic style

Yes, the idea is to hide the fear we feel towards the dead via a simple Halloween makeup successful. We will fight fear with colors and design, creativity and originality! Is it not the most human and intelligent way it is?

Halloween makeup simple and pretty

simple Halloween makeup photo

Makeup that imitates death will have even more effect on the fear of the spirit of the dead. With such a simple Halloween makeup, we can look dead and deceive the real dead who come back among the living that night.

Halloween simple makeup in Gothic style

Here is an idea of ​​make-up for the eyes, shown in the photo below, which would scare both the living and dead among the living. With red, you will have bleeding eyes. With a few veil colors, you may have a pale blue or purple face indicating that there is no more blood flowing through your veins. White lenses will hide the color of your irises and you will look completely dead!

Halloween makeup simple for the eyes and for a scary look even for the dead

In the photo below, it looks like you wake up abruptly from your last sleep that you did when you were alive and there, mouth stitched and with new strength, you have found a taste of beyond!

Simple Halloween makeup bringing the living of the dead closer

Leaving the earth, still some trace of mud on your face, you love life after life! The afterlife is pleasing to you and nothing on Earth can stop you from continuing to haunt the same streets and alleys that you have wandered when you were alive, are we not right?

Simple Halloween makeup scares the dead

We can talk for a long time about the look and the effect of the death drawn on your face, especially by the simple Halloween makeup for the eyes. But if none of this is your cup of tea, then do not hesitate to carefully look at our selection of Halloween disguise and make-up ideas of glamor and beauty ... After all, the party is also about opportunity to be beautiful and unique!

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