Hammock for the decoration of your garden - some original ideas

modern garden design

Hang a hammock between your two favorite trees in the garden will allow you to evacuate stress while taking your afternoon nap in the nature.

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There are a multitude of varieties of hammocks among which to choose, but you must think carefully before you decide. In this article we will give you some original and modern ideas how to decorate your outdoor space with a hammock .

Modern hammock by Occa Home for outdoor decoration

double garden occa home

The first thing you need to consider before choosing, is where you plan to put this item. There are, in general, two ways to suspend hammocks . Traditional hammocks are suspended using a support such as a tree, for example, or a special support using rope or cables. Self-supporting hammocks include a metal or wooden frame and do not need an outside support to hang on. If you have chosen a location that does not offer appropriate support points, opt for a freestanding model.

Mosquito net hammock with wooden frame by Royal Botania

design mosquito net hammock Royal Botania

You can find a wide variety of designs and different materials. There are models that have wooden or metal bars on the head part and the foot part of the hammock and that will allow you to access it more easily. This type of design, however, is considered the least stable and the least comfortable for sleeping. Self-supporting supports can also be purchased individually and are suitable for almost all types of hammocks.

Wooden hammocks for the garden by Mediterraneo by GPB

modern garden wood Mediterraneo by GPB

Maya hammocks and hammocks in Nicaragua are made from colored fabrics or nylon woven. Maya hammocks are usually woven to form a looser weave. The degree of support results from the density and technique of weaving. This design offers tight ventilation and is perfect for warmer climates. Another advantage of these hammocks is their ability to expand and contract depending on who is on them.

Wooden model with steel support by Seora

wood steel design Seora

Brazilian hammocks are made from solid cotton that is more durable than rope. These hammocks are among the most comfortable, but they lack ventilation. With their solid fabrics funds they do not hang as much as the other designs. Venezuelan hammocks generally have a very durable synthetic weave. Their suspension cables are mostly non-extensible. They adapt more easily to the occupant as opposed to other designs.

Double model in canvas and metal by Royal Botania

hammock 2 seats design Royal Botania

Modern garden hammocks can be found in very varied shapes and designs to follow with different decorations. If you plan to leave your hammock hanging longer, know that the synthetic hammock will be much more durable. If you live in a humid climate, corrosion can become a problem. Look for a rust resistant model or a wooden model. If the hammock will be exposed to the sun for a long time, look for a model made from fade resistant materials. Here are some interesting proposals of hammock two places, double hammock, hammock wood, hammock on feet or still rocking hammock, look at:

Design suspended garden bed model by Coro

modern hammock on feet Coro

Fabric hammocks by Miussoni Home for the garden

garden hammock 2 seats Missoni Home

Comfortable Design Garden Bed by Fatboy Italia

modern garden hammock Fatboy Italia

Modern Design Garden Bed by Utopia and Utility

Utopia and Utility original design hammock

Hanging wooden garden furniture by Homecaprice

original wood hammock homecaprice

Wooden and steel hammock patterns by Seora

steel hammock Seora

Hanging garden double bed by GAEAforms

modern 2 seater hammock GAEAforms

Model of Hanging Garden Furniture by Original Design by Riva 1920

hammock with original design Riva 1920

Wooden hammock baby carrier for outdoor and indoor use

baby carrier hammock interesting design

double swinging hammock Visionary

swing garden design comfortable

swing garden interesting design

deco garden modern hammocks

deco terrace modern furniture

antportant round shape outside

double hammocks modern wood

hammocks garden multicolored fabric

modern hammock multicolored garden

contemporary design rocking hammocks

rocking hammocks interesting design

hammocks wood canvas design garden

modern garden design hammocks

green design double hammocks

wooden child support hammocks DIY

child's hammocks veranda design

garden hammocks DIY idea

hammocks on foot design Jarder

hammocks hanging tree idea

white canvas hammocks design

garden hammocks idea

design hammock Royal Botania

hammock on Seora plastic feet

hammocks canvas design interesting garden

modern double canvas hammocks

hammock multicolored garden

triple garden hammocks Trinity Hammocks

idea deco swing garden hammocks

idea of ​​outdoor deco garden hammocks

idea decoration outdoor space hammocks

garden swing decoration idea

outdoor furniture hammocks garden

garden furniture hammocks double red

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